Top 16 Highest Paying Work From Home Jobs

People often presume that remote jobs aren’t well paying. However, in reality, well-qualified professionals who have the right experience and skill sets often end up finding some tremendous high paying remote jobs. Moreover, these work from home opportunities offer the same level of career growth as their traditional counterparts.

So, are you geared up to learn about the highest paying, high-paying work from home jobs? We’ve compiled a list of various work from home jobs (with their prevailing salaries) belonging to the six highest-paying career categories. All the listed jobs can pay approximately $100K or more per year. 

Most of the below listed work from home jobs are mid or high-level jobs requiring a solid educational background backed by a few years of work experience. If you find yourself eligible for any of these posts, you can opt for them.

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Work from Home Jobs in Project or Product Management

1. Product Manager

PayScale prevailing salary: $76K–$114K

Product managers are responsible for handling the process of developing products and their solutions. They set strategies, create roadmaps, and define product features as a part of their job. Product managers are also responsible for analyzing market conditions and communicating with different people working at levels of their organization.

2. Project Manager in Operations

PayScale prevailing salary: $47K–$107K

Project managers are responsible for overseeing operations, palms, and processes. They create project requirements, keep projects organized, and run them on time. Some operations management roles may require an additional certification like a PMI or even a PMP certificate.

3. Senior IT Project Manager

PayScale salary range: $58K–$129K

Senior IT project managers are hired based on their years of experience. In this aspect, the more your work experience, the better you’ll earn. These people are responsible for overseeing projects based on information technology and monitoring their timelines. This job role typically requires technical skills, such as software, hardware, networking, or even security-related knowledge. To be hired for this work from home opportunity, one also needs to be skilled in data center management and communicate abilities with multiple departments.

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Work from home jobs in the Sales and Business Development

4. Business Development Manager

PayScale prevailing salary: $46K–$125K

This is a very high-paying remote working job opportunity. In this role, the managers develop business plans, identify new clientele sources, manage accounts, and meet sales goals. On the whole, business development managers need to push up the company’s revenue. Thus, they must possess stellar selling skills. They are also responsible for maintaining client relations and improving business relationships.

5. Channel Sales Managers

PayScale prevailing salary: $50K–$124K

Channel sale managers must sell products and services through a third party, like an affiliate or a reseller. This role is also called the affiliate marketing role channel sales managers are responsible for hiring and working with resellers, ensuring that the company products are being represented correctly.

6. Senior Accounts Manager

PayScale prevailing salary: $49K–$110K

A senior accounts manager maintains client accounts by handling customer relations and creating long-term relationships for the business. They must understand client needs, manage client communications, and generate sales, apart from monitoring junior-level accounts work. A senior-level role often requires 10+ years of experience.

7. Senior-level Sales Executive

PayScale prevailing salary: $44K–$131K

The primary job responsibilities of senior sales executives are identifying prospects, selling services and products, maintaining customer relationships, finding areas of product improvements, preparing reports, and most importantly, sales-related supervision. Sales executives must have excellent communication skills to tap the potential clientele and retain the existing clients.

Work from home Software Developer Jobs

8. Front-End Developer

PayScale prevailing salary: $50K–$107K

The role of Front-end developers involves producing CSS, HTML, and JavaScript software for different websites and mobile apps. Their main objective is to ensure that users can navigate to a website with extreme ease and that the visual element of that website is correct. This is an extremely high-paying remote working job opportunity that may also require some amount of graphic designing or back-end related experience in languages like PHP, Ruby, Java, SQL, NET.

9. Java Developer

PayScale prevailing salary: $50K–$103K

Java developers are responsible for integrating Java into different websites, programs, applications, or platforms by writing SQL or Java-based codes to give any website functionality. They are responsible for working on both back-end and front-end coding. They must also have extensive knowledge of the programming languages like Java or other popular programming languages.

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Work from home Marketing Jobs

10. Senior Product Marketing Manager

PayScale prevailing salary: $62K–$133K

Product marketing managers are responsible for studying and assessing a product’s current market to expand the consumer base of their company. They work on product positioning and building profit roadmaps. A product marketing manager needs to work with various marketing metrics and streamline processes.

11. Vice President of Marketing

PayScale prevailing salary: $91K–$208K

This is a senior-level work from home job that is exceptionally high-paying. These professionals are responsible for directing and overseeing all the marketing departments and ensuring that the prepared marketing strategies can meet the desired business goals. In addition, they set team goals, monitor marketing campaigns, and even prepare metrics-related reports as a part of their everyday duties. Professionals with five or more years of experience are preferred for such roles.

Work from home Computer & IT Jobs

12. Cloud Architect

PayScale prevailing salary: $83K–$164K

Cloud architects are responsible for overseeing strategies related to cloud computing for their employers. They are involved in designing cloud applications, managing, and monitoring cloud-based operations and storage systems, and adopting the best-modulated cloud plans. Cloud architects must be skilled in networking, operating systems, programming languages, and working on cloud security.

13. Senior Solutions Architect

PayScale prevailing salary: $97K–$166K

A senior solutions architect is responsible for designing and creating products or services for providing solutions to clients. Solutions architects are mainly required to meet the clients and even the management to present and explain complex issues related to the business and then create an innovative solutions product. Experience in computer software and building solution-based applications is required for this role.

Work from home Jobs in Engineering

14. Research Engineer

PayScale prevailing salary: $60K–$121K

Research engineers are responsible for gathering information or data to create new products and web-based applications. Mostly, research engineers work in several fields, like medical, electrical, mechanical, software, and even aerospace respective research and development departments. Usually, a master’s engineering is mandatorily required for this work from home role.

15. Senior System Engineer

PayScale prevailing  salary: $81K–$149K

This engineering role requires upkeep and administration of various servers and system storage. System engineers configure and maintain operating systems and develop IT infrastructure. A professional degree in computer science or even engineering is typically required to get hired for this position.

16. Software Engineer

PayScale prevailing salary: $64K–$130K

Software engineers are responsible for developing computer software and web-based applications such as operating systems for computers, computer games, business applications, and much more. They must be skilled in programming and coding skills to fetch a hefty annual compensation.

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Working from home is the new age cool of the professional world. With the growing popularity of remote working habits, it’s become more conducive for people who struggle to balance their personal and professional lives in this pandemic-ridden world. Thus, several sectors have now adopted the remote or work from home approach for employees since it’s also more convenient for employers. 

We hope this helps!

Do work from home jobs fetch the same pay as traditional jobs in the USA?

As per a 2021 work from home job report, most remotely working professionals in the US earn equal to or even higher than the same roles in an office setting.

Which are the highest paying work from home job sectors?

Several professionals who work from home get high pay in software development, marketing, sales sectors, legal firms, tax and accounting companies, and other such services.

Is it possible to attain a broad client base with work from home jobs?

One can easily earn more money by working remotely due to greater accessibility to diverse clients. You can be a freelancer working from home and fetch a broader client base. The only challenge is to choose the clients wisely to get a secure and well-paying job network.


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