Top 5 Law Books to Read to Increase Your Skills

Being a legal professional isn’t easy, but even after spending numerous years at law school, the education takes a toll on you. Considering all the aspects, the road to becoming a lawyer is an exponential learning curve. Thus, seeking education and knowledge from books takes you toward a prosperous career. In addition to achieving your goals, maintaining an equilibrium between your personal and professional lives is equally important.

Lawyers have an endless schedule; they work round the clock to advocate and innovate. Therefore, taking up a career as an advocate requires thorough research. Mostly, people decide to become a lawyer to have an impact on other people. As a lawyer, donning that cape can add titles like environmental lawyers, contract lawyers, etc. Depending on your interests, you can choose to get a degree that’s most favorable for you.

The growth in lawyer jobs is likely to experience a projected growth of 4% by 2029.

Who is a Lawyer?

As a lawyer during your first year of school, you can expect to scour anywhere around 300-600 pages on an average per week to understand the concepts. Once you become a licensed lawyer, you are privileged to study and practice law. A lawyer can potentially work with a group of people that they advocate.

Some legal counting responsibilities are: 

  • Thorough research and review of documents before they are submitted.
  • Represent a client and advise them about legal matters.
  • Understand laws and regulations that concern their cases.

A good lawyer always aims to bring justice to people regardless of the difficulties. Possessing good communication skills, technical skills, and confidence are important qualities to have in this profession.

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5 Best Law Books to Read for Skills Enhancement

Here’s the list of the top 5 best law books that you should read to ignite your skillset. 

1. Great Debates in Criminal Law, by Jonathan Herring

Studying criminal law at a university is appreciable since it is an important law module. However, standing out amongst others who are also practicing criminal law is crucial. “Great Debates in Criminal Law” is one way to stand out.

This is one of the best law books to read. You can learn more about the key skills and debates that are a must in law. This book is a great read, especially if you plan to attend a seminar.

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2. The Art of Always Being Right, by Arthur Schopenhauer

Being a lawyer is all about “persuasion”. If you are skilled in persuading a jury, you’re good. This book teaches you the right persuasive skills. This is a very useful law book to consider to gain qualities that are essential in the law profession.

Furthermore, when you draft your application, the art of persuasion can come into use. 

3. Landmarks in the Law, by Lord Denning

Lord Denning’s “Landmarks in the Law” is a remarkable, highly engaging law book. The book is wonderful, historically and legally. The skills of the author are another reason why this book is one of the best law books to scan. Lord Denning is an exceptional judge who made law accessible to normal folks. His judgments are unthinkable.

4. Is Eating People Wrong?, by Allan Hutchinson

Distinguishing common law could be a real struggle, but this law book makes it very effortless. Aspiring law students can take the idea from this book to enhance their skills.

The book consists of eight cases, and Hutchinson’s explanation is inexplicable. To turn a few heads, you can use the book’s highlights in a seminar.

5. Using a Law Library, by Peter Clinch

Solicitors know how to use their skills for legal research to extract maximum output. The book places you at an advantage as it straightens out concepts of legislation and other sources. Conducting legal research is a skill that many law seekers tend to ignore. 

However, to impress your employer, give this law book a read to be more confident about your legal research skills.

These five law books online can play a major role to boost your knowledge in the legal law profession.

Ways to Improve your Skills as a Lawyer

Aside from reading books that will help you increase your skills, possessing the right set of skills is equally important for an aspiring lawyer. Some of the best approaches that you can take up to improve your existing skills, and build new ones at the same time are:-

1. Spend time learning more about your field

Make sure to spend a considerable amount of time upskilling yourself and learning more about the practice that you are about to pursue. Doing so will inculcate deep and core learning skills in your law field. After all, you have to eventually work as a court lawyer where your presence will be needed in front of a judge. Keep educating yourself with the basics of learning.

2. Read books and build knowledge

Develop a habit of reading books as it is a great way to work on your skillset. A lawyer has a lot of learning to do throughout his profession, and books are the only source that helps. There are millions of books written on law, which could be the first place, to begin with.

3. Work on your legal writing skills

Being a lawyer has many shades, and legal writing is one of them. All through your life as a lawyer, you will have to work on drafting legal proceedings, writing case studies, etc. Practice daily writing skills to improve your existing style of writing. Use accurate writing techniques such as vocabulary usage, interpretation of information, and understanding of transcription. 


The journey to becoming a lawyer is very hectic. Thus, you must carry the patience to pass through all hurdles that strike your way. The mentioned law books will be of great aid to brushing up your existing skills as a lawyer. Studying law demands a lot, so you must be ready to give whatever it takes to be an aspiring lawyer. 

Doing an LL.B. for 3 to 5 years is an excellent choice. Alternatively, you can also go for an LL.M. in Corporate & Financial Law from Jindal Global Law School in association with upGrad. The key highlights of doing this course from India’s #1 Law school will bring you benefits such as participation in mock interviews, a chance to learn from faculty members and industry masters, and a cutting-edge learning experience.

What is the payscale of a lawyer?

A lawyer’s salary entirely depends on their specialization and experience. The salary sees an increase, gradually. A lawyer makes an average of INR 4,68,000. However, on various levels, the salary differs. The starting salary of a lawyer per annum is INR 1,56,000. This can spike up to INR 40,00,000 per annum for a senior-level lawyer.

What factors will help me determine if I wish to become a lawyer?

If you believe in bringing justice to people and defending their rights, being a lawyer could be a brave decision to make. Therefore, if you like to offer them help, there are plenty of career paths as a lawyer that you can choose. Moreover, as a lawyer, you must have excellent skills to persuade someone. Thus, a legal career will work for you if you can narrow down your justice and foreign law requirements.

What are some of the skills one must have as a lawyer?

Starting from critical analysis to logical reasoning, there are tons of skills you must acquire before becoming a lawyer. Persuasive speaking skills that will help you defend your client, the ability to organize information from clientele and place them in proceedings, and keeping track of billable hours and time to battle through the legal process are some of the key skills to have.

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