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Will you complete your graduation this year? Are you preparing to get into a job as soon as you complete your studies? If the answer is YES, it is a good idea for you to enroll in some professional courses. There are many job-oriented short courses that can do wonders for your career. 

The demand for professional development courses is always high. However, with changing job industries and needs, courses have changed too. Presently there are many technical and non-technical certification courses in different subjects. Learners can pick the courses that best align with their career goals and interests. 

Reasons why short-term job-oriented courses are helpful

Considering the cut-throat competition in the job market, everyone is trying to outdo others by acquiring special skills. Doing a graduation course will not help you get a high-profile career today. However, with short-term professional development courses, you can go a step ahead in shaping your career. 

  • With professional courses, you will have first-hand knowledge and experience with the latest technologies.
  • You can boost your academic and professional skills within a short period.

In-demand short professional courses 

Job-oriented short courses are excellent for upskilling. Mentioned below are some such courses which are high in demand:

  • Digital marketing and communications

Marketing trends have evolved over the years. In this digital age, it is evident that businesses rely heavily on digital marketing and communications. Brands use various advanced and innovative digital techniques to promote their products and expand their market outreach. Social media platforms, emails, text messages, etc., are some of the most common digital mediums used for marketing. 

Some of the skills you learn in this short course include social media marketing, SEO and SEM, PPC (pay-per-click), email and mobile marketing, etc. 

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  • Product management

The course on product management is a short-term, job-oriented course. By taking the course, you will be able to learn all the aspects related to building a product. There are different phases in the life-cycle of a product, starting from planning and ending at final delivery. 

If you want to make a career as a product manager, this course is ideal for you. These skills include prototyping and interpersonal skills and working with analytics tools and various data management tools like MS Excel. 

  • Data Science

If you are interested in making a career in data science, you must take up job-oriented, professional development courses. This is the trending and hottest course in demand right now. The main job of a data scientist is to extract meaningful information from vast volumes of raw data. Businesses and enterprises then use this information for guided decision-making. 

In short courses on data science, you will learn various skills, including programming languages like Python or R, multivariate calculus, DBMS like MongoDB or MySQL, and strong conceptual knowledge of probability and statistics. 

  • Business Analytics

Professionals working with Business Analytics make a highly lucrative career. If you aspire to be one, you can take up short professional courses on the subject. These courses teach you different ways to analyze big data and convert them into useful strategic information. You will also learn to use various Business Intelligence tools like Power BI and Tableau. With vast volumes of data being churned out every day, the demands of business analysts are increasing. 

Skills that you generally learn from the business analytics course include data modeling, data visualization, and BI tools like Power BI. 

  • Deep Learning for Computer Vision

When looking for short professional development courses, you should try deep learning for computer vision. The advantage of this course is that there is a much higher scope and less competition. You will surely love this course if you have a knack for algorithms dealing with image classification and object detection. 

On course completion, you will acquire knowledge of programming languages like Python, neural networks, tools like NumPy and TensorFlow, and Open CV.  Since this is an emerging subject, the time of the course is slightly more when compared to other job-oriented courses. 

  • Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

Machine Learning (ML) is an integral part of Artificial Intelligence (AI). Innumerable job opportunities are opening up with the demands of high-skilled professionals in these fields. With knowledge of Machine Learning, you can automate machines with advanced algorithms. When devices are fed with programmed data, they can work the way we want. 

A short course in AI and ML will help you acquire skills in machine learning algorithms, computer science basics and programming, neural networks, software engineering & system design, and data modeling and evaluation. 

  • Blockchain technology

In the modern industry, blockchain technology has made quite a profound impact. After bringing significant transformation in the BFSI sector, the technology impacts various sectors like real estate, FMCG, healthcare, transportation, supply chain & logistics, and government agencies. 

With short courses in blockchain technology, you will have a good idea of core Blockchain concepts like Smart Contracts, Ethereum, Advance JavaScript, Fabric, Hyperledger, Composer, and NodeJS. 

  • Software Development

Professional courses on software development are always in demand. To become a software developer, you must have a degree in computer science or some related subject. By taking up a proper course, you can learn the programming languages needed for developing any software. You can also learn concepts of software development from various open-source projects. 

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  • Certified Financial Planner

In every organization, there is a need for professionals who can create and organize the financial plans for the company on a long-term basis. It is evident that the career of a certified financial planner is quite a challenging and promising one. When it comes to job-oriented professional courses, certified courses for finance planning are high in demand. 

You will learn insurance, tax planning, and analytical skills for solving critical financial problems. 

  • Full-Stack Development

When it comes to the professional field, Full-Stack Development ranks as one of the highest paying and coveted fields with candidates in the technical field. To work in this sector, you should have a thorough knowledge of server-side and front-end technologies. After completing the course, you will be skilled enough to create dynamic websites. 

By taking short courses in full-stack development, you can learn design skills, front-end technologies like CSS, HTML, JavaScript, databases like MySQL and MongoDB, backend technologies & frameworks like Python, Node.js, PHP, and Ruby, and last but not least, VCS and APIs. 


You have no idea that these job-oriented short courses can be a game-changer for your career. Through these professional courses, you will be able to learn skills and have hands-on experience in various subjects. 

This will give you an advantage over other candidates who will apply for the same job post. These professional development courses also impart a lot of confidence in students to do well in their professional careers. 

Enroll for short-term professional courses at upGrad for a bright professional career

Enrolling in a short-term professional course will give wings to your career for sure. And there can be no better place than upGrad for short-term courses. You can choose from a wide range of professional development courses at upGrad per your liking and preference. 

Taking up the courses will help you learn more on the subject, but they will also prepare you thoroughly for your professional career. Industry experts in specific domains design the curriculum for each upGrad course. Most of these short courses are designed for working professionals and freshers looking to make an entry into the professional world. 

Some of the most popular professional courses in upGrad include  Digital Marketing and Communication, Software Development, and Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence

Will short-term professional courses be considered a qualification?

Generally, taking job-oriented short courses does not give you a formal qualification. But it gives you the knowledge and the skills for undertaking a specific kind of job. Though they are short programs, they cover the particular topic quite well.

What are some of the in-demand professional development courses now?

Some of the in-demand professional courses now are courses in Blockchain Technology, Data Science, Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence, Business Analytics, Digital Marketing and Communication, and Software Development.

What is the need to take up a professional course?

It has been seen that by taking up a professional course, you can improve your performance in your professional career. Generally, these courses help hone your skills and prepare you for your professional life. They also impart confidence to perform well in your workplace with minimal errors.

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