Top 8 Professional Online Courses with High Salary in 2023

The demands of the market are always changing. New technologies keep arriving and learning about is necessary if you want to get a job with great pay.

For this purpose, you should look for short term courses with a high salary. And in this article, we’ll be discussing the same.

Without further ado, let’s get started.

Top 8 Online Courses with High Salary

1. Executive PG Program in Machine Learning

It’s one of the best short term courses to get a job. You will learn about machine learning and AI, which you can use to train bots, digital assistants, and other virtual tools.

With this knowledge, you can get a job as a product analyst, business analyst, or machine learning engineer. You will learn about deep learning, NLP, and predictive analysis and statistics.

The demand for professionals having these skills is on the rise because of their applications in numerous sectors.

Who is this for?

Data professionals, engineers, and IT professionals

Who’s Eligible?

A bachelor’s degree in mathematics or statistics or a bachelor’s with along with minimum one year of work experience

2. Advanced Certificate in Data Science

The demand for data scientists is increasing tremendously. For example, Indeed released a report which said the need for data science jobs had risen by 39% between 2017 and 2018. It’s still increasing.

This course helps you in seizing this opportunity as you will learn about various data science concepts, including big data analytics, analytics using Python, machine learning, and much more.

After taking this course, you can apply for numerous data science jobs such as product analyst, data analyst, data scientist. From healthcare to IT, companies in nearly every sector need data science experts.

This course will help you become one.

Who is this for?

Managers, engineers, and IT professionals

Who’s Eligible?

A bachelors’ degree (no coding experience needed)

3. Executive PG Program in Software Development – Blockchain Specialisation

Blockchain is one of the most disruptive technologies in the current industry. PSBs, NBFCs, and software companies have a massive demand for blockchain developers.

This course will make you familiar with all the prominent blockchain technologies including Ethereum, Hyperledgher, APIs, Fabric Composer, etc

Who is this for?

Analysts, Engineers, Technical Leads, etc

Who’s Eligible?

A bachelor’s degree in Science, Engineering or Mathematics (no coding experience required)

4. Product Management Certification

Product managers are one of the highest-earning professionals in the market. Their salaries start from 10 lakh per annum, and the average salary is around 16 lakh per annum.

This course lets you become a proficient product manager by teaching you about user research, prototyping, and all other aspects of product management. You get to learn from experienced professionals and get complete access for 3 years to the course.

Who is this for?

Technical managers, Entrepreneurs, Project Managers, etc

Who’s Eligible?

An undergraduate degree and a minimum of 1 year of work experience

5. Master of Science in Data Science

The market needs skilled data science professionals. This course will help you become one. After taking this course, you can apply for roles like product analyst, business analyst, and machine learning engineer.

You will learn about predictive analysis, statistics, machine learning, and many other concepts of data science.

Who is this for?

IT professionals and engineers

Who’s Eligible?

A bachelor’s degree (no coding experience needed)

6. Executive PG Program in Big Data Engineering

Get a certification from the highly esteemed BITS Pilani in big data engineering with this course. From Facebook’s personalized suggestions to Aadhar’s framework, big data engineering has many applications.

You will get complete access to the course for 3 years and learn about its various sectors, such as data processing and warehousing.

Who is this for?

Project leads, IT professional, etc

Who’s Eligible?

Minimum 6 months of work experience and working knowledge of Java with a bachelor’s degree

7. Executive PG Program in Full Stack Development

After going through this course, you’ll learn about developing websites, APIs, and software tools. The demand for full-stack developers is high.

Moreover, the demand will keep increasing in the future, too, because of the diversity of tasks full-stack developers perform. You’ll get a PG diploma from IIIT Bangalore after completing this course.

Who is this for?

Software professionals and IT Engineers

Who’s Eligible?

A bachelor’s degree in Engineering (No coding experience is required)

8. Advanced Certificate Program in Digital Marketing

Learn everything about digital marketing and become a proficient expert with the help of this course. The demand for digital marketers has sky-rocketed due to the increased technicality of the field.

You will learn about email marketing, content marketing, CRM, and all the other aspects of this broad field in this course.

Who is this for?

Working professionals, digital marketing managers, etc

Who’s Eligible?

2 years of work experience and a bachelor’s degree


There’s so much to learn, isn’t it?

But with the help of these courses, you’ll get a direction and the required mentorship to get the perfect learning opportunities. Feel free to contact us to help you select your career path.

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Is there a demand for C++ jobs today?

C++ is a general-purpose computer programming language developed as an extension to C. C++ is extensively used in the field of web and game development and machine learning, data mining, and various other applications. The beauty of C++ is that, even amidst the prevalence of other programming languages like Python and Java, it still retains its value. You will still find many top organisations like Microsoft, Amazon, and Google hunting for expert C++ developers. It is one of the oldest yet still among the most popular programming languages in the history of computer science.

Which is the best paying tech job in India?

With the boom in technological advancements, there are many lucrative jobs today that are attracting more and more aspirants. Among the highest-paying tech jobs in today's times features the role of a product manager. Then comes the full-stack developer role, which is in great demand too. With the emergence of artificial intelligence, the role of an AI engineer is also highly lucrative. Apart from these, other roles that are also among the best-paid jobs are Cloud Architect, Devops Engineer, Blockchain Engineer, Big Data Engineer, Software Architect, Iot Architect, and Data Scientist.

MBA or M.Tech, which one should you choose?

After completing your engineering degree, it is very natural to feel confused about choosing between MBA and M.Tech, if you want to pursue higher studies. It is essential to understand what you prefer to do. Do you want to extend your studies in the field of academics and later on pursue research, or do you want to pursue business and open up your career prospects across all industries? If you choose the former one, then M.Tech will be the right choice. MBA is a hugely popular career option, but it is not necessary that you have to follow what others are doing. So you first have to clearly understand what you want from your career, and then decide.

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