Top 10 Deep Learning Books to Read to Gain Expertise

As the adoption of artificial intelligence (AI) continues to grow, the demand for professionals with AI-related skills also increases. One such skill that is in high demand is deep learning. Deep learning is a branch of AI that deals with algorithms that can learn from data in an unsupervised way. It focuses on trying to make machines understand human speech and images by training them to identify patterns in data.

To become a certified expert in this field, you must obtain knowledge and build a strong foundation to advance your career. For that, the first step you can take is to read relevant books. To help you with that, here is a list of different deep learning subtopics and some relevant books you can pick up for each subtopic. These books will help you understand deep learning and its use today.

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Introduction to Deep Learning

The Introduction to Deep Learning book is perfect for anybody who is curious but lacks any background knowledge of how things work in Deep Learning. Reading the book, you’ll find that deep learning is the process of training artificial neural networks on large amounts of data, intending to create systems that can learn independently without human intervention. It combines deep neural networks and various statistical modelling algorithms, and machine learning. The book also talks about deep neural networks, which are essentially computer programs inspired by the architecture of the human brain. They’re employed when the task is too complex for traditional algorithms.

 Deep learning enables us to solve previously difficult or even impossible problems, such as image recognition and autonomous vehicles. Get a hold of this book to understand the basics of this subset of machine learning and get a hold of various underlying concepts.

Python for Deep Learning

Python is the most popular language for data scientists and machine learning engineers. It’s a general-purpose language that’s easy to learn yet powerful and scalable. Python’s large and active community contributes to its ever-growing list of libraries and tools. The best books to learn deep learning with Python are: 

  • Introduction to Machine Learning with Python – This book is a fantastic introduction to machine learning. 
  • Machine Learning with Python – This book is aimed at developers who want to implement machine learning algorithms in their applications.
  • Deep Learning with Python – This book is ideal for those who want to implement deep learning algorithms with Python.

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Neural Network in Deep Learning

A neural network is a computational model inspired by the human brain. Neural networks are composed of “nodes” that are arranged in layers. The first layer might be the “neurons” themselves, which receive input from other neurons in the next layer, with the final layer producing an output. The network is trained by supplying a set of examples, with the output of each node in each example used to adjust the connection strength between nodes in the network. 

Over time, the network learns which inputs are best forwarded to the final layer. A neural network solves problems by finding patterns in large amounts of data and then making predictions based on those patterns. Some of the most valuable books that you can read to get a better understanding of Neural Networks in Deep Learning are:

  • Neural Networks and Deep Learning – This book introduces how neural networks are constructed and the mathematics behind their work. 
  • Make your own Neural Network – an in-depth visual introduction for beginners – Read this book to take a visual tour of the construction and working of neural networks using Python. 

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Advance Deep Learning with RL and ML

Reinforcement learning and machine learning are subfields of deep learning. Reinforcement learning is a type of machine learning in which software agents experience a simulation and try to maximize their final score. These agents learn by trial and error, just like humans do. Reinforcement learning is most commonly used in robotics, and it’s essential for self-driving cars, games, and any other application where software agents make decisions autonomously in a simulated environment. 

On the other hand, machine learning is a broader field of study that includes all types of supervised and unsupervised learning algorithms. Some of the best books that you can read to get started with advanced deep learning with RL and ML include: 

  • Deep Reinforcement Learning – A Complete Self-Assessment Guide – This book will help you become comfortable with RL and its use in deep learning contexts. 
  • Deep Reinforcement Learning with Python – This book is the perfect start if you are familiar with the Python programming language and want to understand how it can be used to create deep RL models. 

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Deep Learning with Tensorflow

TensorFlow is Google’s open-source framework for doing machine learning and deep learning. It was developed by Google and is used in many Google products and services. TensorFlow is a powerful tool widely used by data scientists and machine learning engineers. The best books to learn deep learning with Tensorflow are: 

  • Deep Learning with TensorFlow – This book is an excellent resource for both beginners and advanced users of TensorFlow. 
  • TensorFlow for Deep Learning – This book is ideal for practitioners who want to apply deep learning with TensorFlow for commercial use. 
  • Introduction to Deep Learning with TensorFlow – This book is appropriate for data scientists who want to understand and implement deep learning with TensorFlow.


Deep learning is a sophisticated form of machine learning critical to many modern applications, including computer vision, natural language processing, and other areas of artificial intelligence. It enables computers to process information more human-likely by training large neural networks on a massive amount of data. 

Deep learning is applied in various industries, including healthcare, education, and finance. This field is still in its infancy, and many cutting-edge innovations are still being developed. Despite that, the impact of this field can’t be questioned or doubted. With time, the impact will only get greater as more advancements happen. So, if you wish to begin your career in deep learning, now is the right time to start mastering the fundamentals.  

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Do I need to know Python before learning Deep Learning?

Yes, you should have some working knowledge of how basic programming works. That said, you don’t need to be an expert programmer, and nor do you need to be very proficient with Python. All that is needed is just some idea of how programming works and the curiosity to learn new things.

Does Deep Learning involve mathematics?

Deep learning works on mathematical models of how our mind works. So, in essence, deep learning does involve mathematics.

Are books a good source to get started with deep learning?

If you are completely unaware of what deep learning is and what it offers, then books are the perfect way to get elementary knowledge before diving deeper and doing things more hands-only.

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