Top 15 Highest Paying Jobs in Houston


Houston is a metropolitan region that has experienced a rapid economic and demographic expansion in recent years. This city has also seen significant job development as more individuals relocate here from other regions of the country. If you are a resident of Houston or if you plan on settling in Houston, this list of the highest paying jobs in Houston will serve as a very helpful guide for you.

1. Chief Executive Officer

A company’s highest-ranking official is the chief executive officer (CEO). CEOs are frequently in charge of growing the company, increasing profitability, and, in the case of public corporations, increasing share prices. CEOs oversee a company’s entire operations. In Houston, TX, the average Chief Executive Officer salary is $818,332 and is one of the top paying jobs in Houston.


  • Setting and carrying out organizational strategy
  • Putting together the Senior Leadership Team.
  • Decisions on Capital Allocation
  • Effective Communication with all stakeholders of the company. 


Earn a bachelor’s degree in business, commerce, economics, or the industry you want to work in. 3 years of full-time education is normally required.

Consider furthering your education with a master’s degree in a relevant field, such as a Master of Business Administration (MBA).

2. Business Administrator

In Houston, the employment outlook for someone in the business administration or management sector appears quite positive. In Houston, Texas, the typical Bachelor of Business Administration earns $72,812 and is one best paying jobs in Houston.


  • Make plans to streamline and improve business processes.
  • Reorganize or employ workers to increase operations.
  • Handle corporate finances and budget planning with the assistance of finance and accounting executives.


A bachelor’s degree in business administration is all you need to be a business administrator. Some work experience and internships will be an added advantage.

3. Materials Engineer 

Engineers that specialize in materials design and atomic-level research. Materials engineers research and develop the materials that experts utilize to build a wide range of products. The average salary of a materials engineer is  $93,780 per annum.


  • Creating, changing, analyzing, and testing materials.
  • Providing guidance, making plans, and organizing inspections, upkeep, and repairs.
  • Monitoring the procedures for operational quality control.


​​Materials engineers often require a bachelor’s degree in materials science and engineering or a related engineering field.

4. Marketing and Sales Manager 

Marketing and sales are other high-paying industries in Houston, particularly for individuals in management positions. If you want to work in business but prefer a more creative function, there are sure to be several well-paying marketing opportunities in this city. A sales and marketing manager’s annual income in Houston, TX, is $53,586, and one of the high paying jobs in Houston Texas.

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  • Introducing new items to the market and promoting the company’s current brands.
  • Yearly budget planning, spending scheduling, and ensuring that the sales force reaches its targets and goals.
  • Creating reports by gathering, researching, and summarizing market data and trends.


It is necessary to have a bachelor’s degree in business administration, marketing, math, or a related field. Three to five years of marketing or sales expertise are necessary.

5. IT Professionals 

Another fast-growing, high-paying business in Houston is information technology (or IT).

They also safeguard the security and confidentiality of shared information, train employees on new software, and oversee the work of other information technology specialists inside an organization. The average income for an Information Technology Manager in Houston, TX, is $133,690.

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  • Analyzing technical issues and finding relevant IT solutions.
  • Identifying, assessing, and reacting to user demands for computer-based system selection, construction, assessment, and administration.


A Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, Management and Information Systems (MIS), or a closely related discipline, is required. Technical certificates in information systems may be helpful as well.

6. Financial Managers

​​The financial stability of a company is under the control of financial management. They create financial reports, manage investment activities, and make long-term financial plans for their firm. In Houston, TX, the typical Finance Manager’s pay is $127,232.


  • Creating reliable financial reports and data.
  • Creating cash flow statements
  • Profit forecasting.
  • Budgeting.
  • Managing the possibility of financial loss.


A bachelor’s degree in an area such as accounting, finance, or business administration is normally required to become a financial manager. A master’s degree in a similar profession can give the additional knowledge and abilities needed to rise to leadership positions.

7. Full Stack Developer

A Full Stack Developer is a comparatively recent position that combines the talents and tasks previously known as a web designer and web developer. In Houston, the average annual income for a full stack developer is $102,677.

Responsibilities of a Full Stack Developer:

  • Creating the front-end website architecture.
  • Creating user interactions on web pages and back-end website apps
  • Creating effective servers and databases.


A bachelor’s degree in software development or a certificate in computer science with a concentration on software development. Additionally, certificate courses in full stack development could boost your career.

8. Data Scientists

Data scientists decide which questions their team should ask and how to answer them using data. They frequently create prediction models to aid in thinking and predicting. In Houston, the average annual compensation for a data scientist is $104,460.

Responsibilities of a Data Scientist

  • To get insights, look for patterns and trends in datasets.
  • Create data models and algorithms to predict outcomes.
  • Improve the quality of data or product offerings by utilizing machine learning techniques.
  • In data analysis, use data tools such as Python, R, SAS, or SQL.


To work as a data scientist, you must have an undergraduate or post-graduate degree in a related subject, such as computer science, information management, mathematics, or statistics. A certificate course will be a good option for gaining experience in the field of data science.

9. Lawyers

Individuals and corporations can seek legal counsel from lawyers. They counsel their clients as they negotiate court procedures, perform research on each case, and persuade judges and juries by interpreting legislative purposes. In Houston, the average annual compensation for a lawyer is $51,726.

Responsibilities of a lawyer:

  • Monitor legal risk in paperwork and provide recommendations on appropriate risk assumptions.
  • Natural and legal individuals must interpret laws, judgments, and regulations.
  • Gather evidence and do legal study.
  • Before documents are executed, ensure that all necessary approvals have been obtained.


A bachelor’s degree in law is a mandatory requirement to be a lawyer. You can additionally pursue a master’s degree as well.

10. Public Relations Manager

A public relations manager (PR Manager) is a media and public relations professional in charge of planning and supervising the development of content that will preserve or improve their employer’s or client’s public image. In Houston, the average annual income for a public relations manager is $56,889.


  • Coordination of all public relations operations.
  • Creating a marketing communications strategy, goals, budget, and techniques.
  • Creating a media relations plan to obtain high-level placements in print, television, and internet media.


You can pursue a relevant bachelor’s or master’s degree for a job in public relations. After graduating, you can pursue a two-year master’s degree in public relations or a one-year post-graduate certificate or diploma in the field.

11. Blockchain Developer

Blockchain developers are in charge of building and improving blockchain protocols, designing the architecture of blockchain systems, and creating smart contracts and web apps utilizing blockchain technology.


  • Identifying the necessity for blockchain and its roles inside the enterprise.
  • Putting in place security measures to combat various sorts of cybercrime.
  • Cryptography techniques are used to guard against hackers and other cyber assaults.


Many blockchain developers start with degrees in computer science or information technology. You can consider pursuing certificate courses on blockchain development.

12. Therapist

Therapists are frequently attributed to psychologists, but they may also refer to professionals who provide various services, such as social workers, counselors, life coaches, and many more. Houston’s standard hourly wage for therapists is $36.40.


  • Diagnoses and cures conditions affecting the mind.
  • Individualized treatment plans are created based on the patient’s needs and situations.
  • Interacts with patients regularly to provide counseling and therapy and, if required, to alter treatment programs.
  • Carries out regular evaluations of patient development.


To become a therapist, one will probably require at least a bachelor’s degree; however, most registered therapists must also have master’s degrees.

13. Reservoir engineer

Reservoir engineers gauge the quantity of gas or oil that may be retrieved from deposits located at the subterranean, sometimes referred to as reservoirs. They research the reservoir’s properties to ascertain which extraction mechanism will provide the maximum amount of oil or gas. In Houston, Texas, a reservoir engineer makes an average pay of $123,911.

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  • Forecasting oil and gas output from both new and current hydrocarbon resources using cutting-edge numerical simulation techniques.
  • Collaborating with other technical experts to establish strategies for the development of oil and gas accumulations that are commercially feasible.


A bachelor’s degree in petroleum engineering, geology, a related subject of study, and at least two years of oil and gas sector experience, ideally with reservoir engineering hands-on training, are requirements for a reservoir engineer.

14. Chemical Engineer

Chemical engineers use principles from chemistry, physics, biology, and mathematics to solve issues related to the production or use of chemicals, fuel, food, medicines, and various other goods. Chemical engineers in Houston make an average of $82,643 a year.


  • Ensuring adherence to the laws on health, safety, and the environment.
  • Conducting research into improved manufacturing processes
  • Designing and planning equipment layout


Chemical engineers typically need a bachelor’s degree in chemical engineering or a related field. A software architect establishes technical standards and makes high-level design decisions. This might involve using tools, software coding standards, or platforms.

15. Software architect

Software architects make high-level design decisions and also create technical standards. This might involve using tools, software coding standards, or platforms. In Houston, a software architect makes an average yearly pay of $133,143.


  • Gathering early non-functional requirements.
  • Assessing the functional requirements that a business analyst has recorded.
  • Choosing a tech stack and deployment strategies.


A master’s degree in computer science and a solid understanding of various programming tools and development platforms.


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Is Texas a decent place to work?

Texas is one of the finest areas to work and live, with low tax rates, various sectors, and in-demand employment.

What does a Well Good earn in Houston, Texas?

In Houston, the average yearly salary for good positions is $54,885.

Is Houston a pricey city?

Houston has the second lowest cost of living in the nation's 20 most populated metro regions.

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