7 Top Technical Skills to Master in 2024

Sharpening your technical skills can help you become any recruiter’s preferred choice. Although there may be several open positions in the IT field, many people like you are eager to grab the job opportunities. 

If you want to stand out from a plethora of candidates in your industry, you must build and master the relevant technical skills. 

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Let’s explore the details of the top 7 technical skills that can land you a brighter career.

Top Technical Skills to Master

1. Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing refers to a delivery model used for computing resources that lets users access resources via the Internet. In other words, it is the capability to access applications and electronic data on the Internet. Moreover, Cloud Computing is expected to revolutionise the way we interact with technology and do business than what it does today.

Why Cloud Computing?

  • Cloud Computing allows companies to leverage the cloud to build and deploy new services faster than before. It explores new possibilities and facilitates the creation of new services and products.
  • Since the advent of Cloud Computing, there has been an increasing demand for skilled Cloud Computing professionals. The national average salary for a Cloud Developer is ₹9,20,000 in India. The salary increases as the Cloud developers acquire more relevant skills and gain industry experience.
  • Cloud computing allows startups to create and test newly launched products rapidly. Hence, you can utilise the same resources as large-scale companies at affordable costs.

Relevant Courses to Pursue

You can pursue upGrad’s Fundamentals of Cloud Computing to kickstart your career in Cloud Computing. The free technology course imparts skills like database management, computing knowledge, virtualisation, and containerisation, fueling you towards in-demand opportunities. After strengthening your basics, you can always pursue a Master’s in Computer Science to further elaborate your tech growth. 

2. Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a technology that resembles human intelligence, enabling computer applications to learn from experience through algorithmic training and iterative processing. The corresponding systems get smarter with recurrent data processing because every interaction allows the AI system to test and evaluate solutions.

 Why Artificial Intelligence?

  • AI does not compel the use of various devices or apps. It improves the intelligence of the services that you use daily. Hence, catalysing the ease of work in everyday life!
  • AI is one of the fastest-growing technologies in the present job market, enabling artificial intelligence engineers to become one of the most in-demand job profiles. The national average salary for an AI Engineer is ₹9,64,199 in India.

 Relevant Courses to Pursue

The Executive Post Graduate Programme in Machine Learning & AI course imparts in-demand skills like NLP, deep Learning, MLOps, AI strategy building, etc., significant towards growth in the AI field. 

upGrad’s Master of Science in Machine Learning & AI is another program that imparts demanding artificial intelligence skills and lets you work on 12+ industry projects to enhance your skill set. 

3. Big Data

Big Data relates to huge amounts of data generated by various sources like weblogs, sensors, social media platforms, IoT devices, and more. The generated data can be either structured (for example, tables in DBMS), semi-structured (for example, XML files), or unstructured (for example, images, audio, and videos), which is further utilised to assess and obtain valuable insights.

Why Big Data?

  • The Big Data domain can significantly improve reasoning and analytical skills. By working on Big Data, you will hone proficiency in problem-solving skills and statistics, some of the most valued technical skills examples.
  • Big Data tools like Spark, Apache Hadoop, etc., provide cost-effective benefits to businesses intending to store massive amounts of data.
  • Businesses use big data analytics to recognise customer-related trends and patterns. Hence, conducting customer behaviour analysis increases the business’ profit.

Relevant Courses to Pursue

Executive Post Graduate Programme in Data Science course from upGrad helps you to choose from 5 specialisations based on your background and career ambitions in the Big Data domain.

You can pursue upGrad’s Master of Science in Data Science to commence your Data Science and learn cutting-edge Big Data aspects like statistics, Predictive analysis using Python, etc.

4. Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity refers to the practice of protecting sensitive information and critical systems against digital attacks. It incorporates layers of protection to avoid cybercrime, including cyber-attacks that try to access, modify, or abolish sensitive data.

 Why CyberSecurity?

  • Rapid tech advancements have increased demand to protect systems against unauthorised threats. Solid cybersecurity background is the need of the hour. 
  • Cybersecurity is a global issue not confined to a specific geographical area. Following a proficiency in cybersecurity will enable learners to acquire exciting global opportunities. 

Relevant Courses to Pursue

Pursuing the Advanced Certificate Programme in Cyber Security helps you become a cybersecurity expert by specialising in application security, cryptography, data secrecy, and network security.

You can also pursue upGrad’s Caltech CTME Cybersecurity Certificate Program to acquire skills to launch a career in high-growth cybersecurity fields.

 5. Blockchain

Blockchain refers to a distributed digitalised ledger technology facilitating genuine and secure transactions to occur through a point-to-point network. This technology is valuable in areas like cybersecurity, industrial processes, governance, entertainment, the financial sector, etc.

 Why Blockchain?

  • The relevant use cases and technical skills examples find applications in the domains of banking, voting, supply chain management, commodity trading, etc.
  • Blockchain technology facilitates instant and transparent transactions as the ledger is automatically updated, contributing to its rapid implementation and expansion across industries. 

 Relevant Courses to Pursue

As an aspiring blockchain learner, you can pursue upGrad’s Executive Post Graduate Programme in Software Development course that imparts cutting-edge skills to develop and deploy blockchain solutions.

 6. Internet of Things (IoT)

The Internet of Things (IoT) involves a huge number of “things” connected to the Internet to let them share data with other connected devices, industrial machines, IoT applications, and more. IoT devices use built-in sensors to gather data and work on it.

 Why the Internet of Things (IoT)?

  • With the quick growth of connected devices and the scope for automation, the knowledge of IoT can unlock new opportunities and keep you ahead in your career.
  • IoT devices provide a rich and pleasant user experience.

 Relevant Courses to Pursue

UpGrad’s PG Certification in the Internet of Things helps you learn how to deliver services and applications quickly for organisations. It is a suitable course for IoT experts, engineers, developers, and Leads.

7. Augmented Reality (AR)

Augmented reality (AR) means the assimilation of virtual data generated in the computer environment into the real world so humans can perceive with their sense organs. Essentially, the data generated in the virtual environment (like images, 3D models, animations, graphics, and videos) are conveyed to the real world in real-time.

 Why Augmented Reality?

  • AR in training helps trainees work in real-life situations, which will hone their practical skills.
  • AR provides a better user experience and thus leads to more satisfied customers. Hence, the brands that employ AR in their business models also make the most of traditional marketing.
  • AR applications enable users to access virtual reality experiences, interactive 3D models and enhanced data visualisations.

Why should you master technical skills?

The following points justify the reasons why you should master technical skills.

  • Mastering the relevant technical skills improves your work productivity and can boost your chances of promotion.
  • You can easily work cross-functionally if you are an expert with the right skills. It implies that you can help the organisation make informed decisions and help it to achieve its targets. Consequently, you will stand out from other professionals in the organisation.
  • All industries and job roles significantly depend on advanced technology. By mastering your technical skills now, you will be more compliant and ready to assimilate the technological changes in the future.
  • Mastering technical skills for a resume makes sure you stand out from other candidates and increases your odds of getting hired.

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 How to improve technical skills for a job?

Incorporating the following points can help you to improve your technical skills for a job.

  • Practice your technical skills regularly to sharpen them.
  • Work on your demo projects so that you can use them to demonstrate relevant technical skills for your resume to potential employers.
  • Take online courses from reliable platforms to hone your technical knowledge and skills.
  • Communicate with an experienced developer/programmer about their practical experience working in the industry and the challenges they face to get recommendations for your career enhancement.

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How upGrad helps?

Irrespective of which technical skill you intend to acquire, upGrad courses help you to learn through real-life industry projects that leading companies across in-demand domains sponsor. It provides interactive live sessions with experienced industry experts covering an advanced curriculum and the most sought-after topics. 

Moreover, you will attain an immersive learning experience and additional career support, including mentorship. The live discussion forum is available for peer-to-peer doubt resolution supervised by technical experts. Along with accredited national and international courses, upGrad can be your leading source of creating meaningful learning experiences!

In-Demand Software Development Skills

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What are the must-have workforce technical skills?

The must-have workforce technical skills are database management, company software proficiency, project management, customer service systems, corporate communications, IT security, data analysis, and social media management.

How do acquiring technical skills make you more employable?

If you are hunting for a new job, demonstrating technical skills on your CV helps you to get your desired job with a decent salary. Possessing a wide range of relevant technical skills that a particular employer is looking for makes you stand out from the crowd. Moreover, learning cutting-edge technical skills will increase your chances of getting high-paying jobs.

What is the advantage of continuous learning when acquiring any technical skill?

If you are satisfied with your job role and possess the required technical skill, ensure you don’t stop learning. Since technology is continuously developing and changing, continuous learning is key to staying up-to-date with the cutting-edge trends existing in your industry.

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