Top 5 Digital Marketing Certifications To Kickstart Your Career

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In this article, we’re discussing the best digital marketing certifications for advancing your career. From free to paid courses, we have plenty of options for you in this article.

What are the benefits of getting digital marketing certifications?

It’s natural to question digital marketing certifications.

What are the benefits of getting digital marketing certifications?

How can they help you?

It’s essential to get rid of these doubts. So here are the main reasons why you should get digital marketing certifications.

Better Pay

Having a digital marketing certificate in your resume can help you considerably in boosting your pay. Digital marketing professionals earn handsome salaries.

For example, digital marketing managers earn an average of 7.2 lakh per year in India. So, if you’re in management or marketing, getting a digital marketing certificate can help you in increasing your responsibilities in the organization.

And the more responsibilities you get, the better would be the pay.

You can get a promotion or switch your career completely, with the help of these certifications.  Click to read more about digital marketing salary in India.

More Opportunities

The demand for digital marketing professionals is soaring. Moreover, this field has a lot of variety. If you want to do something creative, you can become a content writer.

On the other hand, if you want to do something technical, you can become an SEO executive or PPC specialist. This field has opportunities for all kinds of professionals.

Having the right digital marketing certification will help you in seizing this massive demand for numerous professionals. The need for digital marketing professionals will increase in the future.

So if you want job security, these certificates can help you in that regard as well. Top Google AdWords Interview Questions and Answers

Easy Entry

If you’ve always wanted to enter the digital marketing sector, you should get a certificate. It will enhance your CV, as well as your portfolio.

Without a certificate, it would be rather challenging to get high-paying jobs in this field. Certification will convince recruiters of your skill as well. It helps the recruiters understand what skills you’re master at.

Digital marketing certificates can help your career in numerous ways. And these were just a few of them.

Now that you know the importance of these certifications, here’s our list of the best certifications to enter this field:

Best Digital Marketing Certifications

1) Google Garage

If you are just getting started in the digital marketing field, we recommend you start your learning journey with Google Garage.

It’s a simple learning platform, where you can find valuable courses on many fundamental concepts of digital marketing such as branding and building an online strategy.

google garage

Having a solid foundation will undoubtedly help you in your learning journey. Its interface and curriculum make it perfect for freshers and beginner-level professionals.

A Google Garage certificate shows that you’re familiar with the basics. So, it’d be a great choice to start your learning with this platform.

2) Facebook Blueprint

We all know how big Facebook is. It has around 270 million users in India alone.

And social media marketing is one of the core branches of digital marketing. Learning about Facebook marketing will certainly help you in your career.

facebook blueprint

Facebook has its courses and certification programs, where it teaches people how to use Facebook properly for marketing.

You’d get to learn a lot. It already has over 6 million enrollments so you can understand how in-demand and valuable it is.

After learning about Facebook marketing, you’d be able to run successful ad campaigns and promote brands by using this large platform.

3) PG Certification in Digital Marketing and Communication

Digital marketing has many sections, including social media, content marketing, and branding. This course makes you familiar with all of them.

PG Certification in Digital Marketing and Communication from MICA can enhance your skills in Social Media and Content Marketing, Branding and Marketing Analytics.

It helps you become a digital marketing specialist by teaching you valuable skills such as search engine optimization (SEO), search engine marketing (SEM), social media marketing (SMM), and many more.

After learning these skills, you can get high paying jobs in this sector in the likes of SEM manager, digital marketing manager, etc.  

If you want to master digital marketing, this is the course for you. It’s a detailed curriculum, and friendly instructors will make your learning journey very easy.

You’d get to learn multiple digital marketing technologies in this course as well including HootSuite, Google ads, Facebook ads, and HubSpot.

4) HubSpot Academy Inbound Marketing Certification

HubSpot Academy has many courses to help marketers and entrepreneurs in honing their skills. But one of their most valuable courses is their Inbound Marketing Course.

Companies are now leveraging inbound marketing strategies to increase their customers, boost sales, and generate revenue.

Inbound marketing is cost-effective and yields long-term benefits. That’s why the demand for inbound marketing skills is high.

Learning this skill will help you in understanding various aspects of inbound marketing. The instructors at HubSpot Academy have kept the course very enjoyable and knowledgeable.

5) Digital Marketing Certificate Program – Career Track

This certification program is undoubtedly one of the best ways to get a head-start in your digital marketing career. Not only does it provide you with 6+ certificates, but it also makes you familiar with all concepts of digital marketing.

You’d also get an internship at the end of the course so you can apply the knowledge you’ve gained in real-life tasks.

You get to prepare for interviews as well. This course prepares you for digital marketing roles, and as a result, you don’t feel any discomfort in advancing your career later on.

For those who are starting a career in this field, we’d suggest this course. You can also enroll in the Digital Marketing Certificate Program – Career Track by upGrad to have head-start in your digital marketing career.

You can also check out Certification in Digital Marketing from IIT Delhi. IIT Delhi is one of the top institutes in India and also one of the oldest IIT’s

If you wish to explore and become an expert in Digital Marketing, check out MICA and upGrad’s Advanced Certificate in Digital Marketing & Communication. Become an expert in social media marketing, content marketing, branding, marketing analysis, and PR.

Boost your Digital Marketing Career

Learning digital marketing skills can do wonders for your career. It can help you get better pay, better opportunities, and better security in your job.

So it’d be wise to get a few digital marketing certificates and start your career in this field. 

How to choose your digital marketing course?

To categorize any course offered in digital marketing as the best in the country is a difficult call to make. This is simply because a number of factors go into deciding which course or program is the best.

Other than that, the very definition of best may also vary from individual to individual. While there may be authoritative bodies that can rank a specific course as the best in their category, that specific course, however great it may be, may not suit your requirements, expectations and sometimes even your budget.

What type of digital marketing program should you opt for?

If you are a fresher in the field, you can opt for a Diploma of a PG certification course to ensure progression in your career. However, if you have amassed a few years of experience, you can go for a Bachelor’s degree instead.

Those who are presently in a managerial or directorial position will typically opt for a Master’s degree in Digital Marketing. Alternatively, those who already possess a certificate diploma or Bachelor’s qualification can top it up with a Master’s degree too.

Can anybody take up a digital marketing certification course?

Digital marketing courses have something to offer to everybody. If you are a graduating student, you learn skills that are in demand and can get you your first job. For those who are working professionals in marketing, upgrading your existing skillset can help in a faster career progression.

For those who come from a completely different background, pursuing a digital marketing course can help them transfer their existing skills and experience and amalgamate with something new. This can help them start on a new career path.

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