What is Chatgpt 4? Features, Availability, How to Use


The world is entirely being overtaken by artificial intelligence. We must adjust to the new situation. Many were amazed by ChatGPT’s AI chatbot’s natural language abilities when it initially debuted. However, the eagerly awaited ChatGPT – 4 model entirely disproved our previous beliefs about what AI was capable of and has been described by some as the first sightings of AI (artificial general intelligence).

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An AI chatbot called ChatGPT employs natural language processing to create conversational dialogue that is strikingly human-like. The language model may respond to questions and produce a wide range of written content, including social media updates, blog posts, essays, and emails. Microsoft earlier announced that ChatGPT – 4 would be publicly launched on March 13; however, the exact time has not been disclosed. But now, it can only be accessed by paying for a ChatGPT Plus membership. The current free version of ChatGPT will continue to be built on the less precise GPT-3.5. Furthermore, ChatGPT – 4 will be made accessible as an API “allowing developers to build applications and services.” 

How to Use GPT-4?

Are you wondering how to use ChatGPT – 4? The only way to access GPT-4 at the moment is to upgrade to ChatGPT Plus. To upgrade to the $20 premium subscription, click “Upgrade to Plus” in the ChatGPT sidebar. After entering your credit card information, you can choose between ChatGPT – 4 features and LLM versions from the past.

Additionally, using a black logo instead of the previous versions’ green symbol as a logo allows you to confirm that you are receiving GPT-4 answers. The use of GPT-4 after that is the same as the use of ChatGPT Plus with GPT-3.5. It is more powerful than ChatGPT and allows you the option to perform tasks like fine-tuning a dataset to produce results that are specific to your requirements.


Even though the exact date was not known, Microsoft said in advance that GPT-4 would be officially released on March 13. However, as of today, only ChatGPT Plus paying subscribers can access it. The currently accessible free version of the ChatGPT will continue to be based on ChatGPT-3.5, which is less accurate and capable in comparison.

Additionally, an API for GPT-4 has been made available “for developers to build apps and services.” Some businesses already using ChatGPT – 4 apps include Be MyEyes, Khan Academy, Duolingo, and Stripe. The first public GPT-4 presentation, showcasing some of its new features, was also broadcast live on YouTube.

Difference Between GPT 3 and 4? 

  • Parameters – It is necessary to discuss the parameters or variables that these two models of language were trained on when contrasting GPT 3 and 4. With 175 billion parameters/variables, GPT-3 is one of the biggest LargeLanguage Models (LLMs) ever created. Although the specifications of GPT-4 have not been made public, it is reasonable to assume that they are significantly greater than 175 billion.
  • Modality – GPT-3 can only accept text inputs because it is unimodal. Although it cannot handle images or other data, it can analyze several text formats, including formal and informal language.

In contrast, the ChatGPT – 4 software offers a variety of modalities. Because it can accept and produce written and visual inputs and outputs, it has a far wider range of applications. Additionally, it can handle more difficult tasks like summarising, captioning, or translating pictures that require combining visual and text modalities.

  • Performance – The efficiency with which a language model reacts to input is called performance. It demonstrates how effectively the language model comprehends words and generates intelligent responses. Correctness, perplexity, and fluency are the typical criteria for assessing quality.

GPT-4 outperforms GPT-3 in terms of performance thanks to its increased number of multimodal capabilities. Poetry, research papers, legal filings, and other forms of visuals and words can all elicit thoughtful and original replies from GPT-4.

  • Accuracy – The likelihood that ChatGPT – 4 API will produce outcomes that are unrelated to the input is lower than ChatGPT 3. Reduced hallucinations will increase the language model’s overall accuracy, making it more effective in practical applications like chatbots, automated customer service, and natural language processing.

What’s New in GPT-4?

OpenAI’s latest language model, GPT – 4, can create text that mimics human speech. It improves the GPT-3.5-based technology now used by ChatGPT. A deep learning technique called Generative Pre-trained Transformer, or GPT for short, uses artificial neural networks to write naturally.

According to OpenAI, this future language model outperforms ChatGPT in three critical areas: creativity, visual input, and longer context. GPT-4 is far more creative and collaborates with people on creative projects much better, according to OpenAI. For instance, these could be technical writing, music, scripts, or even “learning a user’s writing style.”

Furthermore, GPT-4 may now recognize images as the basis for communication. In the example given on the GPT-4 website, the chatbot is shown an image of a few baking ingredients before being asked what may be made with them. The usage of video in a similar way still needs to be determined. 

The GPT-4 engine can now handle up to 25.000 words of user-provided text. By simply providing GPT-4 a link, you can even request that it interact with text taken from a web page.

One of the most noticeable differences between GPT-4 and GPT-3.5, which powered ChatGPT when it was released to the public in November, is the ability to accept visual inputs in addition to text. Thanks to this update, users can now pose questions based on images.

Limitations of ChatGPT 4

OpenAI describes the increased potential of GPT-4 and some of the constraints of the new language model. Similar to prior iterations of GPT, the present model, according to OpenAI, has problems with “hallucinations, social biases, and even aggressive prompts.”

The model may have “different biases in its output,” OpenAI also acknowledged. Critics raised This concern when generative artificial intelligence entered the public sector. It could be better, but according to Open Artificial Intelligence, these are all issues the company is working to address.

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Does BingChat use GPT-4?

According to Microsoft, Bing Chat—or the new Bing—is more effective than ChatGPT. At the time, there was a rumor that since OpenAI’s conversation utilizes ChatGPT-3.5, Bing’s conversation might switch to ChatGPT-4. ChatGPT-4 is the basis of BingChat, according to a recent confirmation from Microsoft. Given that BingChat does not enable features like visual input, it is unclear which features have been added and which have not.

However, BingChat is an upgrade over ChatGPT since it can now access up-to-date information online, whereas ChatGPT can only use the training it received until 2021. Compared to the present ChatGPT, which can only use the training it has obtained up until 2021, Bing Chat has unquestionably improved thanks to the ability to get current information via the internet. The AI model utilized by Bing Chat is substantially faster, which is essential when it is brought out of the lab and put to a search engine, in addition to having access to the internet.


Everyone can use the open-source, free basic version of ChatGPT. There is no daily usage limit for ChatGPT sign-up, even though responses have word and character limits. Of course, in order to keep utilizing it, OpenAI must pay. ChatGPT API is a really useful tool. However, it has certain drawbacks. It is known for making mistakes or experiencing “hallucinations,” in which it makes up an answer to a question about which it is unclear. Many people are also uncertain about how to use ChatGPT and the initiative’s safety of their personal data. The straightforward illustration of misidentifying the Japanese prime minister highlighted its sporadic accuracy.

Due to the widespread concern about what this human-looking generative AI will mean for the future of the internet, hundreds of IT professionals and well-known public personalities have joined a petition to slow the development. 

Is ChatGPT 4 already available?

GPT-4 is currently only available to subscribers of ChatGPT Plus, a $20 premium service from OpenAI, which is required to access.

Is ChatGPT 4 superior to version 3?

According to Open AI, Chat GPT-4 is 82% less likely than Chat GPT-3 to respond to requests for content that is forbidden and 40% more likely to provide sincere responses. Because Chat GPT-4's AI is less likely to respond negatively to questions, users might feel safer using it.

Does ChatGPT 5 exist?

The release of ChatGPT-5 later this year potentially appears to be something the business OpenAI has already started planning. It will likely be significantly better than its predecessors and be able to accomplish much more.

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