Top 10 Highest Paying Programming Languages

Trends in technology change rapidly compared to other industries. Programming languages, an integral part of coding, have changed over the years as well. Popular languages have become obsolete, and new languages have taken over. In the coding world, new additions to programming languages are not uncommon. 

When you intend to make a career in the programming and coding industry, it is imperative to remain updated on the in-demand languages. You can also check various highest paying programming languages and choose one per your preference, affecting your career and salary growth. 

What is a programming language?

Before discussing the highest paying programming languages in 2022, you must have an idea about programming languages. 

Programming languages can be defined as instructions that instruct a technology or software to function. With over 700 languages, software engineers and developers use these languages to create apps, websites, and databases and maintain digital infrastructure. Programming languages direct different operations and are preferred if they can integrate easily with software and hardware systems. 

More job opportunities open up for that particular programming language developer when a programming language becomes widespread. Salaries also shoot up to get the best candidate for the job. 

Top 10 Best Paid Programming Languages 

We have a comprehensive list of the top paying programming languages globally.

1. Rust 

2010 premiered programming language Rust was initially started as a side project. Rust is similar to what c++ offers, including some of the keywords and commands. The only difference is that Rust comes with more advanced features like safe concurrency and memory safety. Rust is being extensively used in big high-performance applications as one of the fastest-growing programming languages. The language has drawn attention for being used in blockchain and web3. 

A Rust developer earns approximately $122K annually. Some offers have also shot up to $300K. 

2. Haskell

Haskell made its first appearance in 1990. It is a purely functional programming language created to eliminate its predecessors’ drawbacks, like Hope, ML, and Miranda. Programmers generally use Haskell for teaching functional block coding and for research. The language is also being extensively used in the tech industry. Essential features of this language include cleaner code, high reliability, and short development time. The Association for Computing Machinery holds Haskell Symposium annually to gather and share insights about Haskell. 

The average salary of a Haskell developer is in the range of $118K – $121K annually. 

3. Scala

Scala ranks high among the highest paying coding languages. It is a high-level language that can combine functional and object-oriented programming. The language can be run on a Java Virtual Machine (JVM) and compiled to Java bytecode. Scala is not an extension of Java but integrates with it and is a favorite with Java developers. The purpose of this programming language was to solve criticisms and flaws of Java. With Scala, you can make business applications more scalable, productive, and reliable. 

On average, Scala developers earn an annual package of almost $150K. Some developers get paid higher for more experience. 

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4. JavaScript

One of the most popular and top paying programming languages, JavaScript has been in the programming industry for a long time. It is one of the best general-purpose, class-based, and object-oriented programming languages used to develop mobile applications, software, web applications, servers, and games. Java is now used for creating BigData ecosystems for large organizations like insurance companies, investment banks, IT companies, large corporations, etc. You can develop native apps for the Android platform with Java. 

The salary range for Java developers is wide. It spans from $90K to $120K annually, depending upon the experience and expertise of the candidate. 

5. Python

Python finds its place comfortably among the highest paying programming languages 2022. Python is an open-source, high-level language that supports functional, object-oriented, imperative, and procedural development paradigms. Along with software development, Python is also used in Data Science. This non-typed language comes with many utilities, including tooling, scripting, and writing entire web applications with the Django framework. Python’s design philosophy emphasizes code readability. Programmers can express concepts through a special syntax, which minimizes the number of lines of codes. 

Python developers can earn an annual salary of approximately $99K. 

6. Swift/IOS

Swift is probably the most important language of recent times. The programming language was launched in 2014, and today it has become of the best paid programming languages in the industry. Swift is a multi-paradigm, general-purpose, and compiled programming language developed by Apple Inc. The language is specifically designed and built for macOS, iOS, tvOS, watchOS, and Linux. It was intended to build iOS apps for desktop and mobile devices. You can also create Artificial Intelligence (AI) applications with Swift. 

A Swift developer earns an average salary of $104K to $125K annually. 

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7. Go

Go is the short form of Golang, an open-source programming language modeled after the C language and acts as an alternative to Java and C++. Golang helps build reliable, simple, and efficient software and has been used in popular platforms like SoundCloud, Uber, Dropbox, and Netflix. Programmers use this system-level language across extensive distributed systems and large-scale network servers. 

Go developers make a handsome salary annually in the range of $110K to $140K. 

8. Typescript

When it comes to the highest paying programming languages 2022, Typescript needs a special mention. After its launch in 2012, the adoption of this programming language has only increased. Typescript is an open-source and free programming language developed and maintained by Microsoft. A syntactical superset of JavaScript, Typescript adds static typing to the language. With this programming language, you can write client web applications that run in the browser. These applications are for server-side applications which run in Deno or Node.js. Frameworks like NestJs or Angular are entirely written in Typescript. However, to learn this programming language, you must learn JavaScript first. 

A Typescript developer earns about $100K to $120K annually. 

9. Perl

Being one of the best-paid programming languages, Perl is also one of the oldest languages developed in 1987 by Larry Wall. Perl is a general-purpose, dynamic, high-level, and interpreted programming language initially designed as a Unix scripting language for simpler report processing and text manipulation along with prototyping, network programming, GUI development, system administration, and web development works. The programming language is not only robust but reliable at the same time. Perl borrows from other languages, including C, AWK, sed, and shell script, when it comes to features. It is also compatible with HTML, XML, and other mark-up languages. It also supports Unicode. 

The average salary of a Perl developer is in the range of $100K – $130K per annum. 

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10. Kotlin

Kotlin has evolved as one of the fastest-growing programming languages and one of the highest paying coding languages. The program has similarities with Java, but programmers have to write less code for functions. The general-purpose programming language enhances code readability and brevity by avoiding common programming errors. 

If you hope to make a career as a Kotlin developer, you will earn approximately $130K annually. 


With this article, you will have a fair knowledge of the highest paying coding languages in 2022. The article also gives an idea about the salary you can expect from your employer for varying programming languages. If you are already in this industry and looking to upgrade your career and salary, you must check these top-paying programming languages. You can then enroll in a course on the language and take your skillset to a new level. 

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What are some of the highest paying programming languages in 2022?

Some of the highest paying programming languages include: Scala Perl Python JavaScript Typescript Go Rust Haskell, etc.

What is the average salary offered for the top paying programming languages?

Salaries vary depending upon the programming language that you take up. The average salary remains between $80K to $130K per annum.

Where can you study the best-paid programming languages?

Many universities and institutes offer various courses on programming languages. Enroll in a trusted and reputed institute to learn your preferred programming language.

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