Rule The Digital Market: Top 10 Email Marketing Tips

Companies across several industries have been using email marketing as their primary customer acquisition strategy. At an age when social media, quick-tip videos, and memes are ruling the digital space, email has managed to retain its position as a powerful marketing tool. However, any marketer who wants to harness the power of email needs some useful email marketing tips and strategies that are relevant in modern times.

However, most emails related to sales offers and product advertisements tend to end up in the users’ spam mail. In such a scenario, there is an added challenge of developing email campaigns that are as communicative and appealing as other marketing tools such as apps and social media. So, if you are responsible for managing your company’s email marketing program, we understand that you have a Herculean task to handle! But email marketing trends have changed with time, and to help you cope with it, here’s a compilation of some of the best email marketing tips and tactics.

Why is email marketing still trending?

Why should we bother so much about the best email marketing tips? Email marketing is one of the highly effective and powerful strategies of digital marketing where emails are sent to customers and prospects. It is the most direct possible way of connecting with leads, promoting your products or service and turning your leads into customers.

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In this way, you not only boost your sales but consistently win over all other channels of marketing. Planning out the best email marketing strategy that suits your business can be tricky, but once you get it right, there are several benefits to reap. Let us have a look at some of the benefits of email marketing:

  • Email marketing allows you to segregate your leads and customers into separate lists based on their tastes and preferences. In this way, you can send personalized emails with the perfect subject, images, and content that will interest and engage your target customers.
  • Email marketing helps you to develop a better brand identity. Emails are the best way to reach customers’ inboxes and get their feedback for further improvement.
  • Email marketing is an excellent opportunity to persuade your customers into impulsive buying through lucrative discounts, promotions, and relevant product suggestions. 
  • You can get more customers to visit your website by including relevant links and content in your emails. Social sharing options are a great way to get customers to promote your products across their social circles.
  • A correctly drafted email goes a long way to support your efforts and credibility and strengthens your relationship with customers.

10 Best Tips for Email Marketing

It is pretty evident that email marketing is not a dead concept and is here to stay. So, how will you make your email marketing campaign a success? Here are some of the best email marketing techniques, tips and strategies that you can adopt for your business.

1. Get to know your target audience

Before you start emailing your recipient audience, make sure you make a thorough research of the following factors – the time and manner of communication they prefer, the vernacular or jargon that may resonate with them, and what are the unique activities that set them apart from the broader population.

2. Build and manage your email list

Instead of randomly adding anyone to your email list or renting one, prepare your email list from scratch. Include subscribers who trust you, have a strong relationship with you, are interested in your products, and engage in your emails.

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3. Connect with the right audience

Have you ever received emails that don’t agree with your consumer profile? That’s probably because the sender had no idea about your interests! To avoid this mistake, a successful email marketer should categorize customers based on age, gender, geographical location, etc. to ensure minimum unsubscribe rates.

4. Create valuable content

Engaging your customers with your emails is crucial to being successful in achieving your business goals. A few ways in which you can get the attention of your subscribers are – use catchy subject lines, send relevant content, study the email marketing strategies that benefit your competitors, use customer feedback, etc.

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5. State a proper call-to-action

Once you have successfully captured the attention of your target, customers focus on clearly stating the purpose of your email. Make it clear whether you want them to subscribe to your emails, visit your website, like your social media page or visit your online store.

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6. Keep experimenting

From your call-to-action, to subject lines, to the email content, make sure that every aspect of your email is always A/B tested to see what your customers relate to most.

7. Choose relevant metrics

Based on the purpose of your email, choose the best parameters for tracking and measuring. For example, if you want to offer a discount, clicks are the primary metric to monitor. Monitor the email opening rates if you want your customers to read updates regarding your terms of service.

8. Focus on building relationships

Email marketing is not all about selling your products. One of the best email marketing tips you can get is that instead of just focusing on selling your products, try and build a meaningful relationship with your customers. As a result, you gain their trust, your valuable content establishes you as the authority in the business and encourages your brand loyalty.

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9. Keep a check on your email blasts

Your aim should be connecting with your prospects and subscribers, not bombarding them with unnecessary emails. It’s best to limit your messages to once a week to avoid being sent to the spam folder.

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10. Be professional

Grammatical errors and typos are bound to reflect poorly on your business. Hence, make sure that you draft a planned outline, make a copy, proofread it, and use a voice that identifies with your brand.

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Even though Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube have revolutionized the digital marketing landscape and changed the way we shop online, good old email marketing will not lose its appeal and glory. The basic instinct of most customers will tell them to mark a marketing email as spam or unsubscribe from getting daily emails.

But, with the right kind of email marketing tips and strategies, even the smallest of businesses can get enormous benefits and attract relevant customers. So, go ahead and use these tips to acquire leads, boost sales, and make the most out of your email marketing campaign.

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How can you formulate an effective email marketing strategy?

In a sea of over a billion emails sent out every day, you need to have a proven strategy that will ensure that your business or brand stands out in the crowd. Start with personalising your emails that familiarises the relationship to the consumer. Keep your subject line clear, precise and short.

When it comes to email marketing, timing is everything. Make sure you pick the right time for your email blast that directly impacts the success of your campaign. Consider giveaways and freebies that ensure higher open rates for your mailers. Make sure that your emails are designed to be responsive on mobile phones. Lastly, segment your subscribers and craft your Call to Actions accordingly.

What are the most common uses for email marketing?

Businesses can use email marketing to serve a variety of objectives and purposes. Other than to simply give your sales the much needed boost, email marketing can be an effective tool to build your brand’s credibility and build long term relationships with your customers.

Additionally, email marketing helps businesses to reach out regularly to their target audience with information about the brand, its culture, ethos, products and services. It also gives an insight into what is working for the brand and what is not.

Can email marketing increase revenue for the business?

Definitely yes. Email marketing is the most cost effective tool that can help businesses increase their revenue progressively in the long run. Data suggests that effective email marketing drives consumers to spend 138% more in comparison to customers who do not get email offers.

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