Why Learn to Code Now and How? Top 4 Reasons To Learn in 2023

Why learn to code? 

What’s the benefit of coding?

Today, we’ll answer all such questions in this detailed article. We’ll unravel the top reasons why learning to code is a crucial 21st-century skill and how you can start your coding journey!

Top Reasons To Learn To Code 

There are many advantages to learning to code. Let’s discuss the top reasons.

1. You Can Work From Home

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed how companies operate. Organisations worldwide adopted ‘work from home’ technologies and methods to help them function in these uncertain times.

According to a Gartner survey, 80% of companies plan to allow employees to work remotely at least part-time after the pandemic ends. This means that even after the virus is gone, the work culture would remain changed.

Working from home is very beneficial in some areas. First, you don’t have to face the commute and can easily save a ton of time. Second, you can work more comfortably and create your schedules.

When you learn to code and become a technical professional, you can bag roles that offer remote work. In non-technical functions such as sales and management, your chances of getting remote work are much less than technical roles such as frontend developer or software engineer. 

2. You will Develop Analytical Skills

As you learn to code, you will develop logical thinking and analytical skills. Analytical skills are vital for any role as they help you solve problems quickly and advance your career. These skills will benefit you everywhere, from securing a job interview to facing a role’s day-to-day issues. Here’s how analytical skills will help nurture your:

Critical thinking skills

Critical thinking refers to the ability to evaluate a problem with a careful thought process. With this ability, you can break down issues or arguments into steps and assess them independently. 

Problem-Solving Skills

Problem-solving skills help you find solutions to upcoming and existing issues. Effective problem-solving skills will prepare you to face any work challenges, making you a valuable asset to your company. 

Decision-Making Skills

As you’ll learn to code, you’ll enhance your decision-making skills to select a course of action or object from multiple alternatives. Coding helps you become more efficient in analysing different strategies and choose the right course of action for a particular situation. 

3. You can Get High-Paying Jobs

Why learn to code? Because it offers some of the highest paying jobs on the planet. 

The demand for skilled tech professionals is soaring, which is why there are many roles in this industry that offer six-figure salaries. Here are some of the highest-paid IT jobs in 2022.

Big Data Engineer

The median pay for big data engineers in the US is $166,500. Big data engineers transform large quantities of raw data into useful information. We generate tons of data every day. Big data engineers’ responsibility is to make this data useful for innovating, decision-making, and strategy-setting.  

DevOps Engineer

DevOps engineers earn a median salary of $120,000. They work across multiple departments and enhance their organisation’s productivity through improving their IT systems. DevOps engineers are adept at programming and have strong collaboration and problem-solving skills. 

Data Scientist

Data scientists earn a median salary of $129,000. These professionals use statistics and modelling to generate insights from complex data. Apart from being adept at using multiple programming languages and applying machine learning skills, these professionals must have strong communication skills to share their insights easily with others. 

Cloud Engineer

Cloud engineers are experts in networking and cloud systems (both hardware and software). They are responsible for running and maintaining the cloud services their organisation uses. The median pay of cloud engineers is $115,250. 

These are only the tip of the iceberg. If you know to code, there are plenty of promising roles in the industry for you to pursue. 

4. You Can Become your Boss or Earn a Side Income

Maybe you have an entrepreneurial spark within you. Perhaps you don’t want to work for someone else and instead, want to work for yourself. 

Even in that case, it would be best to learn to code. That’s because, with programming skills, you will have multiple options as an entrepreneur. We can divide those options into two broad categories:

Become a Freelancer

You can become a freelance professional in your desired domain and start offering services to companies. The gig economy has accelerated substantially after the pandemic, and the demand for freelance professionals is on the rise. As a freelancer, you’ll be working remotely and deciding who you want to work with. It’s an amazing way to become your boss. 

Create a Product

After you learn to code, you can become a developer and create software products or applications. There are many options in this field. For example, you can become an app developer and complete a time-management mobile application. On the other hand, you might become a web developer and create beautiful websites. 

Another answer to the “why learn to code?” question is to start your own business with this skill. 

How to Learn to Code?

Now that we have discussed why learning to code is so useful, let’s discuss how to code.

The best way to learn to code is by taking a professional course. A course will provide you with a structured curriculum and dedicated mentorship. Both of these advantages allow you to learn quickly and efficiently as you can resolve doubts without difficulty.

Taking a course will provide you with the necessary qualification so you can apply for the jobs you aspire for right away. 

At upGrad, we offer multiple courses that will teach you how to code and the required professional expertise to become a skilled programmer in your desired industry. 

Following are the best courses if you want to learn to code: 

1. Executive PG Program in Software Development

This is a 12-month course and offers six specialisations:

This course offers 4-month content access in Data Science and Machine Learning for free. It offers more than 400 hours of learning content, and you’ll get to test your knowledge by working on 30+ projects and case studies. Read about software engineer salary in The USA.

2. Master of Science in Computer Science

If you want to pursue senior roles in the tech sector, this is the perfect course for you. We offer the Master of Science in Computer Science program in partnership with Liverpool John Moores University and IIIT-B. 

This course offers six unique specialisations:

  • Full Stack Development
  • Blockchain Development
  • Big Data
  • Cloud Computing
  • DevOps
  • Cyber Security

Moreover, you will get more than 500 hours of study material and four years of unlimited content access. We offer a Software Career Transition Bootcamp for new coders and non-tech professionals with this program so you can kickstart your career easily. 

3. Advanced Certificate Program in Cloud Computing

Remember the cloud engineer role we discussed earlier? If you want to enter the cloud computing industry, you should join our PG Certification in Cloud Computing. You must have a bachelor’s degree for joining this program. The course covers 250+ hours of study material to help you learn all the necessary skills to become a cloud computing professional. 

4. Advanced Certificate Program in Cyber Security

You can enter the cybersecurity industry through our PG Certification in Cyber Security. This course lasts for 7.5 months and offers 250+ hours of study material. You only need to have a bachelor’s degree to be eligible for this program. No minimum work experience is required to join this program. Read about cyber security engineer salary in The USA.

Additional Benefits of These Courses

All of the courses we have covered above offer the following advantages that make them stand out: 

Designed for Working Professionals

All of these courses are 100% online. What does it mean? It means you wouldn’t have to interrupt your professional life to join these courses. You can learn to code and develop professional skills without leaving your job. 

Dedicated Success Mentor and Career Mentor

As a student of one of these courses, you’ll get a dedicated student success mentor and a career mentor. They will help you enter your desired industry, understand difficult concepts, and resolve your doubts. 

Personalised Support

You will get interview preparation and resume building support. We offer company and role-specific practice through mock interviews right before your interview. Apart from mock interviews, you will also get access to our carefully curated pool of interview resources.

You will get to network with fellow students and professionals. Moreover, each of these courses offers enough scope for networking with alumni. 

Start your Coding Journey Today!

We hope you found our article on why learning to code and how to learn to code useful. If you have any questions or suggestions, do share them in the comment section below. We’d love to hear from you. 


Why should I start coding?

In this digital age coding is like learning a new language is a necessary skill now as it will help you understand how the technology around you works. Coding will also help you in your career growth as well.

Which coding language is best for beginners?

Python is one most used programming language and its easy for beginners to understand as well

Should I learn Java or Python?

Python is a widely used language in today's time.Java and Python both have been at war for the top spot. Python has been constantly improving, while Java is used in significant organizations.

How long does it take to learn Python?

Python is an evolving language but to cover the basic of python programming, including OOP it should take around 7 to 10 weeks.

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