Web Designer Salary in The USA in 2024 [For Freshers & Experienced]

What is Web Designing? 

The art of organizing and structuring content on any website so that it can be accessible by individuals all over the globe is known as web design. Web design, which blends aesthetic and practical features, influences how a site appears, including its colors, fonts, graphics, organization, and consumer interaction.

Developing a website is one of the fundamentals of having a presence online in the modern day. The world of web design, therefore, is as active as ever. In order to suit the expanding needs of website owners and visitors alike, it is constantly evolving, such as mobile applications and user interface design.

Web design is generally a collaborative process that integrates expertise and resources from related fields, including SEO optimization, UX, and web design statistics. Professionals from these domains who can optimize performance and concentrate on the more extensive process and the result are frequently gathered by the term web designers. 

If you want to take up web designing as a career option, you might want to know about a website designer’s salary. Here is a glance into the web designer hourly rate and more. 

What do Web Designers do?

Web design allows easy access for all potential users while outlining the objectives of a website or webpage. In addition to integrating applications and other user interactions, this process entails spreading text and graphics throughout several pages.

Web designers are the professionals who carry out this procedure, and their work covers the following responsibilities:

  • Picking readable typefaces
  • Choosing appealing color schemes that allow for readable fonts
  • Adding a brand’s identity to the fonts, colors, and design
  • Mapping out the layout of the website to ensure simple navigation
  • Including elements such as graphics, text, logos, movies, programs, and other media
  • Creating layouts and customizing pages using coding languages like HTML and CSS
  • Creating mobile- and desktop-friendly editions of websites and pages

The two most common web design techniques are adaptive and responsive. The website’s structure is built around standard screen sizes with adaptive design. According to the screen size, content is dynamically relocated in responsive design. Depending on the preferences and objectives of their customer or company, web designers use various portions of the overall web design process to accomplish these design strategies.

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Web Designer Salary According To Job Level

Your experience, along with your work location, plays a significant impact on your income.


This category generally includes recent grads or web designers without prior work experience. These entry-level jobs are excellent learning opportunities. An entry-level web designer typically makes roughly $49,750 a year in pay.

Junior level

You should have prior work experience to qualify as a junior web designer. After starting at an entry-level position, becoming a junior web designer doesn’t take that long. Moving on to the next level does, however, take a bit longer. For this, the income significantly varies depending on qualifications and experience.

A junior website designer salary ranges between $42,000 and $62,000 annually.

Senior Level

Senior roles are those at the very top. To become a senior web designer, you must have years of expertise. You often need to work for the same company for several years to obtain this position. Senior web designers are trusted to undertake crucial duties for the firm and to make essential judgments.

Even though the web designer hourly rate is unknown, they get an intriguing average pay of about $92,874 annually.

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Website Designer Salary According To Speciality

You can specialize in several web design subfields. Your field of expertise can influence your job title, function, duties, and income. Below are a few of the options.

Web Designer

The individuals who labor to design the appearance of a website are called web designers. This position suits those with technical knowledge of HTML/CSS, JavaScript, and design software. The annual salary is roughly $65,159.

UX Designer

You need expertise in user research, coding, prototyping, wireframing, analytical skills, and responsive design for this post. It would help if you spent a lot of effort to become proficient in these talents because they are more job-specific. A UX designer typically makes roughly $101,455 annually.

Interaction Designer

This position parallels a UX or UI designer quite a bit. In this position, creativity and innovation are more emphasized. These designers create goods or services that enable efficient interpersonal interactions. An interaction designer typically makes $79,223 a year as a salary.

UX Researcher

Those with excellent coding, researching, and analytical solid are suited for this position. Researching user activity, competitive analysis, prototyping, and design development are all duties of the position. A UX researcher typically earns $84,327 per year as a salary.

What purpose does web design serve?

Many significant tasks and objectives utilize web design, including:

Search engine optimization

SEO is a technique for increasing the chances that search engines will find a website. Information on web pages is coded so that search engines can read it. Since the website appears on the initial search page, making it easier for consumers to find, it encourages businesses toward expansive growth.

Customer satisfaction

A sophisticated site design favors customers’ satisfaction since it swiftly gives them the necessary information. Making sure that the navigation on its website is simple to understand, trustworthy, and consistently helps businesses develop positive relationships with visitors.

Mobile responsiveness

Mobile responsiveness refers to a website’s capacity to display on a mobile phone and adjust its layout and dimensions to be readable. A well-designed mobile site makes it simple for clients to reach a company.

Religious branding

Promoting an item with a proper design is called branding. Businesses are able to create or maintain a strong brand identity for their company through web design. When a website constantly expresses a company’s identity, it is simpler to navigate, and visitors can better associate a brand’s visual components with a particular business and its goods or services.

Technical efficiency

This begins to shape how effective a website may be in creating a pleasant user experience. Clean coding that permits speedy loading times, functional links, and dynamic graphics can help designers do this. The eventual problems are also addressed by web design services when they happen.

User experience optimization

Web designers run reports to understand how users engage with a website globally. They assess which pages generate more or less traffic and modify the site’s design to enhance the user experience.


When a visitor accomplishes a desired action on the website, conversion occurs. Gorgeous web design encourages people to remain on the page long enough to become clients. They will press a call-to-action button, provide valuable data, and either subscribe or make a purchase.

Perks of choosing a career in web designing

There are several advantages when it comes to becoming a web designer. Here are a few of them:

  • Work From Home: You only need a laptop/PC and a good internet connection to work from anywhere as a web designer. Both contract employees and employees of an organization can use this.
  • Not Industry-Specific: These days, every company seeks to set a strong online presence. Companies require websites, brand standards, logos, and other visual elements. Consequently, you can work in any industry. You also have a tonne of possibilities for freelancing work as a result.
  • You’ll Never Get Bored: As this field is constantly changing, you have to keep up with more recent innovations and fashions. You’ll need to be adaptable because of the ongoing competition. This is one of the most dynamic careers. 
  • High Pay: One of the significant concerns when starting a new job is the pay. With an experience in web design, you can relax. Even at the beginning level, there are plenty of job prospects and good pay.


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Is web designing a good career option?

Yes, web designing is a good career option. Statistics have shown that the field is expected to grow 27% by the year 2024.

Can web designers work from home?

Yes, web designing is one of those career options where you have the privilege to work remotely.

Is web designing a challenging career choice?

To become a good web designer, web designing takes a lot of skills. However, it is also a gratifying field.

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