Why PhD in Business Administration?

What does a PhD in Business Management mean?

An MBA degree is often heard of, but a DBA is a lesser-known degree. It is one of the highest academic degrees in business. And the degree is indeed prestigious in the field of academia and even the job sectors. 

However, it is safe not to compare a traditional STEM or Humanities PhD in academia with a DBA since the course goals are diverse. The methodologies and career orientation for the PhDs are different, but the end goal of achievement is equally prestigious. 

A PhD in Business Administration focuses on intensively preparing any candidate to delve deeper into the many research problems related to their research interest inside the sector of business management. Some of these topics include focusing on and solving a new research problem in Economics with varied solutions, public administration and consulting. 

A PhD in Business Administration focuses equally on both real-life problems and the theoretical methods that are needed during coursework. You can push beyond their boundaries of existing knowledge with advanced tools and methods of apt decision making and the real business world. 

After a PhD in Business Management, you can move on to broader job perspectives and work as Chief Financial Officers, Directors and Managers in the corporate sector. They can also teach as professors in institutions. Candidates with a doctorate degree have better job opportunities, better research scopes and a sustainable salary package. If you are looking for PhD admission for 2022, please read further. 

Here are some of how pursuing a PhD in Business Administration will help you: 

1. Added exposure in job sectors

In today’s competitive job markets, a PhD in Business Management helps give a candidate a greater competitive edge over others in their application. A DBA is an exceptional and esteemed academic degree that makes a candidate special. 

2. Increased salary packages

A DBA always increases a candidate’s chances of receiving a salary hike. One can also negotiate with the company for a boost if needed. Candidates with a postgraduate degree are offered a higher range already. This will allow the company to provide a better salary to someone with more specialised and nuanced credentials. 

3. Teaching sector roles

A PhD in Business Management can be an excellent pathway for those aiming for academic roles. This degree will qualify many candidates to pursue higher studies in academia and make a candidate eligible for teaching. Academic conferences, presentations, and the valuable research methodologies worked upon during a DBA will help one get an edge over their future competitors. 

4. Time to decide upon a career

Choosing what to pursue after a postgraduate degree in management is challenging and life-changing. Hence, a candidate may require adequate time to decide how to proceed with the job markets. A PhD in Business Administration will give candidates the time and space to decide how to achieve their career goals. Online PhD programs offer you offer flexibility to manage your work and other commitments.  

4. Climbing the connection-ladder

The corporate job market is relentless – but becomes a little smoother when a candidate is backed up by positive connections that help them climb up the social ladder. This is a brilliant scope for people pursuing a PhD in Business Management. They can interact with influential people in higher ranks and build lasting connections.

5. Specialising in certain skills

A PhD in Business Management allows you to expand on your interests that you could not adequately explore in your undergraduate or postgraduate years. In addition, having a specialised DBA also provides a candidate to check on many new job opportunities in previously unexplored sectors of business administration or management. 

Why Learn DBA?

We understand how difficult it is for professionals to devote their time to upskilling amid busy work schedules. As a working professional, if you are looking at adding Doctor title to your name, we would recommend DBA over PhD. A DBA program allows you to do the same and has a flexible industry-oriented approach rather than an academic approach taken by PhD. However, DBA won’t help you to earn a professor title at a UGC-approved institution since that will require a PhD.

upGrad’s Global Doctor of Business Administration is flexible enough to help them balance their work and learning. This doctorate program is provided by the Swiss School of Business and Management (SSBM), Geneva, and the University of St. Gallen and Universite De Geneve. 

This Doctor of Business Administration online provides the highest positive professional business skills growth and a better edge over competitors in the job sector. The minimum eligibility criteria is a Master’s degree (or equivalent) or 5+ years of work experience.

This course will be a right fit for many reasons:

  1. Live 1:1 thesis supervision with a guide
  2. ACBSP accredited
  3. 36 months- with a dedication of a minimum of 10 hours a week
  4. No-cost EMI options starting at Rupees 16,875/- only
  5. EduQua qualified 
  6. SSBM alumni status 

Designed especially keeping working professionals in mind, this degree provides the liberty to choose from diverse professional specialisations in Business Management, including Data Science, Healthcare Management, Cyber Security, Supply Chain Management, and Human Resource Management. The flexible program allows exposure to international industrial treatise in the research sector of one’s choice.

Sign up today to learn more! 

What is the duration of the DBA degree?

Like most PhD tracks, a PhD in Business Administration/Management can be completed within five to six years. The DBA degree is extensive and more rigorous than the BBA or MBA degrees. However, if you choose to complete the degree for a doctor in business administration online, you may complete it within three years.

Can I complete a PhD and be a Doctor in Business Administration online?

Yes. There are online tracks for DBA degree scholars in certain institutions. These degrees are ideal for working professionals who have an active interest in specialised courses in Business Administration or Business Management. Sign up to see more of such degrees in upGrad.

What are some of the specialisations I can take in a PhD in Business Management?

The PhD in Business Management provides specialised course choices or diverse tracks from many professional specialisations in Business Management, including Data Science, Healthcare Management, Cyber Security, Supply Chain Management, Human Resource Management, etc. This is not an exhaustive list, of course, and the candidate can choose their specialisations as per what the institutions will offer.

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