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Data is rapidly transforming our lives, helping organizations to approach data-driven scalability. According to Statista, the data analytics market in the US will reach $68 billion by 2025. This will undoubtedly create a demand for data scientists and data analysts. However, even with thousands of data analytics jobs in the market, people face difficulty finding data analyst job opportunities. An unimpressive resume is one of the major reasons people cannot secure a data analyst job. Even if you have the right qualifications and skills, a poorly drafted resume significantly reduces your chances of getting a job. Thus, it’s essential to create a strong resume.

Who is a Data Analyst?

Before you create a resume, it is essential to know what data analysts do. It will help you add relevant keywords in your resume that align with data analyst job requirements.

Data analysts are professionals who provide valuable data insights so that businesses can make strategic decisions for their growth and scalability. They ascertain how data can create strategies and deliver business solutions. They collaborate with data scientists, marketing managers, and other team members to set goals, identify problems and provide data-driven solutions.

What should you add to a data analyst resume?

The most challenging part about creating a data analyst resume is knowing what to include. Your resume should not exceed two pages in any circumstances. Thus, it is essential to add only relevant sections to a data analyst’s resume. Here is what you need to add:

1. Objective

Writing an objective in your data analyst resume is similar to answering the ‘why do you want this job?’ question in an interview. The Objective column gives an insight to the recruiter about your career goals and expectations from the job. Even though it is not necessary to write an objective in your data analyst resume, it makes the resume look more professional and gives an impression that you are determined and have definite career plans. The objective should be 2-3 lines, brief, and to the point.

2. Professional Summary

An objective in a data analyst resume is more suitable for freshers or professionals with 2-3 years of experience. However, if you have over three years of experience as a data analyst, you should add a professional summary instead of an objective in your resume. A data analyst resume summary must highlight your professional experience. It gives the recruiters an insight into how your career in data analytics has transformed. A well-written professional summary can increase your chances of selection.

3. Education

The education section in your resume has to be kept brief. You need to add your courses and grades. You can skip the education section or add it towards the end of your data analyst resume if you are a senior-level data analyst. However, if you have done any data science or data analytics specialization course, you should add that. This is because organizations look for skilled professionals for senior-level positions. They are hardly concerned about your school or college grades. On the contrary, if you are a fresh graduate looking for data analyst jobs, you must add an education section and highlight your grades and academic achievements because many organizations prefer good grades in fresher resumes.

4. Work/Internship Experience

Next comes your work or internship experience in the data analyst resume. You have to add your work experience in reverse chronological order.  In one sentence, it should include the organization’s name, position, and role’s start and end date. This is to be followed by the tasks you performed. It should be written in bullet points.

To make your resume more impactful, you should add numerical figures and statistics as much as possible rather than adding vague bullet points. It helps you showcase your achievements as a data analyst and leaves an impression on the recruiter that you deliver results. You must also ensure to add only relevant work experience. If you have years of professional experience as a data analyst, you should add only the latest or relevant roles.

You should start the bullet points with action verbs like created, led, analyzed, summarized, researched, modeled, evaluated, and more.

6. Data Analytics Skills

This is the most critical part of a data analytics resume; data analytics skills. This section is crucial, especially if you are a fresher and don’t have much experience to add to your data analyst resume. The following are some of the most popular data analytics skills that you must add to your resume:

  • MySQL
  • Python
  • R
  • Data Visualization
  • Data Cleaning
  • Data Mining
  • Data Modeling
  • Data Processing
  • Machine Learning
  • Tableau
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Problem-solving
  • Critical Thinking
  • Analytical Reasoning

7. Relevant Projects

Lastly, you can add data analytics projects to build an impactful resume. Adding relevant data analytics projects to your resume will highlight your skills and practical experience and increase your chances of securing a job. You can add projects done in college or while pursuing other courses. If you have not done data analytics projects, the best option to enhance your CV and highlight your skills is to pursue a certificate or diploma course in data analytics that includes practical assignments and case studies.

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Data Analytics Resume Sample for Freshers

Here are some examples of objectives and work experience for a fresher data analyst resume:


  • A preemptive individual seeking a data analyst role at XYZ corporation to gain expertise in conducting market research and finding valuable insights to improve the organization’s efficiency and reduce costs.
  • Detail-oriented and hardworking data analyst with strong mathematical skills and statistical knowledge, seeking a data analyst position at XYZ company to analyze data and steer business solutions.
  • Recent graduate with a degree in data analysis seeking opportunities to leverage data analytics skills and bring up-to-minute tools for delivering data-driven solutions to the organization.

Work Experience

  • Data Analyst Intern at Volimo Business Solutions
  • Aggregated unstructured data from over 15 primary and secondary sources and provided valuable insights to the company to form a new product.
  • Visualized core business key performance indicators and created a Tableau dashboard to streamline processes.

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Data analytics resume sample for mid-level professionals 


  1. Data analyst professional adept at documenting, interpreting, and analyzing data in a dynamic environment. Seeking a challenging position at ABC Corporation to assist the company further its strategic goals.

Data analyst resume sample for senior-level professionals 

Professional Summary

  1. Teamwork-oriented data analytics professional with over a decade of leadership experience and converting complex data to meaningful insights. A highly-analytical individual with extensive knowledge of research methodologies, data capture, and data visualization.

Work experience

  • Data Analyst (Revenue Team)

Radius Technologies, New York 

  • Analyzed data of 20000 monthly active users and collaborated with the marketing team to create product strategies and increase customer engagement on the app by 33%.
  • Performed financial and behavioral data analysis for redesigning merchandising strategies.

Data analyst resume sample for financial data analyst 


Result-oriented data analyst professional with 5+ years of experience in the finance industry seeking a position with a leading fintech company to identify business patterns and generate revenue.

Data analyst resume sample for marketing data analyst

Work experience

  • Data Analyst (Marketing Team)

Growth Technologies, California 

  • Developed metrics and KPIs to track the performance of ad campaigns of the company and provided business insights by analyzing marketing data.
  • Performed data analysis to support the product development process and figure out operational, financial, and transactional risks.

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Data analysis is one of the most popular tech careers today. With more data being introduced in the future, the demand for data analysts and other data professionals is likely to increase. An impressive data analytics resume can help you secure a well-paying job. A resume is the first thing recruiters look at in your job application. They only take 3-5 seconds to review a resume and decide whether you are a potential candidate. 

For data analyst jobs, recruiters majorly look for relevant qualifications like a degree in computer science, data science or data analytics certificate or diploma courses, and relevant data analytics skills. If you want to enhance your data analyst resume, you can pursue a Professional Certificate in Data Science and Business Analytics from upGrad. The course teaches data science, visualization, and machine learning fundamentals. It helps you acquire relevant data analyst skills like Python, MySQL, Excel, and Tableau. These skills can boost your data analytics resume, adding an edge to your candidature.

What are the key responsibilities of a data analyst?

A data analyst's primary responsibility is designing and managing databases. They use statistical techniques to analyze data and provide valuable information. Data analysts develop database collections by acquiring data from different sources and identifying patterns. In simple words, the primary responsibility of a data analyst is to extract raw data and use data analysis techniques to convert the data into meaningful form.

What are the different career options in data analytics?

The most popular jobs you can pursue in data analytics are business intelligence analyst, data scientist, data engineer, quantitative analyst, data analytics consultant, operations analyst, marketing analyst, transportation logistics analyst, and data visualization specialist.

What is the average salary of data analysts in the US?

According to Indeed, the average salary of a data analyst in the US is $69,930 per year for freshers and $74,061 for professionals with 3-5 years of experience. The average salary of data analysts with more than ten years of experience is $82,870. The top companies in the US that pay more than $100,000 per year are Citizens, Meta, Capital One, and Uber.

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