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As a coding education tool, Scratch is a visual programming language. The block-based interface of Scratch makes it possible for educational institutions like schools, colleges, and other learning centers to provide technical training in mixed media, opening the door for imaginative student projects like video games, simulations, and animations.

There are several reasons why creating projects with Scratch is ideal for children and beginners. The platform has a wealth of materials to teach students how to code, and its drag-and-drop interface is simple to understand and utilize. It is accessible on various platforms via a browser, desktop program, or iPad app. This means that even if you have never programmed before, you may start working on projects to learn how to create Scratch games right away.

However, one of our all-time favorite aspects of the site is the ability to remix the top Scratch games and view their source code. We’ve compiled a list of the top 25 Scratch projects if you want to learn how to code or play some fantastic games.

And as a bonus for your enjoyment and to spark your creativity, we’ve also included some of the finest Scratch project ideas for various age groups that didn’t make the top list!

Are you looking for exciting and educational activities to engage your kids in the world of coding and programming? Look no further! Scratch programming for kids is an excellent way to introduce them to the fascinating world of computer science and coding. Developed by MIT, Scratch provides a user-friendly platform for young minds to create interactive stories, games, and animations while having a blast learning new skills. In this blog, we’ll explore 10 amazing Scratch mit edu projects that are perfect for students and will undoubtedly spark their creativity and problem-solving abilities.

1. Catch the Fruit Game

Let’s start with a classic game that kids will love to play and create! In this Scratch game idea, your child can design their version of a “Catch the Fruit” game. The objective is simple: control a character to catch falling fruits while avoiding bombs. By customizing the characters, backgrounds, and adding sound effects, your child will learn the basics of animation and game development.

2. Virtual Pet Simulation

Teach kids about the concept of virtual pets using Scratch! Your child can design their virtual pet, give it a name, and add various interactions like feeding, playing, and even responding to touch. This project will introduce them to the concept of variables to track the pet’s health and happiness levels.

3. Maze Adventure

Encourage problem-solving skills and critical thinking by creating a thrilling maze adventure. Kids can design their mazes with multiple levels of increasing difficulty. Add obstacles, traps, and rewards as they guide their character through the challenging path. This project will allow them to explore the concept of conditionals and loops in programming.

4. Animated Storytelling

Let your child’s imagination run wild with an animated storytelling project. They can create their narratives by designing characters, backgrounds, and adding dialogues. This project will introduce them to the fundamentals of sequencing and storytelling while having fun animating their characters.

5. Virtual Art Gallery

For little artists out there, this Scratch project will be a treat! Create a virtual art gallery to showcase their artwork. Kids can upload their drawings or digital paintings and even add interactive elements like information about each piece or ambient background music.

6. Math Quiz Game

Make learning math enjoyable with a Math Quiz Game! Your child can design an interactive quiz with multiple-choice questions on various math topics. This project will help reinforce their understanding of arithmetic while providing an entertaining way to learn.

7. Music Maker

If your kid loves music, they’ll adore this Scratch project! Introduce them to basic musical concepts by allowing them to create their music compositions. With Scratch, they can program characters to play different instruments, adjust beats and tempo, and experiment with sound effects.

8. Weather Simulator

Teach kids about weather conditions and climate patterns through a Weather Simulator project. They can design interactive scenes depicting different weather types such as rain, snow, sunshine, and storms. Adding animated weather effects will make the project engaging and informative.

9. Virtual Dance Party

Host a virtual dance party with Scratch! Kids can program characters to dance to their favorite tunes and even add a dancefloor with changing colorful lights. This project will introduce them to event handling and synchronization in programming.

10. Space Adventure

Let your child’s creativity soar into space with a Space Adventure game. They can design a rocket, explore different planets, and encounter alien characters. Add challenges, like avoiding asteroids or collecting space gems, to make the adventure exciting and educational.

List of 25 Scratch Coding Games 

We’ve compiled a list of 25 Scratch project ideas and games that are unquestionably fantastic and simple enough to practice scratch programming skills. Here they are in order from most to least:

  1. Geometry Dash

This Scratch project, “Geometry Dash,” is for expert-level players. This is a Scratch adaptation of the well-known rhythm game by Robert Topala, extending developers and gamers a fun navigational gaming setup. Get as far as you can by jumping over barriers!

  1. Minecraft on paper

Although many well-known Scratch games feature themes that mimic well-known properties, that doesn’t make them any less enjoyable. The side-scrolling action and crafting game Paper Minecraft utilizes the Minecraft theme.

  1. 3D

This scratch-created game enables the player to maintain a ball on the platform as it slides towards the end of this Scratch project. You leap when you see the colored squares. Coders can navigate through this project to create an advanced level and enhance its difficulty level by incorporating an interactive storyboard or following a comic strip pattern.

  1. Mystic Valley

A very well-made platformer game with enjoyable icons and graphics. Race to the finish line by jumping on enemies and collecting cash. The game is programmed to be time-bound, and players must aim for the greatest time possible to accomplish complex levels!

  1. Appel

Appel is an excellent example of a Scratch platformer game. The game demands the player to jump, dodge, and collect as many golden apples as they can to strive against other Scratchers to achieve the best time. This is what the game is all about, and its platform independence makes it a lot easier to access on phones as well as desktops.

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  1. Pokeman Clicker

In this well-known clicker Scratch coding game, you can click your way to obtaining every Pokemon. Continue playing to earn points for better Pokeballs and popular Pokemon to gather to become the best. While working on the project from the scratch, you can decide which object can be activated through clicks. 

  1. Flip

A popular 3D puzzle game among the Scratch community. Avoid letting the prism off the board’s edge or touch a red square as you move it around. Scratch coders can flip the football using the rotation block. 

  1. Random Tycoon Thing

In this business simulation Scratch coding game, click the button to upgrade your facilities, make toys to sell, and achieve the highest score possible. Once you’ve finished playing, look at the underlying code to see how everything fits together.

  1. Animate a Name Platformer

The Scratch game offers the users complete control over every letter in the developer’s name rather than just one. To avoid losing any letters, the gamer has to attempt to get as many stars as possible.

  1. Fortnite Z

A top-down shooting game a la Fortnite. Gather weapons and attempt to outlive your opponents. The winner is the last one remaining, which often gets pretty complex considering the three game modes- Exploration, Battle, and online are coded with significant challenges. In order to enhance its features, coders can add an immersive experience through additional features.

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  1. Ball Blast

Before the balls hit and smash you, shoot the cannon into the air. To assist you in traveling further, be certain to upgrade your cannon as well. Scratch coders are required to incorporate dynamic visuals in order to keep the game as interesting as possible, while the animation is another significant aspect. 

  1. Old Western Way

Players need to survive mining, hunting, fishing, and other activities in this game. You can also sell your goods, invest in upgrades, and keep an eye out for thieves in the Old Western Way game. You can explore the gaming features by working on intricate details that compile to create the Old Western setting.

  1. The Crusty Quest

Take on the role of a pirate and try to recover your loot. This superbly designed platformer requires you to jump, slash, and evade your way through every level.

  1. Golf Battle

You can try to reach the hole by pulling back the mouse to release your golf ball. You’ll face challenges and detours in this brief yet enjoyable golf game.

  1. Tower of Scratch

Play against other Scratchers while climbing the tower and attempting to stay clear of the nasty guys. Aim for the fastest time possible!

  1. Farming Interactive

Become the richest farmer on Scratch by growing and selling your crops. To achieve your goal faster, improve your crops or employ labor.

  1. Slash Knight

In this charming dungeon crawler, you must avoid obstacles and slice through enemies to progress through each floor. Win the game by eliminating the goblin on the last level. The game features must include vibrancy and dynamic animation to highlight the fantasy characteristics. 

  1. Hide and Seek

Before the seeker finds you, run and hide! It’s great to play this Scratch game with your friends, which requires the player to follow the time limit and seek all game characters. To make it more interesting, Scratch programmers can either introduce more characters or reduce the seeking time. 

  1. Creature

This is a horror-themed game filled with adventures. It features an ‘escape room’. You can collect the pieces and use them to progress through the game but make sure not to get caught.

  1. Spacevale

This is a game featuring side-scrolling space shooters. Use the mouse to maneuver your ship around the screen. Make sure to destroy your enemies without getting killed. The project also allows room for remixing to enhance its challenging aspects. 

  1. City Stimulator

Build up your metropolis with your resources, but don’t forget to give it enough power and water. Check how high you can go with your population before you exhaust your supplies. Programmers can incorporate more features while enabling keyboard access for easy movement.

  1. Airplane 5

Be a flying wizard in this timeless side-scrolling shooter game. Deflect incoming fire and retaliate by firing yourself to get through as many enemies as you can. Shooter games require expert proficiency and an added skill set to incorporate dynamic sound effects for each move. 

  1. Duel

To defeat an adversary, square in a duel, jump, dodge, and shoot. To enhance your character, gain cash from your battles.

  1. Tower Defense Game

Set up structures along the invasion route to stop the troops. You gain more money and can purchase better towers as you eliminate more in this Scratch game.

  1. Online Fortnite

This is a two-dimensional adaptation of the incredibly well-liked shooting game Fortnite. Choose your weapons wisely and attempt to outlast your rivals. Programmers can establish it in a manner that allows multiple players and a collaboration platform.


So, there you go, the best Scratch coding games for you. Scratch is an easy and excellent way to create interactive features filled with creativity and fresh concepts. These Scratch projects can assist you in strengthening your coding skills and developing more fresh skills.

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What exactly is Scratch, and how can I use it?

You can generate your own interactive stories, games, and animations using the Scratch programming language and online community and then share them with people worldwide. Young people learn to think creatively, reason logically, and collaborate as they develop and share Scratch projects.

Who makes use of Scratch?

Scratch is used by people from all walks of life, in all countries, and in various settings, including homes, schools, libraries, and museums. Scratch is intended for children ages 8 to 16, but people of all ages can create and share with it.

What is the price of Scratch? Is a license required?

Scratch is and will always be free. Scratch does not require a license to be used at school, home, or anywhere else. Donations and fundraising help in Scratch's maintenance and development.

Are Scratch projects available in different languages?

Yes. To change the language of the programming blocks, click the globe icon in the programming editor's top navigation bar, then select a language from the dropdown menu.

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