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Every industry evolves with time and business education is no different. The new challenges of our data-driven world require a more experienced and knowledgeable professional to tackle them. 

This means the traditional MBA might not be sufficient for all business roles. That’s why the demand for doctor of business administration professionals has started rising. 

In the following points, we’ll make you acquainted with what is a doctorate in business administration and why it’s getting popular: 

What is a Doctorate in Business Administration?

A doctorate in business administration or DBA in short is an advanced program for management professionals who want to take a step further and become experts in their domains. 

Keep in mind that a DBA is different from a PhD in Management as their demographics, motivation, skills outcome and format vary vastly. A DBA is for working professionals with prior experience who strive for growth. DBA courses aim to help the candidate frame and communicate research findings towards problem-solving applications. 

A doctorate in business administration focuses on helping you get a deeper understanding of your chosen field and become a domain expert in the same. 

It allows you to solve practical problems in your field by enhancing your knowledge base and enhancing your ability to combine different ideas and innovate. 

To answer the question “What is a doctorate in business administration”, you should look at the following features of a DBA program: 

  • A DBA program focuses on the use of others’ research to solve real-world business problems. 
  • It usually has core requirements, a research component, electives and a final project such as a short booklet, peer-reviewed journal articles or a dissertation project.
  • The dissertation project is a must to complete a DBA as it allows you to demonstrate your advanced knowledge and prove that you’re adding to the body of knowledge.
  • Most people who take a DBA program are working professionals so the program should be part-time and flexible instead of requiring the student to leave their job for studies.
  • A proper DBA program will equip its students with the ability to conduct quality research and develop advanced skills related to crucial domains such as communication and technology.  

Why Get a Doctor of Business Administration

There are many benefits to joining a DBA program. The following are the most prominent ones amongst them: 

Stand out Among the Competition

Having a DBA will help you stand out among the numerous MBA professionals. In the current highly competitive industry, being able to stand out from your peers will put you at a great advantage. 

First, it ensures that you can easily bag senior roles in your organization. Companies prefer having a domain expert in a senior role, and with a DBA qualification, you’d be a suitable candidate. 

Having a DBA shows that you’re dedicated to professional and personal growth. DBA graduates take the edge over MBA graduates as they are rare and more qualified. 

Specialize in your Field

If you’re interested in learning more about your specific domain, then getting a DBA will help you a lot. DBA courses are made to help a candidate learn the advanced concepts of their chosen field and become a thought leader in that sector. 

These courses focus on helping you specialize in your field by helping you develop a deeper understanding of that field’s different aspects. Reputed DBA programs offer multiple specializations. For example, upGrad’s DBA program offers specializations in numerous sectors such as Machine Learning, Data Science, Finance, Technology Entrepreneurship, Business Analytics, and many others. 

An In-Demand Qualification

Not many people have heard of a doctor of business administration program. So you can understand just how few people are actually pursuing a DBA program currently. It’s a highly advanced program and requires the candidate to have ample work experience and knowledge of their field. 

Due to these reasons, there’s a shortage of DBA professionals in the market. There’s a global demand for professionals that have this qualification. Companies want highly specialized and experienced management professionals who can help them solve the complicated business problems of modern industries and accelerate their growth. 

Phenomenal Pay

According to PayScale, the average pay for a doctorate in business administration professional is INR 26.77 lakh per annum. In contrast, the average MBA salary in India is around INR 7 lakh per annum. This means the average pay of a DBA professional is nearly four times the average pay of an MBA professional. 


If you want a better paycheck and enhance your financial prospects, getting a doctor of business administration would be the best thing to do. You’ll become eligible for senior management roles in different organizations once you have a DBA qualification such as Senior Marketing Manager, Information Security Manager, CEO, etc. 

Succeed in your Business

Maybe you aren’t interested in attracting employers but want to start your own business. Completing a DBA course will teach you the latest business and management skills you need to run a business. You will be an expert in your industry, which will help you solve your business’s problems quickly and effectively. It would also help you make better-informed decisions and organize the different departments of your business efficiently. 

Not only does a DBA program make you a specialist in a domain, but it also makes you familiar with the advanced concepts of business and management. Another added advantage is that you wouldn’t have any difficulties in attracting investors to your company. Investors and stakeholders would trust you more than your competitors due to your qualification and domain knowledge. 


At upGrad, we offer a Global Doctor of Business Administration program with the Swiss School of Business Management, Geneva. It’s a 24-month online program that offers multiple specialisations including Global Supply Chain Management, Energy Management, Machine Learning, Data Science, Finance, and many others.

We offer international academic support and one-on-one thesis supervision in this program, allowing you to learn all the concepts smoothly and efficiently. 

The program allows you to network with accomplished professionals, industry experts and faculty from 75+ countries. Moreover, you will have a dedicated student success mentor who would help you with all non-academic matters. 

If you’re interested in getting a DBA, do check out the course. 


How does a Doctor of Business Administration boost your career?

A doctoral degree provides students with a fresh perspective on business, boosting their credibility among peers, possible employers, and the business community. DBA programs teach important business management, leadership, and organizational effectiveness abilities, allowing graduates to work in a range of industries and jobs. A DBA focuses on research and problem-solving skills, whereas an MBA focuses on management. An advanced degree can assist you in obtaining that long-awaited promotion. A doctorate in Business Administration has many benefits right from increased credibility to a rise in pay scale.

Can a DBA be called a Doctor?

A Ph.D. in Business Administration is not the same as a DBA. You won't just be learning new things through academic study; you'll also be applying what you've learned to real-world business problems and documenting the process in your thesis. D.B.A. student must submit a substantial project, popularly known as a thesis or dissertation, that includes a body of academic research. Candidates must present their work before a thesis, dissertation, or doctorate committee, of experts. Yes, DBA leads to a doctor’s title.

Who would be an ideal candidate for DBA?

A Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) is a well-known professional doctoral degree in business and management. In these professions, it is the highest level of qualification offered. The majority of programs integrate advanced management theory and practice with expertise in the methodology and approaches required for doctorate research in Business and Management. A person who wants to advance managerial positions with Curiosity, problem-solving, research mindset is ideal for a DBA.

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