Top 7 Career Options After PCB For Students in India [With Salary Details]

Finding your way through an ideal academic concentration can be challenging when diverse options and words of advice are available at your disposal. As you graduate from high school, the next step is to apply for undergraduate courses at your choice of college. Planning a career is based on your interests, subject background, and future aspirations. If you have been a PCB (Physics, Chemistry and Biology as main subjects at 10+2 level) student, making the right choice among PCB career options is the most important step.

Over 11.3 million people are ready to pursue jobs in STEM by 2030 in the US alone; imagine the rapid growth and availability of myriad career opportunities for global STEM aspirants! STEM careers are witnessing variations around the clock, thanks to rapid innovation amid dynamic fields such as software engineering and its prominent offshoots like machine learning

Surprisingly, a recent Mindler survey deduced that students in India were only aware of seven career options, while the industry offers more than 250 versatile disciplines. 

Zooming back to students just completing 10+2, there are umpteen PCB career options to choose from. The traditional choices are still good picks, while new-age options are proving to be exceptional additions, offering a blend of old-age learning clubbed with trending techniques.

Let’s explore the top seven PCB career options along with the potential salary figures the same could fetch you at the outset in India. Don’t worry! These options are not just restricted to becoming a doctor or engineer. There are variations that you can try to explore, veering in a totally different direction, such as digital marketing. However, this article will help you make your mind up around the top PCB career options that are offbeat yet in the same linear direction!

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Top Courses After 12th PCB 

1.   Biochemistry

Studying biochemistry opens a plethora of career options in related domains. This science-related branch deals with the study of living organisms and chemical processes. The subject actually combines biology and chemistry in order to help biochemists deduce biological issues with the use of chemistry concepts. The concepts of biochemistry are practically aligned with real issues of scale. The concepts are studied and innovated to reach sustainable resolutions to such problems.

The major career profiles that you could work in post-completion of a three-year undergrad biochemistry degree are

Roles Average Salary Per Annum
Biomedical Scientist INR 6,60,000
Clinical Lab Technologist INR 3,92,529
Forensic Scientist INR 3,35,432
Toxicologist INR 7,34,694
Healthcare Scientist INR 10,08. 532
Pharma Sales Rep INR 3,28,351
Lab Technician INR 2,75,000
Biochemistry professor INR 7,80,000

Top colleges for undergrad degrees are

  • Kirori Mal College, Delhi
  • St. Joseph’s College, Bangalore
  • St. Xavier’s College, Mumbai

2. Environmental Science

As a new-age discipline, environmental science is set to take on newer heights with time. Perceiving the rise of concerning global issues like climate change and global warming, the subject helps students understand how the biological, chemical and physical components interact. One of the hottest PCB career options, the field comes with an immense scope, even in research.

Once you complete a degree in environmental science, you may be able to work as

Roles Average Salary Per Annum
Environmental Scientist INR 3,00,000
Environmental Educator INR 2,20,000
Environmental Researcher INR 3,00,000
Environmental Health Practitioner INR 3,80,000

Top colleges for undergrad degrees

  • Indian Institute Of Tech, Patna
  • Institute of Chemical Technology, Mumbai
  • Central University Of Punjab, Bathinda

3. Clinical Research

Clinical research is the latest field of study that lets you deal with research and experiments involving human participation in finding solutions to human behaviour and medicines queries. There are standard guidelines and norms specified under Good Clinical Practice. This branch of science follows runs tests and clinical researchers to test the effectiveness and potential side effects of clinical devices, medications and tests.

The top job profiles that you could work in after obtaining a clinical research degree are

Roles Average Salary Per Annum
Associate Clinical Researcher INR 3,50,000
Clinical Project Manager INR 16,00,000
Research Pharmacist INR 3,56,362

The top colleges for undergrad degrees are

  • AIIMS Delhi, New Delhi
  • Post Graduate Institute of Medical Education & Research or PGIMER, Chandigarh
  • CMC Vellore, Vellore

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 4.   Genetics

Genetics is an advanced field of study that materialises into a solid pick among top PCB career options. Takers of courses in genetics learn things related to genes in living organisms and variations of the genetic pool. Geneticists also have an important role to play in pharma-product development.

The most popular positions you could be working in after completing a degree in genetics or related studies are

Roles Average Salary Per Annum
Geneticist INR 4,06,946
Cytogeneticist INR 11,18,761
Medical Technologist INR 5,20,315
Immunologist INR 6,89,000
Forensic Analyst INR 4,00,000

The top colleges for undergrad degrees are

  • KJC, Bangalore
  • The Oxford College of Science, Bangalore
  • JNC Bangalore, Bangalore

 5. Agriculture

Agriculture has become a prominent science discipline that candidates are exploring as one of the career options after 12th science. The concentration is related to the cultivation of livestock and plants, enabling you to work in one of the most massive domains of industrial India. The courses empower you with the knowledge needed to develop the latest and sustainable measures towards improved agricultural practices. For example, conducting tests or building solutions to increase soil yield.

The most common career options after pursuing a degree in agricultural sciences are

Roles Average Salary Per Annum
Floriculturaist INR 2,40,000
Horticulturist INR 3,60,000

The top colleges for undergrad degrees are

  • ICAR-National Dairy Research Institute, Karnal.
  • G.B.Pant University of Agriculture & Technology, Pantnagar
  • University of Agricultural Sciences, Bengaluru

 6.   Biotechnology

Biotechnology is a sub-branch of core biology that combines with engineering sciences that understands biological components such as living cells and bacterias and leverage the same to develop relevant products. The scope of biotechnology is spread across varied industries including, but not limited to, healthcare, pharma, environment, nutrition, agriculture and even petrochemicals.

The top professions you could be engaged in after completing a biotechnology degree are

Roles Average Annual Salary
Scientist INR 8,03,312
Biochemist INR 3,79,000
Biotech Engineer INR 14,82,411
Microbiologist INR 3,35,545

The top colleges for undergrad degrees are

  • Jawaharlal Nehru University, Delhi
  •  Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi
  • Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, Mumbai

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7.    Pharmacy

After completing your 12th Boards with PCB, a degree in Pharmacy is a logical choice. The undergrad degrees in this subject span four years and let you tune into the world of medicines and medical drugs. Understanding the composition of medicines and understanding what goes into drugs is the core component of such courses.

The mainline and popular career choices in the field include

Roles Average Salary Per Annum
Pharmacist INR 2,90,792
Safety Associate INR 3,70,000
Pharmaceutical Scientist INR 7,00,000
Transcriptionist INR 2,10,000

The top colleges for undergrad degrees are

  • Jamia Hamdard University, New Delhi
  • Punjab University, Punjab
  • BITS Pilani, Rajasthan

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Final Word

Once you start exploring the top PCB career options, try initiating deep research into the available courses first. Back your information with the right knowledge on the course tenure, structure, outcomes and the university offering the degree. Most undergraduate degrees are a step forward towards specialised master’s degrees in the same subject.

However, you can directly apply for a job based on your degree and add experience as a skill to your resume. This helps you stay sorted in terms of planning a career path. Even as you work after completing a degree, you can take a series of courses to upskill. 

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Is NEET needed for non-medical courses in India?

No, NEET isn’t needed to pursue non-medical courses at any level in India. The NEET examination is a pre-medical entrance test required to establish a career in the medical field for interested candidates in India.

What do PCB and PCM stand for?

PCB stands for the subject combination that includes Physics, Chemistry and Biology. On the other hand, PCM stands for Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics. Since a combination of these two domains enables candidates to walk either a medical or non-medical tech field, it is important to make the right decision.

What combination of subjects needs to be studied in order to pursue Genetic Engineering?

For this course at the undergrad level, you need to have studied Physics, Chemistry, Biology as well as Mathematics at the 10+2 level.

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