Most Demanding Computer Skills to Put in Your Resume

It is a fact that candidates proficient with computer-based skills have an increased chance of getting drafted into better job opportunities in this digital era. Whether one applies for a marketing or administrative job, they’ll require essential advanced computer skills to excel at work. The ability to use a computer/ laptop, POS (point of sale) systems, RFID scanner, or operating Microsoft office – these have become quintessential prerequisites to get hired in almost any sector.

In this write-up, we shall discuss what we mean by computer skills, their importance, and a few computer skills listed in your CV. Additionally, we shall understand the different ways to list computer skills in your resume, along with helpful tips for highlighting them for your recruiter.

What do we mean by computer skills?

Computer skills are any candidate’s ability and knowledge to use computers and any related technology fully and effectively. Presently, employers prefer well-versed applicants in using all the latest technologies to increase work-related productivity and further streamline work processes. For instance, hirers expect candidates who appear for sales or marketing roles to know using various presentation-related software.

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What are the different kinds of computer skills:

Broadly, there are two main categories of computer-based skills: 

Software skills: These skills are helpful in handling computer-based applications, programs, and tools. Employers don’t always specifically mention computer skills in their job descriptions because they are considered universal skills and mandatory prerequisites for most employment opportunities. For instance, recruiters expect applicants to be adept in word processing software like Microsoft Word or Excel.

Hardware skills: These skills showcase one’s ability to operate and use a computer’s physical parts. These acts could be related to switching the computer on and off or even connecting an HDMI or USB cable to the CPU’s slot. Some high-level computer hardware skills involve repairing broken devices, interconnecting various virtual devices, configuring networks, and cloud-based management.

What are the essential computer skills needed in today’s world?

The following is a list of various computer skills considered essential today:

  • Microsoft Office
  • Graphic design
  • Social media
  • Presentation software
  • Communication and collaboration tools
  • Computer programming

Even though every role doesn’t require advanced-level computer programming skills, expertise in at least one or a few coding languages like Java, SQL Python, C#, C++, or PHP can be highly beneficial in fetching high-paying jobs. 

Similarly, when candidates apply for any administrative role, those with good expertise in handling Microsoft Office suite, productivity tracking, and enhancing tools or operating accounting software are considered essential.

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Top computer skills you can list in your CV

Computer-based skills that recruiters seek may differ according to the job responsibilities and sector. However, proficiency in a few standard computer skills helps candidates land well-paying jobs quickly. The following are the computer skills one must mention In their resume if they have expertise in the same:

  • Knowledge of Office suites

Knowledge of various Microsoft office suites such as G-suite or Microsoft helps perform multiple everyday activities irrespective of the job role. For example, word processors such as Google Docs or Microsoft Word help create digital certificates and documents at work. 

If you are a candidate seeking an accounting or analytics job or any other job dealing with numbers, you highlight your proficiency in Google or Microsoft spreadsheets. Additionally, organizations prefer candidates well versed with Outlook and other similar Microsoft Office tools. So, if you know it, flaunt it on your CV!

  • Experience in Social media analytics and handling:

If you are interested in branding, marketing, or advertising job roles, you must highlight your knowledge in social media handling as it is a crucial skill for the present job market. If you’re a social media expert, you can help in growing your employer’s online presence and visibility. For distinguishing yourself amongst other applicants, you must correctly highlight how you have leveraged your social media skills to date. For example, as a branding specialist, you may need to demonstrate how your branding strategies have benefited your organization by fetching tangible results. Make sure to list the social media tools you’ve worked with.

  • Graphic designing

Creating visually appealing designs for professional documents, presentations, and posters is a crucial computer skill that can land you in various attractive job roles. Activities like editing videos/photos for any international marketing or sales campaign, creating compelling graphics for branding, etc., are the most sought-after computer-based skills. You can even highlight the projects where you’ve worked with popular graphic designing tools.

  • Presentation software

Presentation skills are an essential soft skill and a fundamental computer skill. Be it presenting a business pitch or explaining the POA to your team, making well-thought-out presentations is the key to impactful communication. From financial analysts to writers, everybody must know how to use presentation software such as Microsoft PowerPoint or Google slides.

  • Computer programming

Skills involving the creation, testing, and troubleshooting of computer software are essential for tech candidates, particularly computer programmers, software developers, software testers, or software architects. Thus, impressing a recruiter becomes easier if you possess computer programming knowledge in Java, Python, HTML, C++, PHP, C# XML, automation software, or UNIX. 

  • Ability to use communication/collaboration tools

Today, companies are switching to the WFH culture. As a result, communication and collaboration tools have become constant support for organizations across all sectors. These tools take care of video calling, web chatting or sharing documents with the team members. Listing all the collaboration and communication tools you are proficient in is a wise Idea. However, it would help if you considered the relevance of these skills vis-a-vis your chosen job description.

How to list your computer skills on your resume?

Here are a few ideas of how you can list your computer skills in your resume:

  • In the profile summary

Profile summary is the first part of a resume that catches your recruiter’s attention.  Mention your computer skills relevant to your chosen job description in the profile summary to increase your chances of getting hired.

  • In your skills section

You can enlist all your computer skills under a separate heading called ‘skills.’

  • In the professional experience and job history part

When you describe your past job experiences, you can list essential computer-based skills that you have acquired in your career so far. 

How to enlist your computer skills based on your level of proficiency?

Here are three ways in which you can list your computer-based skills based on your level of proficiency:

  • Beginner-level

Beginner-level computer skills involve basic knowledge of operating computers, emails, or productivity tools. 

  • Mid-level

Intermediate or mid-computer skills involve in-depth expertise in complex computer applications and the creation or operation of the software. This skill level could also include operating systems, graphic designing tools, and content management systems. 

  • Advanced-level

Advanced level skills involve complete expertise in computer software and programming languages. This may include using macros and pivot tables in Google Sheets or Microsoft Excel and even being adept in several coding languages. 

Tips on how to highlight your computer skills in your CV

Be mindful of the following points while enlisting your computer skills in your CV:

  • List the software names with which you are well-versed. 
  • Make a separate section to enroll computer-related skills.
  • Mention the skills that are relevant to the particular job description. 
  • Do not add irrelevant skills to your resume.
  • Use action verbs while writing about your computer skills.
  • Describe the level of proficiency you have in computer or programming skills.

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Which computer skill is the most in-demand today?

Computer skills related to data science, cloud computing, graphic designing, blockchain, artificial intelligence, software development, etc., are the most in-demand computer skills today.

Which is the most accessible computer skill to learn?

Computer skills related to collaboration and communication like operation Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, etc., and word processing skills (as in Microsoft Office, Excel, etc.) are a few of the most accessible computer skills to learn.

Do you need to pursue a professional degree to learn computer skills?

These days, most courses come with computer training in their curriculum, keeping in mind this digital age. However, to learn niche computer skills like data science, coding, programming, or software development, you may need to pursue a specialized course.

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