Top 20 IT Companies in Bangalore in 2024


Because Bangalore is home to most of the India’s information technology (IT) companies, it is frequently referred to as the “Silicon Valley of India.” The city boasts several prestigious research facilities, higher education institutions, and a long tradition of favoring science and technology. 

It can be challenging to select the best IT companies in Bengaluru that promise to deliver the most cutting-edge custom-based software and services in the fiercely competitive market. As more software becomes available, the IT sector has seized a sizable portion of the market, allowing businesses to operate more effectively. Hiring the best IT partner can frequently become difficult. Thus, by compiling a list of the top 20 IT companies in Bangalore, I have made this feasible. 

Top IT Companies in Bangalore  

1. Google

Google is a multinational American firm that specializes in Internet-related services, and every tech employee hopes to work there at some point in their career. Cloud computing, software, hardware, search engines, and internet advertising technologies are all included in these services. Along with Amazon, Apple, and Facebook, it is regarded as one of the Big Four IT corporations. Bangalore is also home to a Google branch. It is among the top IT firms in Bangalore. Google sponsors employee assistance groups like Women@Google and provides academic scholarships to aspiring technology leaders. Without a doubt, this is the reason Google has consistently been ranked as having the greatest workplaces. If you wish to work for Google, pursuing Advanced certificate in digital marketing and communication from MICA can be a good addition to your profile. 

2. SAP Labs

One of Bangalore’s top software firms, SAP Labs India Private Ltd is a worldwide brand that has achieved remarkable strides in both employee satisfaction and engagement. SAP provides enterprise resource planning software and other business software products and services. Over 48,500 people are employed by the corporation, which has subsidiaries in over 50 countries. Nowadays, SAP software is used by more than 89,000 businesses across more than 120 countries. SAP Labs makes a lot of efforts to maintain strong staff morale. Over thirty interest groups are available at SAP, each of which oversees enjoyable activities to encourage staff members to follow their own interests. 

3. Infosys

Infosys is one of the top IT companies in Bangalore. With a training centre in Mysuru, Bangalore-based Infosys, an IT business, continues to expand, employing up to 2,43,454 people. It is undoubtedly one of the best employers in India and focuses mostly on IT software, data analytics, AI, and IOT. Using automation and licenced third-party solutions, the company helps businesses save time spent on all stages of the software development lifecycle, accelerating time to market. Under the direction of its founder, Narayana Murthy, Infosys began operating in Pune in 1981. In 1983, the firm moved to Bangalore and became a Bangalore IT company. By offering a variety of business solutions that may be integrated, they are already altering the way different domain organisations function. 

4. Wipro

Wipro is a name associated with IT in Bangalore. Wipro is one of the nation’s largest IT companies and is ranked in the top 500 in India. It works with AI, IOT, data analytics, IT applications, and more. It also helps forecast client behavior, which contributes to the delivery of an excellent customer experience. This IT firm in Bangalore is leading the way in business application development.  Wipro’s Indian headquarters are located in Bengaluru. Wipro is anticipated to employ 1,71,425 people overall. Wipro is among the best IT firms in Bangalore thanks to its energy- and sustainably-efficient solutions. 

5. TCS

It is among the top brands of IT corporations worldwide and the largest Indian company in terms of market valuation. For more than 55 years, TCS has collaborated with numerous global corporations. Its efforts in the e-governance, banking and financial services, telecommunications, healthcare, and education sectors are well-known. TCS is now recognized as the leader of sustainability indices such as the FTSE4Good Emerging Index and the MSCI Global Sustainability Index due to its strong stance on climate change and its accolade-winning engagement with communities around.  

6. Accenture

Bangalore is home to Accenture’s headquarters, which was established in 1989. Accenture, one of Bangalore’s leading IT firms, provides a range of services, including technology, infrastructure outsourcing, system integration, BPO, consulting, and framework services. They provide services in more than 120 countries. Accenture believes in change’s ability to create value and mutual success for its partners, customers, employees, shareholders, and communities. As a major global consulting and technology company, Accenture always seeks sharp minds to help clients improve their performance. This may mean redefining strategies and utilizing new technologies to gain market share and provide better customer experiences. 

7. IBM

Situated in Bangalore, the International Business Machines Corporation is a prominent player in the IT sector with its headquarters located in New York. The organization’s primary tasks include consulting, AI, SAP S/4HANA services, cloud services, network services, business strategy and design, business process and operations, and application services. At IBM, they are dedicated to bridging the divide between people and technology by providing people with the means to actualize universal access to technology. Future designers are among IBM’s clients, and the company’s technologies power the most important sectors in the world. Sandip Patel, the Managing Director for IBM India/South Asia, is in charge of it and ensures a healthy work-life balance. 

8. Cognizant

Cognizant, an American multinational corporation (MNC) founded in 1994, specializes in business and technology consulting, application development, framework integration, IT foundation services, and research. 

Considered one of India’s leading IT companies, the company has four branches in Bangalore. With Cognizant’s assistance, organizations may keep ahead of the rapidly evolving globe by updating technology, rethinking procedures, and altering experiences. They are working together to improve life daily. According to the company culture, your ideas and spirit of entrepreneurship are valued at Cognizant. Like efficient work, they value work-life balance highly and take social duty seriously. 

9. Oracle

The largest database software and technology business is Oracle, with its main office located in Redwood Shores, California. Oracle’s work is not just revolutionizing the corporate sector but also boosting scientific and medical research, helping countries defend themselves. Oracle’s products let consumers and companies of all sizes connect data and people globally, streamline supply chains, humanize HR, and quickly transition to new financial plans. Oracle believes that diversity of thought is essential to creativity, which is what makes them powerful despite their differences. You will work with Oracle in an environment that values individuality and is welcoming to all.

10. Capgemini

Established in 1967, Capgemini is a global leader in technology, consulting, designing services, and advanced digital transformation. It has also operated in contribution administrations such as application management, business information management, artificial intelligence, custom solutions improvement, counseling, outsourcing, and digital services. Capgemini’s mission to “unleash human energy via technology for a sustainable and inclusive future” serves as its daily direction. With 300,000 team members dispersed over 50 nations, it is a dependable and varied organization. Beyond work, a person’s life at Capgemini is filled with a vibrant and enjoyable atmosphere where they can fulfill their passion and offer their all in their area of expertise. Accenture offers opportunities for you to succeed and advance both professionally and personally. 

11. Intuit

With Intuit, communities and customers can overcome their biggest financial obstacles through a worldwide digital platform. Through tools like Mint, Credit Karma, TurboTax, QuickBooks, and Mailchimp, the company enables over 100 million customers, small businesses, and independent contractors to prosper globally. As it fosters a culture of appreciation and motivation among its staff, Intuit is among the greatest companies to work for in India and also amongst the most preferred IT companies in Bangalore for freshers. Committed to fostering a work environment where employees feel highly engaged, Intuit has made it possible for every worker to grow, learn, and expand both personally and professionally by facilitating a smooth transition between work and home life. Obtaining Post graduate programme in machine learning & AI from IIITB can be a good way to showcase your skills if you wish to work for a top company like Intuit.  

12. Adobe

Adobe is the world leader in digital marketing and media solutions. Its marketing, creative, and document solutions enable people of all backgrounds. Adobe makes digital works come to life and provides everyone with engaging, thrilling experiences at the ideal time for optimal outcomes, catering to everyone from up-and-coming artists to major worldwide companies. To put it briefly, Adobe is widely used and is changing the world through digital experiences. According to Adobe, the first step towards making your company one of the industry titans is to make it one of the best places to work for all your employees. Among the things that inspire staff members at Adobe are their engaging projects and their love of the arts.   


Since its founding in 1984, Cisco has grown to become a major player in the networking hardware and telecommunications industries. They invented the Local Area Network (LAN), a multi protocol router system for connecting computers. It consistently strives to be among the top twenty IT businesses in Bangalore that offer employment opportunities. Currently led by Chuck Robbins, the IT company operates seven operations in Bangalore. Cisco has created an environment where workers are free to innovate and have a significant impact. Juggling life’s pleasures and obligations is a personal matter for each person. Cisco feels that work-life balance should be decided upon by each individual employee and does not believe in a “one size fits all” approach.  

14. Tech Mahindra

Tech Mahindra is a software development business that prioritises customer satisfaction and provides top-notch technological solutions. The company employs highly skilled programmers and technicians that want to create projects that are both relevant and long-lasting for its clients. Tech Mahindra provides a wide range of design-led services, including DevOps, quality assurance, cloud & infrastructure management, and user experience design, that go beyond traditional IT services. Positive transformation at Tech Mahindra is defined as improving the lives of all stakeholders and employees in a way that is beneficial, long-lasting, and sustainable.  

15. Amazon

Jeff Bezos founded Amazon, the largest e-commerce company and colossus in cloud computing, in 1994. The idea of a customer-focused, positive feedback loop served as the foundation for The concept is still very much a part of Amazon. The reason Amazon is among the top e-commerce corporations can be explained by its emphasis on efficiency. Because of the breadth and depth of Amazon’s goal, they must be resourceful, seek out different viewpoints, and navigate uncertainty. Although creating and delivering products that were previously unthinkable is difficult, Amazon takes on this task daily. Together, they are creating the future of one special good, service, and concept at a time on behalf of their clientele.   

16. Mu Sigma

Being non-traditional TECH, Mu Sigma focuses on Data Science and Big Data Analytics. A leading IT company in Bangalore for freshers, it provides services to clients to help them increase their Data performance indicators. 

Mu Sigma, which has its worldwide delivery centre in Bangalore and its headquarters in Chicago, is led by Dhiraj Rajaram. 

17. Dell Technologies

With the help of Dell Technologies, a distinctive family of enterprises, organizations can transform IT, build their digital future, and preserve their most valuable asset—information. At Dell, team structures and workspaces are designed to be as flexible as possible to enable team members to operate in the ways that best suit them. Working from practically anywhere is now possible thanks to technology, and Dell Technologies’ Connected Workplace program allows qualified team members to do just by choosing the work style that best meets their needs both personally and professionally. Beginning in 2009, Dell has been pursuing a more laid-back work culture. Most recently, the company expanded its Connected Workplace Programme to include all of its operating nations. It regularly makes it to the list of best IT companies in Bangalore.  

18. HCL Tech

With the aid of digital technology transformation, leading worldwide IT services provider HCL Technologies Ltd. helps multinational corporations to rethink and restructure their companies. The company’s primary focus is on offering a variety of software services and business process outsourcing for infrastructure. To deliver solutions across the top verticals, including manufacturing, financial services, telecommunications, media, publishing, life sciences, healthcare, etc., the company makes use of a vast offshore infrastructure in addition to its global network of offices and personnel in various nations. A further factor that draws and keeps workers is the atmosphere of their workplace. Approximately 17% of the applicants stated that this aspect was a driving force behind their decision to join HCL. In addition to the existing technical skills, pursuing MBA in international finance from ACCA can make you a good fit for HCL Tech’s financial services domain. 

19. HP

In addition to serving consumers in the government, healthcare, and educational sectors, Hewlett-Packard Co. provides technologies, products, software, services, and solutions to small and medium-sized organizations, big corporations, and individual clients. The company is divided into seven business segments: corporate investments, software, printing, HP Financial Services, personal systems, enterprise group, and enterprise services. Because HP is driven to create technology that improves everyone’s quality of life, no matter where they live, their work is important and challenging.

20. Mphasis

Mphasis is a forward-thinking software development company that provides business consultancy, outsourcing, and a wide range of infrastructure technology. The organization has made the processes easier and provided knowledgeable services over the years so that clients may stay on top of their digital game. The corporation operates in the following industries: manufacturing, insurance, retail, finance, logistics, healthcare, and transportation. Mphasis uses cognitive and cloud computing to build highly personalized solutions for their customers.  


I have prepared this list of top IT companies in Bangalore after thorough research and hope it was useful for you. Bangalore is home to both large and small companies, a plethora of industries, and a diverse population from all over the nation. In addition to being India’s centre for IT, Bangalore is also home to the silk industry, biotechnology, aerospace, automotive, electronics, machine tools, and space and defense research. This Bangalore IT company list has of the greatest IT companies to work for, with a distinct workforce, distinctive corporate culture, and high employee engagement, can be found in Bangalore, a city that is rising quickly. Employee happiness and superior work are the outcomes of these perks since they make workers feel important and valued.

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