How to Use Instagram Hashtags to Grow Your Profile – Ultimate Guide

How to Use Instagram Hashtags to Grow Your Profile – Ultimate Guide 

Are you looking to expand your reach on Instagram and attract more followers? A vital tactic to accomplish this is to use hashtags to their full potential. This comprehensive article examines the best practices for using Instagram hashtags to build your profile, increase exposure, and interact with your target market. Let’s dig in and explore hashtags’ potential!

What are Instagram Hashtags? 

Instagram hashtags are keywords or phrases preceded by the ‘#’ symbol. They categorize content and make it discoverable to a broader audience. Users are sent to a feed of posts that include that particular hashtag when they search for or click on a hashtag. You may boost the exposure of your Instagram posts and find potential Instagram hashtags for followers interested in your content by utilizing pertinent hashtags.

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Top Instagram Hashtags 

Knowing the most popular hashtags on Instagram is crucial for setting up your hashtag strategy. Including a combination of popular and niche-specific hashtags in your posts can help increase their discoverability and engagement. These hashtags may change over time, but some are always favorites:

– #love

– #instagood

– #photooftheday

– #beautiful

– #tbt (Throwback Thursday)

– #followme

– #picoftheday

– #like4like

– #instadaily

– #happy

Types of Popular Instagram Hashtags

Understanding the various hashtag kinds is helpful when choosing hashtags for your Instagram posts. Consider some of the following categories:

  1. Product or Service Hashtags: These hashtags directly relate to your products or services. For example, if you are a fashion brand, you might use hashtags like #fashion, #style, or #ootd (Outfit of the Day).
  2. Niche Hashtags:  Niche hashtags are specific to your industry or niche. They help you connect with a targeted audience interested in your particular place. For instance, if you are a fitness influencer, you can use hashtags such as #fitfam, #gymlife, or #healthy.
  3. Industry Instagram Community Hashtags: These hashtags are widely used within specific Instagram communities. They help you engage with fellow creators, enthusiasts, or professionals in your industry. Examples include #instafood, #travelgram, or #naturelovers.
  4. Special Event or Seasonal Hashtags: Special events or seasonal hashtags are related to specific occasions or times of the year. Examples include #ValentinesDay, #Christmas, or #SummerVibes. Using these hashtags during relevant periods can boost your visibility.
  5. Location Hashtags: Location hashtags are helpful if your content is location-specific or if you want to attract a local audience. For instance, #NewYork or #London can help you reach people interested in those cities.
  6. Daily Hashtags: Daily hashtags are associated with specific days of the week. They are a fun way to join conversations and trends. Examples include #MondayMotivation, #ThrowbackThursday, or #SaturdayNight.
  7. Relevant Phrase Hashtags: Relevant phrase hashtags contain multiple words related to your post. For instance, if you share a healthy recipe, you could use hashtags like #cleaneating or #healthyrecipes.
  8. Acronym Hashtags: Acronym hashtags are short forms or abbreviations of words. They are often used to save characters and concise caption or comment. Examples include #OOTD (Outfit of the Day), #FOMO (Fear of Missing Out), or #TBT (Throwback Thursday).
  9. Emoji Hashtags: Emoji hashtags incorporate emojis into the hashtag itself. Emojis add visual appeal and help convey emotions. Examples include #🌸, #✈️, or #🍕.

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How Many Hashtags to Use on Instagram?

Instagram allows you to use up to 30 hashtags per post. However, the optimal number of hashtags may vary based on your strategy and audience. Research suggests that using around 9 to 11 hashtags per post can yield the best results in terms of engagement and visibility. Experiment with different quantities to find what works best for your content.

How to Hide Hashtags on Instagram?

You can hide hashtags in your Instagram posts to maintain a clean and aesthetically pleasing caption. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Type your caption.
  2. Tap the 123 buttons on your keyboard to access the symbols.
  3. Enter a series of dots (e.g., …………..).
  4. Press return/enter to create line breaks.
  5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 several times to push the hashtags down.
  6. Finally, add your hashtags in the last line of the caption or as a comment on your post.

This technique makes your captions appear clean while still using hashtags for discoverability.

How to Find Trending Hashtags on Instagram? 

Keeping up with the latest trends and using relevant hashtags can significantly boost your Instagram presence. Here are some ways to find trending hashtags:

  1. Explore the Explore page on Instagram: Browse through the Top and Recent tabs to identify popular hashtags for Instagram related to your niche.
  2. Follow popular accounts in your industry: Keep an eye on their hashtags and engage with their content to stay updated on the latest trends.
  3. Use Instagram’s Search function: Type keywords related to your content or industry and select the Tags tab to discover relevant hashtags.
  4. Utilize third-party tools: Websites and apps like Hashtagify and TagBlender provide insights into popular hashtags for Instagram and their usage patterns.

Incorporating trending hashtags into your content can increase your visibility and attract a wider audience.

How to Search Multiple Hashtags on Instagram?

Finding multiple hashtags on Instagram can be a time-consuming process. However, Instagram’s search function allows you to search for multiple hashtags simultaneously. Here’s how:

  1. Open the Instagram app and tap the Search icon.
  2. Enter the first hashtag you want to search for.
  3. A list of related hashtags will appear below the search bar.
  4. Tap on a related hashtag to view posts containing that hashtag.
  5. To search for another hashtag, tap the search bar and enter the following hashtag.

Repeat these steps to search for multiple hashtags and explore a variety of content related to each one.

How to Find the Best Instagram Hashtags for Your Brand?

To maximize the effectiveness of hashtags for your brand, it’s essential to identify the ones that resonate with your target audience. Here are some strategies to find the best Instagram hashtags for your brand:

  1. Check Out the Competition: Research your competitors and influencers in your niche. Analyze the hashtags they use in their posts and engage with their audience. This can provide valuable insights into the hashtags that work well within your industry.
  2. See What Hashtags Your Audience is Already Using: Look at the hashtags used by your existing audience. Check out the hashtags they include in their posts and engage with their content. This helps you understand the hashtags that are relevant to your target audience.
  3. Use Instagram’s Related Hashtags Feature: When you search for a specific hashtag on Instagram, the platform provides a list of related hashtags. These related hashtags can be a valuable source of inspiration and help you discover new hashtags to incorporate into your content.
  4. Create a Branded Hashtag: Developing a branded hashtag unique to your brand is an excellent way to create a sense of community and encourage user-generated content. Include your branded hashtag in your posts and enable your followers to use it.

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Use Hashtags in Your Bio 

In addition to using hashtags in your posts, you can include them in your Instagram bio. This allows your profile to appear in hashtag searches and increases your chances of being discovered by users interested in those hashtags.

Special Types of Instagram Hashtags 

Apart from the general categories mentioned earlier, a few unique hashtags can add value to your Instagram strategy. These include:

  1. Contest or Giveaway Hashtags: When running a contest or giveaway on Instagram, create a unique hashtag to track entries and encourage participants to use it.
  2. Brand Campaign Hashtags: If you are running a specific marketing campaign or promoting a product or service, create a dedicated hashtag for it to generate buzz and encourage user participation.
  3. Community Hashtags: Many communities or interest groups have hashtags. Research and engage with these communities by using their hashtags to build relationships and gain exposure within those circles.
  4. Event Hashtags: If you’re attending or hosting an event, check if an official hashtag is associated with it. Using event hashtags allows you to connect with other attendees and increase your visibility during the event.

Instagram Hashtag FAQs

Q: Should I use the same hashtags for every post?

A: It’s beneficial to use a combination of both general and specific hashtags. While some hashtags may be relevant to most of your content, tailoring your hashtags to each post’s particular theme or subject is essential.

Q: Can I edit or delete hashtags after posting?

A: You can edit or delete hashtags from your Instagram posts even after publishing them. Tap the three dots (…) on your position and select Edit or Delete to make changes.

Q: Can using too many hashtags on Instagram be detrimental?

A: While using hashtags is essential, overloading your posts with too many hashtags may appear spammy or desperate. Focus on using relevant and targeted hashtags rather than filling your caption with excessive hashtags.

Q: Can I trademark a hashtag?

A: It is possible to trademark a hashtag, but it can be a complex legal process. Consult with a trademark attorney to understand the requirements and feasibility of trademarking a specific hashtag.

7 Tips for How to Use Hashtags on Instagram

  1. Research and analyze the hashtags used by your competitors and target audience.
  2. Strike a balance between using popular hashtags and niche-specific hashtags.
  3. Create a branded hashtag unique to your brand to foster a sense of community.
  4. Use a mix of general and specific hashtags to target a wider audience while maintaining relevance.
  5. Experiment with different quantities of hashtags to find what works best for your content.
  6. Keep up with the latest trends and incorporate trending hashtags into your posts.
  7. Engage with the Instagram community by using community-specific hashtags and participating in conversations.

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Instagram hashtags are powerful tools for growing your profile, increasing visibility, and attracting a targeted audience. You can optimize your Instagram presence by understanding the different types of hashtags, knowing how to find the best ones for your brand, and implementing effective strategies. Embrace the potential of hashtags and watch your profile soar to new heights!

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How many hashtags can I use on Instagram?

Instagram allows up to 30 hashtags per post, but using around 9 to 11 hashtags is often considered optimal.

Can I hide hashtags in my Instagram posts?

Yes, you can hide hashtags by creating line breaks using dots or other symbols and placing the hashtags at the end of the caption or in a comment.

How can I find trending hashtags on Instagram?

You can find trending hashtags by exploring the Explore page, following popular accounts in your niche, using Instagram's search function, and utilizing third-party tools like Hashtagify or TagBlender.

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