Top 5 Business Courses in India 2024 To Land On Your Dream Job

When we speak of the future, there is no certainty. The ever-expanding business world sees no bound, and thus, it is best to conclude that globalisation has taken over. In 2022, the world has drastically changed to accommodate a plethora of changes due to the pandemic. Furthermore, colleges and universities are gradually getting accustomed to remote work. Today, people would happily trade their long-office travel with their home office without a doubt.

The ones benefiting the most from this are companies looking to hire top talent worldwide. Working remotely is the new normal, and with this tempting benefit, it’s hard to say no to such a lifestyle. In the post-pandemic era, it is becoming challenging to analyse and predict career options to enhance one’s prospects.

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The Importance of a Business Course

Nowadays, business-related concepts are a must-have. Subjects such as finance, marketing, accounting, and management assist when one is planning a career in the designated area. Moreover, universities around the globe also regard these courses as the most popular ones. Currently, 90% of the overall business population consists of small to medium-sized business ventures. These numbers are likely to grow soon.

Here are a few vital reasons stating the importance of doing a business course that will unlock the world of possibilities for you.

1. Grab investment and finance concepts

When you plan to buy a house or a car, one way to afford your dreams is through financial loans. However, loans are risky; one is always sceptical before choosing this option due to high interest rates, complications, and huge payoff amounts. Consider a different scenario where you plan to invest in stocks or bonds. How do you determine the investing factors? This is where a business course degree helps. In addition to understanding the basics of investment and finance, you can get strong concepts about the economy.

2. Communication skills will always help

We do our absolute best when planning to propose a winning pitch or preparing a metric report. Even for drafting an email, exceptional communication skills are indispensable. When you devote your time to learning business, getting communication skills is an add-on. Furthermore, the exposure you get studying alongside students from various backgrounds helps you enhance your knowledge. With continuous efforts, you can easily master these much-needed skills.

3. Marketing Concepts 101

Like any other profession where a significant amount of effort is needed, a job aspirant needs to broadcast their skillset to bag any job. Standing out isn’t a walk in the park; however, doing it the right way may bear fruitful results. Deeply understanding the marketing strategies that align with your business will give you the accessibility to know your audience better.

4. Project Management becomes a must

Studying for a business degree can be useful regardless of the sector you decide to opt for because of the project management concepts and hands-on operational logistics it teaches. In every case, learning about project management could assist you in thriving in challenging business circumstances. Project management helps prioritise resources, fix problems, and propose cost-effective solutions. Moreover, it helps in mapping responsibilities and making critical decisions that change the way you run your business.

5. Master budgeting tricks

Financial management is an important business pillar. Poor management of budget and finances can tumble down a well-established business structure. However, economic reasons shouldn’t keep you from doing what you have always wanted to do. Before starting your business venture, make sure to brush in your accounting basics. This will build confidence, and you can take your business in the appropriate direction.

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Top Business Courses in 2022

Committing to the right business course is crucial if you plan to elevate your business growth. In addition to knowing the fundamentals better, you also get to dive deep into the concepts that help you ace the business industry.

Below are some of the top best business courses you can consider in 2022.

1. Project Management

To excel in your career in project management, some of the specialisations which will benefit you include:

  • Supply Chain Management
  • Operations Management

Usually, a project’s success is defined by a project manager. A project manager has to fulfil tons of responsibilities, including product delivery, project planning, etc. Companies are eager to hire professionals who are well-versed with business skills. Therefore, a business course in project management could make you a sought professional. 

The salary of a project manager in a year goes up to INR 15,28,500.

2. Marketing

To become a marketing expert, you can gain a specialisation in:

  • Market research
  • Public relations
  • Sales management

A company’s success depends on multiple factors, and how it puts its marketing strategy on display is one of them. Consumers will get to know your products better and will eventually invest in your company for the long term. This is why the demand for public relations and marketing strategies grows every day.

As a marketing manager, you can make an average of INR 6,77,177 a year

3. Supply Chain Management

Supply Chain Management has many layers to it. However, you can go for any or all of the below business courses:

  • Handling Global Supply Chain
  • Operations Management and Analytics

On a scale of 1 to 10, if your understanding of SCM is magnificent, touching a 7, then consider doing a major in SCM. SCM revolves mainly around regulating supply chain activities such as execution, control, and design. The knowledge of how SCM operations and logistics work can be of great service if you are planning to build an unbeatable infrastructure.

A supply chain manager receives a salary of approximately INR 8,82,842 per year.

4. Human Resource Management

The projected growth of an HR degree holder is likely to increase by 7.7% shortly. However, gaining specialisation in the below business courses could be of great aid:

  • Office management
  • Industrial relations
  • Business administration and management

A human resource management business course is a great educational choice if you are looking ahead to deal with future employee challenges. Furthermore, during the tenure of your course, you will attain knowledge in industrial relations, labour laws, and identifying current workplace issues. Administering day-to-day tasks alongside employees’ overall safety are the primary reasons for the requirement of an HR.

The salary of a human resource manager in India is anywhere near INR 6,97,810.

5. Accounting

Companies are in dire need of accountants in 2022. On average, 60.6% of job seekers are looking for accountant roles. Be it a B.Tech degree or a Master’s, as an accountant, you have many career options available to you. Some of the courses that you can take up are:

  • Business Law
  • Financial Reporting
  • Managerial Accounting

The corporate accounting world has plenty of options, and getting a degree will take you a step forward on a successful career path. Day-to-day accountant tasks include maintaining financial records, keeping track of audit reports, and making timely tax submissions.

The average salary of accountants annually is INR 3,87,957.

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The feasibility of taking up a business course is accessible to anyone. You can pursue a business course anytime, i.e., after graduation, post-graduation, or even a doctorate. Alternatively, doing business courses online is another great consideration. Many online business courses specialise in business management, logistics, supply chain dynamics, and much more.

If you are planning to choose a business course in India, the above-mentioned business courses online can be a suitable choice. Additionally, you can check out the Project Management, Product Management, Human Resource Management, and Supply Chain Management courses offered by upGrad in collaboration with the most reputed global universities. These programs provide top-notch study facilities for freshers and experienced working professionals. They also provide best-in-class opportunities, recorded lectures, study materials, etc. The best part is that you can also take these business courses online.

Are business courses online worth it?

Business courses online can be worth it. To determine if it is worth the investment, study the description, course fees, structure, and other factors. Enrol in online courses with the best online learning platforms and check if the course’s goals align with your dream career goals.

What are some of the high-demand business degrees?

The latest business degrees currently require in-depth knowledge of Entrepreneurship, Finance, Marketing, Accounting, and Project Management.

Is getting a business degree needed?

he business industry is brimming with job opportunities, and this will not change anytime in the future. Although it is subject to personal interest, you can be assured that if you take up a business major, then your profession will be in huge demand.

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