Top 10 Highest Paid Jobs for Science Students in The USA

Many people are shifting towards science as an area of study for a career in one of the most developed countries. The USA offers innumerable opportunities to students pursuing science subjects to match their intellect with the nation’s future. The right degree or certificate can work wonders for the learner in you. You can even start as an entrepreneur and offer one of the best-paying science jobs to deserving candidates worldwide. However, we have a list encouraging you to ride the tide yourself first. We aim to cover the occupational duties, workplace management, and average salaries of some of the highest-paying jobs in science.

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Top 10 Highest Paying Jobs in Science

Let’s look at some of the highest-paying job posts for science students.

  1. Clinical Researcher

Suppose you are opting for medical science, in which case you can focus on healthcare. As a result, you can corner healthcare and make necessary amendments to improve it by conducting thorough research. You can build a career in neuroscience, immunochemistry, and cancer research, to name a few. Your research will aid in inventing new medications for an extensive list of conditions. Research is a fundamental part of any development and requires mindful participants. Other specialized researchers study various subjects such as atmospheric research, electrochemistry, quantum theory, and computer science. Your work site can differ from a medical laboratory to a college or university.

Average Base Salary: USD 107,312 per annum 

  1. Nuclear Engineer

A Nuclear Engineer focuses on the science around fission. As the title depicts, it includes designing and creating nuclear weapons and, occasionally, medical diagnostic equipment. While this may seem like two contrasting fields, this field is not for the faint-hearted.

If radiation and nuclear energy sound like a lullaby to your ears, this might be the right option to choose. Nuclear Engineers utilize their skills and render medical as well as industrial uses for materials generally considered radioactive. 

A nuclear technician can handle equipment such as spectrometers and radiation detectors while analyzing the level of radiation in the air, water, and soil.

Average Base Salary: USD 89,285 per annum

  1. Genome Analyst

Genomics is an area under the purview of Genetics and involves the study of an organism’s genome. It is an extensive study of DNA sequences to understand diseases through genetic mapping. The genomic analysis focuses on identifying, comparing, and measuring genomic features. These include structural variation, DNA sequence, gene expression, and other related areas on a genomic scale.

If you are a Genome Analyst, you will be in charge of data analysis of various mutations responsible for causing genetic disorders within an organism. A genome analyst measures the probability of a disease finding its way to more organisms and carefully studies it. As a Genome Analyst, you can expect to pull a few good strings to benefit most living organisms. 

Average Base Salary: USD 56,204 USD per annum

  1. Microbiologist

If studying various life forms and processes seem like an appealing way to spend time, you can go for this specification. The role of a Clinical Microbiologist is to assess a patient’s results and test for disease-causing organisms. Some Microbiologists also decided to work on patents, which saw recognition in the 1980s with the US declaring patenting of newly formed organisms legal. Some well-known branches of microbiology are Bacteriology, Mycology, Immunology, Parasitology, Phycology, and Nematology. 

Average Base Salary: USD 55,887 per annum

  1. Biochemist

Biochemists study the chemical properties of organisms and implement various findings into meaningful sanctions. Like any other applied field of science, biochemistry deals with equipment used to study living organisms and determine how a specific hormone or nutrient is affected. While basic research teaches you about the mutation of genes and evolution, applied research focuses on more theoretical approaches, which you can then use to develop diagnostic tests, treatments, and medications for diseases. As a biochemist, you can pen research papers, technical reports, and even credit presentations to your name.

Average Base Salary: USD 68,092 per annum

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  1. Astronomer

Astronomy offers a scientific and reasonable explanation of all things planets and stars. As an astronomer, your job is to research the properties, compositions, and movements of particles and objects from outer space and record the details upon which you can analyze the data gathered. If you have gotten an opportunity to glance at the night sky through a telescope, you would know the complexity of this subject.

Not only do you get to fathom the workings of the universe, but you also get to play an active part in its discovery. You can choose to go theoretical or conduct your applied research, putting your findings into work by creating new technologies and processes. Like any other field of study, this subject also requires you to understand the basics of researching, i.e., developing theories, performing experiments, handling a control group, and gathering data to analyze it.

Average Base Salary: USD 982,635 per annum

  1. Biotechnologist

A course in Biotechnology may be the right fit for you if you are looking forward to acquiring the highest paying jobs in science fields. Biotechnology, as the name suggests, is based on biology and implements biomolecular and cellular processes to develop innovative technologies and products to improve the health of this planet. Modern biotechnology recognizes five branches – human, industrial, environmental, animal and plant. Your work as a biotechnologist is to create a pinnacle of valuable products and processes to benefit ecology.

Biotechnology was used to create bread and cheese about 6,000 years ago when humans attempted to utilize the molecular nature of living organisms. The industry boomed during the 1960s and 1970s when a pharmaceutical company led by a certain Genentech made its way to the top of pioneering technologies. Gradually, others followed suit and several biotechnologies emerged.

Average Base Salary: USD 90,973 per annum

  1. Data Scientist

If you are looking for the highest-paying data science jobs, you can be a data scientist. Data Science deals with the study of volumes of data which is done using creative tools and techniques. It offers you generous compensation and rewards your time. As a data scientist, your role is to find patterns that have been previously unseen and extract meaningful information to be able to make business decisions for your company or clients. You may have also encountered numerous online ads about the wonders of a data science degree or certification. It would help to find a leading institute to bag the highest-paying data science jobs. It is also the most significant industry for entrepreneurs since they see potential in the subject. Thus, the highest-paying data science jobs can land you in the company of your dreams.

Average Base Salary: USD 95,579 per annum

  1. Blockchain Developer

Let’s start with the basics of blockchain. Blockchain is a database used to store and assemble essential information. Traditional databases are usually capable of arranging information into tables made of rows and columns. This aids computers in recognizing information faster.

On the other hand, if you take blockchains into account, you will observe that it stores information in clusters or blocks. Each of these blocks only has a limited amount of storage capacity. Once the block has reached its maximum capacity, it closes up and forms a connection with the preceding block, thereby creating a chain. It is regarded as one of the highest-paying science jobs and is fulfilling in every way. You can choose to be a Core Blockchain Developer or a Blockchain Software Developer if you believe in making the right approach in terms of decision-making.

Average Base Salary: USD 113,000 per annum

  1. Technical Writer

Although less known as a scientific discipline job, it sure requires the temper of someone eagerly interested in the technical setting. What is more to that, you ask? A Technical Writer is an all-rounder who holds the perfect key to any lock. A topic that needs a vast understanding and is passive can use a writer hell-bent on preserving the true essence of seamless writing in keeping with the facts and figures. A Technical Writer conducts their research in engineering, computer science, technology, and medicine. Thus, it is simply one of the best-paying science jobs. 

As a writer of scientific grit, you are expected to do your bit of research and layout reports and publications on topics of technicality within the genre of science. One of the best advantages of such posts is a remote working location which frees you of commuting and relocating responsibilities. 

Average Base Salary: USD 101,470 per annum


Before you are deemed industry-efficient, you must take post-secondary science subjects as your area of study. You can opt for any higher degree available at a recognized portal or institution. A reliable way of acquiring a degree in science is through online sites that boast the highest engagement and have links with reputed names in the industry and academia. You can choose Data Science and Blockchain Developer courses online depending on your requirements. After all, these high-paying science jobs are only a complement to your effort and zealous nature.

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What science job is the highest paying?

The top five jobs with the most income are Astronomer, Technical Writer, Biochemist, Blockchain Developer, and Data Scientist.

What is the best science post?

Biochemistry and Nuclear Engineering offer a suitable and lucrative environment for the best science job seekers.

Which job is more lucrative in The USA?

A Data Scientist post is the most lucrative job alongside Information Security Analyst in The USA.

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