What Are the Opportunities You Find in India After an MBA? [Which Should You Choose?]

More and more millennials are waking up to the significance of a business degree; the fact that it brings in an overall personal development alongside the fantastic improvements in leadership, networking, delegation, management, professional negotiations, etc is what makes a business degree so coveted.

What are the opportunities you find in India after an MBA?

Indian youngsters, especially, are very keen about pursuing an MBA. But a lot of hard work goes into actually acquiring an MBA from a reputed institute, not to mention clearing the almost impossible entrance tests. 

Employers nowadays are curious about where you scored an MBA degree; it’s a known fact that the bigger your B-school, the bigger your signing bonus. But even after you crack the entrance test, survive the incredibly hard-to-master business management course and ace it with great grades, you will have to be clear about where you want to take your talent.

Ideally, you should figure out which sector you want to pursue before you have picked up your specialization. It is very essential to know about your options because it helps you make a call in your career path. So, what exactly are the opportunities awaiting you in the country once you get an MBA? Let’s find out:


One of the most lucrative trajectories you can choose after you finish your MBA. From analyst positions to investment banking, Chartered Financial Analyst, you can aspire to hold any position and work towards that. This is also a field where you’ll get plenty of chances to go to work abroad.

Business degrees nowadays have evolved to make its design a lot more impactful; finance specialists can now foresee the risks involved in any major trade deal and can judge the pitfalls of any economic decision. You need to acknowledge that you are responsible in a big way for driving the company’s success and its yearly benefits.

There are several opportunities in security and investment analysis which usually entails guiding people towards making better monetary decisions, and major banks across the country offer job opportunities in this field, and it is, of course, one of the most prolific options.

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Marketing professionals will not be in demand and there are many avenues in marketing where you can excel, especially if you enjoy this spectrum. Now, with the boom in digital marketing, there are exciting and productive options where fresh ideas and unique approaches are valued, which has also made the sector much more upbeat and fun.

From media planning, to brand management, marketing analyst, business development manager, product management, etc are titles you can go for. In the media industry, a marketing MBA is extremely coveted and a whole range of new pathways have opened up in that area. 

With digitalization marketing as a job can really help you venture out into a totally new and emerging kind of a globalized market where marketing techniques have gone through a facelift, and it’s essentially a very young milieu.

It entails soft skills like mastering social media reach, keeping up with the trends which matter to potential clients, networking and socializing to establish business connections. That’s not to say traditional marketing has a worse salary bracket – not at all. Especially in strategy-specific roles a marketing MBA is extremely valuable and can fetch you a very big paycheck. 

Management consulting

One of the most versatile job profiles, a career in management consulting will basically entail working with clients from several different professional industries from corporate to IT to investment banking, and several others. There are several facets to this job; it’s not just about solving your client’s problems but also about backing up your decisions or guidance with thorough analytical research and critical strategizing.

Luckily the analytical prowess you gather while you’re studying for your business degree is a crucial asset in this field. Gathering data is one of the most primary jobs in this area; you will also need to innovate ways for financial breakthroughs and also be involved with business development.

Roles such as engagement manager, business analyst, associate consultant are roles that you can go for. Teamwork is extremely key in the area of the profession, and you will need to exercise your communication skills as you try to articulate and defend your ideas. Learn how MBA helps you improve your skills.

Human Resources

One of the most interesting paths that most business graduates are interested in is Human resources; India has a growing demand for HR professionals. Developing personal relationships, planning skills, sound networking skills are key to this job.

Effective Communication Skills will basically make you an invaluable addition to any HR team; keep in mind that a sound HR unit also works towards boosting the company’s morale. You will also need to hone your supervisory qualities as you will need to act as a relationship manager as well if needed. Indian millennials are extremely keen about pursuing HR jobs as it really gives them a lot of space to improve their skills.

Private equity

Private equity space is quite tricky as several of your skills are tested out, and it’s a little less standardized than most sectors. But experts agree that a business degree does not prepare you for a career in private equity, you will have to learn a lot of it on the job after you have signed your pay package agreement.

And that’s fine because as long as you have sound networking and delegating skills, you have chances to excel at your job. Since a sound investment knowledge is also needed for this avenue, your analytic skills are also put to use to gauge other’s decisions. A degree from an A-grade school can really make or break your chances of private equity. You will be part of major decision-making units and will effectively be responsible for some major acquisitions.

International Business 

An MBA in International business can open up major pathways for you in the country and beyond; this obviously gives you an edge as the course familiarises you with global market demands and business trends. This is the reasons why entrepreneurs need an MBA degree also makes you a terrific business planner which eventually helps business development and growth.

A terrific strategizing ability and analytical skills are key to excel in this field. This degree basically gives you advanced knowledge about the know-how of global business operations, growth planning and international standards of management also it is a practical way to grow your business right now. Since corporate India is moving towards a more globalized approach, this degree is coveted, especially as it can take you all over the world even if you are based in the country.

Wrapping up

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Which opportunities await you in India after you finish your MBA?

There are many evergreen opportunities awaiting you once you complete your MBA. Finance is one of them, where you can go deeper into economy movement, investment analysis, banking, etc. Marketing is a field where there can be unending innovation. Management consultancy is a powerful field to invest in. Human resources is an indestructible opportunity that is experiencing a lot of revolution in these years. And then there is the skill based private equity. Lastly, the whole gambit of international business is at your doorstep based on your interest and aptitude.

Should my MBA specialisation be linked to these opportunities?

If you are planning to do an MBA, you need to be aware of your interests and skills. You could thereafter find out the opportunities that exist which are linked to your interests. Once you have ascertained the potential, you can choose your specialisation as your entire career depends on it. Opportunities are plenty in our country. There has to be a judicious choice made from these opportunities which suit your skill set and at the same time, they make your MBA productive.

What kind of jobs could offer the most lucrative opportunities in India?

Job opportunities after an MBA and the salaries they offer depend on many factors. Location is one of them. It is linked to the cost of living in your city. Some careers like finance and human resources offer you higher salaries after consistent work for many years. The number of promotions you get over years, the designation you hold, and finally the company’s annual performance are the factors that would determine your salary and further opportunities. Whereas, sales oriented careers are likely to offer you bigger incentives and bonuses. However, they are performance linked.

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