Why Should You Study at upGrad? Top 10 Practical Reasons

Online education is in vogue right now. Almost everyone prefers taking online courses nowadays, thanks to their flexible schedule and affordable rates. The recent boost in online learning is primarily due to the pandemic that’s preventing us from leaving the safety of our homes. Thus, online learning platforms like upGrad are capitalizing on this opportunity to cater to the demands of students and professionals, creating nothing less than a revolution in the education sector. 

But is this hype as believable as it sounds? Is the field of online learning as remarkable and helpful as it looks? 

This write-up will help you look at the real benefits of pursuing online education, especially on upGrad. Various factors such as money, time, flexibility, the usefulness of the online course, job prospects, and many more affect the relevance of online education these days. 

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10 Practical Advantages of Choosing upGrad

Online education is a boon for students and professionals who wish to upskill without leaving their current commitments. These courses mainly target specializations in emerging fields such as digital marketing, data science, blockchain, IoT, etc., that are not traditionally offered in offline colleges or institutions.

upGrad has emerged as a hero online education platform with its extensive range of industry-relevant courses. All courses are designed in collaboration with some of the top national and international colleges, including IIMs, IIIT-B, LJMU, etc. Moreover, they are developed with the utmost care, keeping in mind the latest pedagogy methods, and hence, are undoubtedly the best courses that you’ll find online. 

Let us see why choosing upGrad has clear cut benefits for students these days:

1. A flexible schedule

The most significant benefit of any online course is the flexibility of class schedules. The accessibility of online classrooms at any time and in various media, including audio and video, makes learning an enjoyable experience for learners.

One can absorb much information from online audio content even while driving, doing laundry, eating, or cleaning dishes. All you need is a reliable internet connection with good bandwidth to access the course content.

2. Flexible timings

Learning is an immensely subjective process. Some of us are night owls and have the best learning capability late at night. On the contrary, others may prefer getting up early in the morning to study. 

People learn in different ways and have varied attention spans. upGrad’s online courses cater to a wide range of students. Learners have a wealth of information at their fingertips with just a simple log-in – whether it’s early in the morning or late at night. We can’t have this luxury and freedom offline. However, with online learning, one can continue their education in a way that fits into their everyday routine and does not disrupt it.

3. Less expensive

Online courses are more affordable compared to offline classroom courses. This is because the online classes don’t include extra costs like maintenance fees, administrative costs, stationery costs, library fees, etc.., unlike offline courses. Moreover, by enrolling in an online course, you are not using up the institute’s physical services/resources. Hence, online platforms can deliver industry-standard courses at affordable rates. upGrad, too, follows the same philosophy and offers competitive pricing for all courses.

4. Wide range of course options

e-Learning on upGrad has entirely democratized the learning process, from data science to computer engineering. Students’ inclination to attend a traditional offline college has declined because of the ease of access to knowledge. The most significant benefit of upGrad as a learning medium is that students globally can access the course content whenever they want at a fraction of the cost of an offline course.

5. Easy accessibility to course materials 

Once the study material is created for online learning, it is uploaded to the learning platforms via videos or presentations. You can access the course content in just a few clicks from your mobile or desktop. Thus, nobody needs to commute or travel vast distances, nor does anyone need to use school resources or consult specialised books or modules. This ease of access to information makes online courses a hit with time-savvy learners. 

For example, the data science courses on upGrad give you training through top professors and CEOs from reputed institutions like IIIT-B. However, in the offline mode, one might not benefit from such expertise. Due to the easy access touchpoints of online teaching platforms, these experts quickly become available for mentoring students, making the course extremely valuable. 

6. Job opportunities and placements

It cannot be denied that online education helps us develop critical skills briefly and empowers us to convey our information in the most effective manner imaginable. For example, instead of relying just on course certificates, candidates who’ve completed an online course in full stack development from upGrad can additionally present the live projects they generated while completing the course.

This can help them build a more substantial portfolio and increase the efficiency with which they attract clients. Furthermore, one might also pose as a freelancer or showcase these experiences as part of their current skills.

7. A high-level learning ecosystem for learners

upGrad provides learners with bespoke knowledge in their field of choice and makes them aware of all the trends in the present job market. It does so by collaborating with top institutions like IIIT-Bangalore or IIMs. upGrad is one of the biggest online education providers in India. It provides opportunities to fast-track a learner’s professional journey through rigorous online exercises and personalized guidance by top mentors. 

8. 360-degree career support

upGrad has been tremendously influential in working with a 360-degree curriculum in all its courses backed up by industry experts. From giving resume feedback and assisting students with building an impressive resume, students are mentored by expert instructors and industry professionals. They also get involved in leadership position drives conducted by organizations like Hiresmart and Accelerate.

9. Attractive salary prospects

According to recent data, upGrad has recently shown a whopping 450+ successful trend of career transitions with an almost 150% salary hike. What’s more is, the total number of learners enrolling for all esteemed courses on upGrad is dynamically increasing. This is because the courses on upGrad are designed considering the industry trends and demands. So, candidates can bag high-paying jobs right after completing their upGrad course. 

10. A personalized online learning environment

upGrad customizes the education ecosystem for freshers, students, and experienced working professionals, providing a tech-savvy alternative to traditional learning environments. The courses on upGrad are incredibly flexible, making it easier for learners to manage work and study. Additionally, it offers students individualised support through a powerful and devoted mentorship, personal feedback, and a 360-degree career assistance approach.

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In contrast, for online learning, once the course material is ready it simply has to be put on the platforms, discussions, and operations are to be moderated, and questions have to be answered. No one is commuting or traveling long distances, making use of campus resources, or needing any specialized books. There are no lands, property, buildings to be maintained. No staff to be paid. It is simply the value of the material, the value of the course that you are paying for. That is what dictates the pricing.

But, this is all relative to offline courses. In and of itself, some courses might have an exorbitant price that you wouldn’t have been expecting. This is again, a reflection of the course content. Some courses have experts coming in who are either world leaders, bestselling authors, or brilliant businessmen.

For instance, upGrad’s Executive Post Graduate Program in Data Science has top CEOs and professors from IIIT-B as instructors. Offline, you might not be able to benefit from their brains and expertise. But due to the easy global access to online classrooms, you can.

The amazing thing that remains unchanged is the plethora of options available to you. You can always go for one that is geographically distant because hey, whether it’s the United Kingdom or Uttrakhand, they are all just a click away.

There you go – we’ve listed all possible advantages of taking online courses through upGrad. However, even if you aren’t sure still, you can always connect with our in-house experts for additional information at Also, you can view the testimonials written by our top students on our website. It’s all very transparent!

Which courses are trending on upGrad currently?

Business analyst, digital marketing, and data science course are some of the most trending courses on upGrad.

Which is the best Data Science course on upGrad?

The Post Graduate Certification in Big Data Analytics Sponsored by E&ICT, IIT Guwahati is one of the best data science courses on upGrad.

Can you get a certificate for free courses on upGrad?

Yes, upon successful completion of the course, upGrad provides certificates.

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