Top Data Science Career Options in the USA [2022]

Data science is a multi-disciplinary field in technology that combines mathematics, statistics, business tactics, algorithms, scientific techniques, and machine learning. Essentially, skilled data science professionals extract valuable information from an ocean of data. The extracted information is used in a variety of domains. Professionals who process and convert data into valuable insights are called data scientists. They employ sophisticated techniques to analyze past trends and forecast future outcomes of the market. 

Data science is currently one of the most sought-after fields today as crucial business decisions are made after data analysis, giving companies a competitive edge in the market. It is also a booming career path worldwide, with demand for data scientists increasing by the day. As a result, career options in data science have also seen a consistent rise over the years.

In this article, we’ll take a look at the top 10 careers in data science so you, as an aspirant, can steer your career accordingly.  

Why Pursue Data Science?

Businesses and technology are becoming data-driven. As a result, data is in heaps everywhere and in various structured and unstructured forms. This data can be converted into valuable assets by data science experts with their expertise and knowledge to survive the current business norms and succeed on the world stage. Data is the pivotal point that turns the economy of the world. 

This is why data scientists are in huge demand, not just in the US but across the whole world, and companies are highly dependent on data science experts for business decisions. With data science professionals being integral and indispensable assets to their organizations, there hasn’t been a better time for aspirants to pursue a career in data science.

Demand for Data Science in the US

According to the US Bureau of Statistics reports, over 11.5 million jobs might be created by 2026. Data science careers offer lucrative packages and high job opportunities across a wide range of industries. The Bureau of Labour Statistics (BLS) estimates strong growth for many data science careers. The list of a few of them with their estimated growth rate is given below:

  • Market research analysis: 18%
  • Computer and information research: 15%
  • Computer System analysis:7%
  • Operation research analysis: 25%

Data science professionals are greatly in demand in a range of industries like finance, computer engineering, business analytics, and healthcare, to name a few. The salary offered to these professionals depends on their roles and experience levels. Data scientists have a solid educational background with a master’s degree or PhD that contributes to their competent skills and expertise that benefit companies. This is why they are offered lucrative and competitive packages.

The average salary offered to a data scientist in the US is $115,187 per year. However, the package offered to data science professionals varies with experience and their working sector. According to BLS, data science professionals in the mathematical science field earn a remuneration of $100,560

Data Science Career Options in the US

Career options in data science are plenty as the entire economy pivots on data. So let us now look at the different data science career paths and their compensation:

1. Data Analyst

Data analysts are responsible for the security of the organization’s data. They also help the stakeholders and owners to understand and interpret data to make predictions and decisions. Apart from these, they also develop and maintain databases and systems. In short, they organize data to make it resourceful. They scoop out relevant information and use them to study past trends and forecast future outcomes. 

The average salary offered to data analysts in the US is $65,903 per year. 

2. Data Engineer

Data engineers work in various sectors. They develop robust systems that collect, process and transform raw data into meaningful information that data scientists and business analysts can interpret. The primary responsibility of a data engineer is to make relevant information available to the organization for better performance. Besides this, they also align data architecture with the business requirements with the help of programming languages and tools.

The average salary offered to data engineers in the US is $120,581 per year. 

3. Statistician

A professional responsible for collecting relevant and valuable data for research is known as a statistician. Their role is crucial in research and academics. In business, they assess, organize, and process data to help in vital business decisions. They also identify past trends and establish a relationship with the present market scenario to predict future outcomes. Designing an efficient process for data collection is also a part of their job profile. They also place their suggestions in developing strategies in an organization and communicate their data findings to concerned stakeholders. 

The average salary offered to statisticians in the US is $98,155 per year.

4. Database Manager

Database managers maintain an organization’s database. They also collect and report valuable information besides fixing technical glitches associated with the database. Database managers also optimize collected data for future reference and streamline hardware and software systems for the same, based on the company’s requirements. They develop an efficient system that can store, retrieve, and recover valuable data with ease. Data security is also handled by database managers who supervise the performance of the database team every day.

The average salary offered to database managers in the US is $61,539 per year.

5. Infrastructure engineer

Infrastructure engineers, also known as cloud engineers, help in installation, maintenance, and debugging servers, systems, and cloud computing modules in an organization. They are specialists in server virtualization technologies and create and manage highly secured Virtual Private Networks (VPNs). 

The average salary offered to infrastructure engineers in the US is $61,539 per year.

6. Data architect

The primary responsibility of a data architect is to develop a robust computer database system that is easily accessible, resourceful, and highly secure. They generate the blueprint for creating, managing, and analyzing the database. Data architects are responsible for designing an entire database framework for an organization. The framework defines all the planning, creating, enabling, maintaining, retrieving, and storing all relevant data. 

The average salary offered to data architects in the US is $124,464 per year.

7. Machine learning Engineer 

Machine learning engineers design and develop Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithms that can assess and make predictions to define machine learning. These engineers must deal with loads of data to scrutinize and organize them while simultaneously running tests and streamlining machine learning models and algorithms. Therefore, they must have exceptional statistical and programming skills to carry out their responsibilities to develop and retrain machine learning systems. 

The average salary offered to machine learning engineers in the US is $141,440 per year.

8. Principal Data Scientist

The responsibilities of a lead data scientist include overseeing the data science team, designing projects, and developing analytical models. Their job involves a lot of research and innovation as they study loads of data and look for patterns and relationships essential for data interpretation and modeling. They evaluate an organization’s project management and product development procedures by studying data statistics and market trends. 

The average salary offered to a principal data scientist in the US is $135,923 per year.

9. Data Warehouse Engineer

A data warehouse engineer is responsible for developing ETL processes, database cubes, management of performance, and designing the dimension for table structure. Data warehouse engineers play the role of managers by providing support to data warehouses every day and debugging the errors in the system. They are also responsible for improving data accuracy and organization and play a key role in making technology-based decisions for the future of the business’s data analysis and reporting. 

The average salary offered to a data warehouse engineer in the US is $83,399 per year.

10. Business Intelligence Developer

BI developers act as a liaison between data and people who seek data. They are invaluable to people who require data insights but lack the SQL skills essential for query construction. They deploy business intelligence software to interpret and project data for their organization. They develop simple and easily navigable tools and interfaces to simplify data interaction and research. They leverage data to help businesses identify areas that need improvement, study trends, and find potential threats. 

The average salary offered to a business intelligence developer is $94,625 per year.

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Is there a demand for data scientists in the US?

There is a growing demand for data scientists in the US, with the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics projecting a 15% growth in related job opportunities by 2029. Glassdoor ranked it as the #2 jobs in America in 2022 with data scientists earning a high average median salary of $113,736 per annum. However, despite the rising demand, there is still a low supply of data scientists.

Is data science a good career in the US?

Yes, data science offers abundant opportunities for career advancement. It has been acknowledged as the ‘the most promising career’ by LinkedIn with data scientists earning competitive salaries and enjoying lucrative perks. Students who possess a background in data science can pursue a range of high-profile jobs like data engineers, machine learning engineers, data analysts, etc, to name a few.

What is the salary of a data scientist in the US?

The average base salary that a data scientist earns in the US is $115,187 annually.

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