Top 32 Tools Every Successful Digital Marketer Uses

In the last few years, the digital marketing has grown leaps and bounds. Whether it’s a large established company, small and medium enterprises or a budding startup, digital marketing has become a core entity of marketing policy. The digital world is massive, complex and volatile. It is evolving every day and every organisation is mandated to have its footprints in the digital world. If you haven’t yet taken your first step, it’s time you pull your socks up. For you to strategise and implement the different digital marketing initiatives, there are hundreds of digital marketing tools, software and applications available in the digital market. If you are a beginner in digital marketing marketing, and want to gain expertise, check out our digital marketing courses from top universities. 

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To ease your work, scale up the productivity and these digital marketing tools are very simple to use and execute. With the vast impact and growth of digital marketing, I have collated a comprehensive list of the best and trending digital marketing tools and its usage for various digital marketing activities. Here’s an infographic, scroll along to know the details:

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Whether you are starting a new venture, or you have a great idea which needs to be told to the world, marketing is inevitable. The product and the marketing must work together right from the ideation, to requirements to launching. The product must be in sync with the needs of the audience. Most organisations ignore the process of SEO and its implications while the marketing of the product.

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SEO as a digital marketing initiative can help to establish the credibility of the organisation, reach the right and a wider target audience and building the traffic and brand awareness among the consumers. While all this might be a complex set of activities, there are some great SEO tools which could streamline this process. Here are some of the best digital marketing tools for SEO described briefly:

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#1 Moz Local Listing Score

If you are a startup having a presence in fewer locations, you might have to work online and create an urgency for the customer on a daily basis. Moz Local Listing Score helps to check the online listings of the product effortlessly. With this application, brands can infuse trust in the customers and in search engines. One can also know about when and what actions need to be taken to drive more traffic. The data reflected in the tool comprises of information from 15 different platforms such as Google, Facebook, Twitter, etc. The data also reflect which platform works and which doesn’t with an instant fix of the bugs (if any).

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Keywords are the lifeline for any marketing campaign to be effective. This tool helps to gather information and evaluate the useful and relevant keywords for the specific target audience. One gets almost more than 500+ long-tail keyword ideas for a single entry of the word. The keywords are organised alphabetically and help to choose as per the needs of the user. This is a completely free tool with extremely reliable results.

#3 Google Page Speed Insights

The page load duration is a critical factor influencing conversion rates and bounce rates of a website and business. The Google Page Speed Insight online application offers a real-time evaluation of the loading of the webpage speed. One can check the speed as well as the usability of the website on multiple platforms such as a computer, mobile, tablet, laptop, etc. The tool also offers suggestions and ideas to improve the speed of the web page.

#4 Browseo

Get an idea about the look and functioning of the website from the perspective of a search engine. It explains how crawler technology or the search spiders derives data from the website and presents it to the consumers. The application helps to understand which web pages of the site are relevant for the SEO. By just entering URL of the website, one can get a detailed analysis and a picture of the different elements of the website, in specific for every web page.

#5 Google Analytics

If you haven’t used Google Analytics for gaining knowledge of your target audience, it is better you start right away. Google analytics is a powerful tool comprised of hundreds of metrics. Depending on the marketing campaign, the user can use the set appropriate goal for the campaign. It gives end-to-end complete statistics about the customers, business and product Lifecycle along with search insights. Besides this, Google Analytics gives information about the specific keywords used by the target audience for a specific page.
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#6 QuickSprout

An exceptional site, which gives a complete analysis of the website. It gives data about the websites which are like your website and gives tips and suggestions to beat them in the search engine ranking. A free tool that offers a comprehensive scrutiny of the website in terms of SEO, speed, tags, landing pages, URL, keywords, competitors, etc.

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Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Today firms have to find innovative ways to sustain in the market. With the vast impact and the influence of the digital marketing, today every business and marketer have eyes on SEM, an effective way to promote and augment the business. In simple words, SEM is a paid marketing of the advertisements that appear on the Search Engine Results Page (SERP). There are SEM tools which make this job easy and viable for the users. These tools help augment the productivity with automation, improved relevance to the consumers’ needs and more value for the business as it needs lesser resources.

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#7 SEMRush

An all-in-one search engine marketing tool, SEMRush is a toolkit which is a must for all digital marketing professionals. It is simple and easily usable tool which can be applied for setting up different business accounts for technical SEO audit, semantic core application, brand position tracking, fresh ideas for organic tracking, competitive intelligence, backlink audits and digital media marketing analytics. The ad strategy analysis and ad creative keywords search data help to improve the PPC (Pay Per Click) results and keep a watch on the competitors. Using SEMRush tool, a user can also build and implement a practical social media strategy. Guess what? The user can also collaborate with multiple brands, design content for multiple platforms and discover trending topics in the industry.

#8 Buzzsumo

Though many digital marketers, prefer to consider Buzzsumo as an SEO tool, we must not forget that SEO and SEM work in parallel with each other. A powerful arsenal for keyword research, this tool helps to understand which keywords work the best for the search engine marketing campaigns and helps to get the best results from SEM initiatives. Right from content discovery to brand monitoring, content designing, creation and management, competitor and consumer research, Buzzsumo is a one-stop solution for the phases of SEM.
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#9 KeywordCompetitor

KeywordCompetitor is a perfect tool to know about your competitors’ paid keywords, ads, and landing pages. The tool also gives information on a daily basis about the various changes in the ads, keywords and landing pages. Though it is a paid tool, it is definitely a worthy investment for the business. You get a notification the moment your competitor gets an upper hand with respect to the visibility and reach of the ads.

#10 iSpionage

Get the awareness about the competitor’s keywords, ad copy and ad budget using this tool. It is an apt tool to derive the maximum ROI for the investments. All this results in an increased drive of targeted traffic, generate more potential leads for conversions and increased conversion rates. The monthly traffic estimate analysis gives information about the ads which work well and reach the top of the Google search results. So, if you wish to have maximum results for the resources invested, this is the tool to opt for.
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Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Social media marketing is one of the most effective online marketing strategies. Unlike paid advertising, using social media marketing tools, the brands and business can grow their brand awareness and reach using the social media activities with zero monetary investment. The social media platform is transforming the way consumers and business owners look at brands and how they market themselves in the digital platform. If you wish to scale up your social media presence and the returns of the social media campaigns, here are some of the best digital marketing tools used by most of the social media marketers.

#11 Hootsuite

Hootsuite is a simple and influential tool for every social media marketer. Hootsuite helps to manage multiple social media accounts. It makes the process of finding, designing, scheduling, managing and reporting of various social media accounts and their respective activities very unpretentious and easier for the user. This helps the social media managers stay active and visible to the consumers 24/7. The tool also helps to track and report the social ROI, exclusively for owned and paid media marketing. With a robust, secured built-in infrastructure, this tool can cater to the needs of all business organisations, irrespective of the size.
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#12 Sprout Social

The best tool to control and monitor the social media efforts. Sprout Social is designed to give access to people as per their needs. This helps to coordinate, delegate and manage the various social media tasks. The tool can aid in creating, scheduling and posting of social feeds along with post scheduling activities such as a comprehensive analytics platform. This tool has a special feature of social media listening, for the business to listen, understand and monitor their target audience at every step across social media platforms.

#13 MeetEdgar

With this tool, the user can recycle the old social media posts. The user just needs to organise the posts by category and schedule the content by category for Edgar to automatically scrutinise the content and post from each category. A creative tool for rescheduling and remarketing. This tool ensures, no social media content created goes in the recycle bin ever. These old posts reposted can get better and enhanced engagement on the platform. An excellent tool and way for the audience to reconnect with the brand.

#14 Socedo

For a social media campaign to be successful, there are hundreds of elements such as image, text, location, timing, demographics, etc., to be precisely designed and crafted. Socedo is a B2B demand generation tool which helps in discovering and gaining potential leads through social media channels. This is a tool which mainly focuses on outbound marketing via social media platform. A simple and user-friendly tool to find the right target audience, fitting your buyer persona.

#15 Oktopost

A dedicated B2B social media marketing tool, Oktopost is quite similar to Hootsuite. Having said that, it is cleaner and easier to navigate, offering a better and enhanced user experience. This tool can be deployed to monitor and manage the social media posts, keywords and brand mentions in the social media world. This also has a content curation feature helping the user to design and curate better content targeted to the audience. Of course, the social media analytics and detailed and versatile reports generated using the tool can help to track the social conversions. A simple tool for a startup to develop and deploy the social media marketing strategy.
Besides this, every social media platform such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc., has its own managing tool such as Facebook Page Insights, Twitter Native Platform, etc.
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Content Marketing Management (CMM)

Today, content is the way to reach your audience and build the trust of the brand in the market. Every marketing channel must be updated with content as per the needs of the audience and the platform. The process of content marketing could be overwhelming as has multiple processes such as idea generation, designing and drafting the content, and publishing the content in different channels. Besides this, the content marketing teams have to monitor and manage the content depending on the effectiveness of the created content. A powerful content marketing campaign requires different skills such as writing skills, social media skills, video-production skills, etc. Here are some of the most prevalent content marketing tools used in the industry.

#16 Buffer

Buffer is a tool which can keep the user on track and help gain meaningful results for the content created and marketed. An everyday strategy to monitor and manage the social media feeds and analyse the effectiveness of the content shared. Not just text, Buffer can help schedule and manage campaigns of image and videos as well. The user can design and draft the content besides posting the same. It gives insight into the best time to post to reach the targeted audience. Using this tool, businesses can channelise the content quickly and effectively using optimum resources.

#17 Trendspottr

Get to know the latest emerging trends in the industry and create content which matches the changing requirements of the audience. Be the trendsetter and ahead of the competitors using this tool. This tool helps the user to tap information about the trending topics, popular hashtags, potential influencers of the industry along with the appropriate keyword insights. In short, discover and share the right content at the right time to the right audience and reap maximum fruits for the content marketing efforts.

#18 Contently

When the business grows, it is important to scale up the content available in multiple channels at the same time. This is one of the challenges faced by most of the firms when the team is too small to handle this huge task. Contently is a tool which helps in producing large, high-end content generation. Contently focusses on the storytelling method of curating content in order to build the brand. It is a powerful automation platform for editorial calendars, content management across different platforms, systematic workflows and approval structures. If you wish to create engaging and influencing content, this is the tool to install.

#19 Landscape by Sprout Social

Images play a very important role in capturing the attention of the audience. But, sourcing the right images which satisfy the tastes of the audience and impacts the marketing campaign is a challenging task. Landscape by Sprout Social is a remarkable image resizing tool for social media channels. With just a drag and drop, the user can effortlessly design the image as per the requirements of the channel.

#20 Google AdWords – Keyword Planner

The Google AdWords is a one-stop platform form to know and build strategies for keywords, timelines, target audience, and content creation and marketing. The user can target multiple audiences with same or multiple contents with just a few clicks. An easily navigable tool, Google AdWords is an excellent means to reach the maximum audience and track the campaign’ effectiveness.
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Email Marketing

Think of Email as the grandparent of social media. Yet, it is reliable and relevant even today. It is one of the most versatile and consistent ways of reaching the targeted customers and monetizing the same. The brands can communicate with their target audience and promote their products and services using email marketing. If you prioritise email marketing for your business, here are the best digital marketing tools to automate your email marketing strategy.

#21 MailChimp

One of the best Email Marketing Automation tools, MailChimp can help to collate statistics, sending emails and improving the performance of the business. Businesses can also use it to send out surveys to the audience. The MailChimp dashboards are simple and easy to manage and read the output of the campaign. The tool also helps to create segments of the target audience and track and monitor the respective behaviour of the segment. Above all, you can create, send, monitor and analyse creative and effective email marketing campaigns swaying the business operations.

#22 Active Campaign

A very easy, user-friendly setup, Active Campaign is a tool which is a must for sales and email marketing automation. It helps to run email marketing campaigns which are driven by the behaviour of the audience. Besides offering email marketing assistance, it also helps in customer relationship management, sales automation, content automation, etc. A great tool to stay connected with your old and new audience.

#23 ConvertKit

This is a robust email marketing tool for all professional bloggers, marketers, writers, etc. This is extremely easy to use and a powerful tool. It offers easy content upgrades and incentives along with email signup forms. Brands can use this tool to automatically segment the audience who are existing customers and those who are the potential customers of the future. A great email marketing automation means for all the brands who rely on email marketing to connect with their audience.
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Marketing Automation

With the advancement of technology, marketing has become a streamlined process through automation. Today, every repetitive and mundane task of marketing can be automated with the powerful digital marketing tools. This process of marketing automation not only reduces the time but also reduces the human error, manages the complexity of the marketing and manages, monitors and optimises the effects of the marketing efforts. Scroll a little to know the best marketing automation tools.

#24 Marketo

The best solution for all automating all the marketing activities. It is mature and advanced marketing automation tool for business organisations deploy huge marketing campaigns across various platforms. Business organisations can nurture leads automatically using this tool. A tool which helps to augment revenue and lead management system and mobile marketing. A cloud-based tool suitable for all the size of business organisations.

#25 Hubspot

An inbound marketing automation leads generation tool. The goal is to shift the outbound leads to inbound conversions. The tool helps to create content, manage the social media marketing of the content, and email marketing campaigns. The tool also has a marketing analytics dashboard which helps in the manage the automation process of the marketing and offers multiple reports for the business. In short, convert, track and optimise the lead generation.
Image result for hubspot

#26 Eloqua

This is an end to end marketing automation software product by Oracle. This tool offers all-inclusive features such as campaign management, lead management, targeting, audience segmentation, etc. There are different campaign templates for different marketing objectives. The user can also nurture the audience through automated emails. This tool also aids in setting up webinars and up-sell campaigns.
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Growth Hacking Tools

Growth hacking is the buzzword in the startup world. Rapid experiments in multiple marketing trials and product development with a single unified objective are the mantra of the most budding business organisations. Those firms who are able to achieve this fast-paced success and sustain in the industry through this unconventional method are referred as growth hackers. There are different digital marketing tools for growth hacking catering to a different purpose, such as feedback and market insight tools, traffic growth tools, user experience tools, etc. Listed down are the popular growth hacking tools used by the digital marketers.

#27 Colibri

Scale up your traffic and reach your target audience using Colibri. It helps to optimise your website and offers greater visibility in the online world. This gives information about conversions and your competitor’s audience. It is an SEO driven tool to automate and monitor the online marketing initiatives. This is a good resource to collate data from multiple platforms and monitor what people are saying about the brand. The SEO analysis helps to rank the page in Google search.

#28 Unbounce

If you want to create user-friendly landing pages and also carry out building, publishing and A/B testing for the same, Unbounce is the tool you need to opt for. It helps the marketers to check the performance of the landing pages using a simple drag and drop feature. The results of the tests can help the user to optimise the landing pages as per the pattern of the visitors.
Image result for unbounce logo

#29 OptimizePress

The content might be ready. But designing the content in an appealing format is a test in itself. OptimizePress helps to high converting landing pages, sales pages and membership gateways. The user can also use this to create and manage product launch funnels, free training and course pages, authoritative blog pages, etc. All these designs and templates are available for mobile-ready versions as well. The live editor system offers a real-time editing of the content. If you wish to manage text, image and video data in multiple technologies, this is the best tool to use.

#30 Qualaroo

It is an exceptional consumer feedback tool that enables the users to deploy and analyse a survey in a most simplified fashion. This appears as a small widget on the bottom part of the website. This tool lets the designer create different rules about when and where the surveys are triggered as well as which questions need to be asked for which target audience. If you are a startup you would want to know when, where and why your audience got connected as well as disconnected with your brand. Install today to gain a better understanding of the target audience.

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#31 Nightwatch

Nightwatch is a forward-thinking SEO tracker and one of the most effective marketing tools. With Nightwatch, you can:

  • Visualize your data on detailed graphs
  • Segment your keywords and backlinks thoroughly
  • Discover new ranking keywords
  • Get smart notifications about site changes and opportunities
  • Create a thorough overview of your website’s search visibility through integration with Google Analytics and Search Console
  • Customize and schedule unlimited drag-and-drop reports

#32 VEED Video Editor

VEED.IO is a powerful and user-friendly online video editing tool that allows users to easily edit their videos right in their web browser. With VEED.IO, users can trim, crop, and rotate their videos, add text and captions, include music and sound effects, and even apply filters and effects to enhance the visual quality of their videos. The tool offers a wide range of customization options for subtitles and captions, including font selection, color options, and text placement.

With its impressive range of features and intuitive user interface, VEED.IO is a tool that can help anyone create stunning, professional-quality videos with ease.

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Even though this is a comprehensive list of digital marketing tools and guide for all the basic marketing initiatives and requirements, there are hundreds of tools available in the market which would fit your needs and budget. Analyse wisely before you opt for a tool because this is the key feature for a success or a failure of any Advanced Certificate in Digital Marketing & Communication effort.

What is a Search Console?

Search Console is offered by Google free of cost. With its help, website owners and SEO experts can troubleshoot, maintain and monitor their sites’ performance on Google Search Results.

The Search Console helps the people who own and maintain a site to improve and understand how Google sees their site. With the help of reports and tools that are offered by the Search Console, you can confirm that Google can crawl and find your site, fix indexing problems, request re-indexing of new content, viewing data on search traffic for your site from Google, etc.

What is a landing page?

In digital marketing, a landing page is one form of a standalone webpage. It is created specifically for advertising or marketing campaigns. It refers to the webpage where a visitor lands after they click on an ad from Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Bing, Google, etc.

Typically, web pages encourage exploration and have many goals. Unlike web pages, landing pages are created with a single purpose or objective in mind, the call to action or CTA.

Due to their targeted focus, landing pages are often the best options to increase the conversion rates of marketing campaigns. They also lower the cost of generating a sale or lead.

What is an editorial calendar?

An editorial calendar is a form of visual workflow. It helps content creators and developers schedule their work on a monthly, weekly, or daily basis. It can help track publish dates, authors, promotional channels and content types, etc.

When creating an editorial calendar, you have to consider the following factors – frequency of content publishing, types of content, the number of people who will have access to the editorial calendar, the stages the content will go through before being published, and the format in which the calendar will be organised.

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