Top Big Data YouTube Videos You Must Watch Right Now

As the popularity of Big Data continues to increase in the industry, so is the common man’s interest growing in this domain. People from all walks of life are taking an interest in Big Data. They are ever so curious to learn about Big Data and Big Data Analytics. Today, people are increasingly searching for information on how Big Data tools and technologies work, how they can solve various real-world problems, ways to monetize Big Data, and much more.

Hence, to quench the thirst of all the curious souls out there, we’ve created a list of the top Big Data videos on YouTube. These videos are highly educative and informative. And most importantly, they can be excellent tools of knowledge for those who want to know what Big Data is all about before entering deep into the domain.

So, let’s begin the discussion of the top Big Data videos on YouTube!

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Top Big Data Videos on YouTube

  1. Data Science Vs. Machine Learning Vs. Big Data

This informative video seeks to explain the differences between the broad umbrella of Data Science, it’s sub-branch Machine Learning, and Big Data – the most crucial ingredient of Data Science and ML applications. In under three minutes, the video explains what these three domains are and also helps you understand which career path (Data Science, ML, or Big Data) will be best suited for you. Read more about Big Data career path.

  1. What is Big Data?

This short and simple video is perfect for those who want to cover the highlights of Big Data in less than three minutes. It goes on to explain what Big Data is – high volume, high variety, and high velocity – while also informing the viewers about the various data processing and analyzing techniques. 

  1. Big Data Career and Skill

This insightful video focuses on informing the viewers about the different types of Big Data roles in the modern industry. It features an interview with Piyush Kumar, the Head of Data Platform Engineering at MakeMyTrip, where he provides detailed information about the various skills required for obtaining Big Data roles, including Big Data Engineer, Big Data Manager, and Big Data Architect.

He also talks about how aspirants looking to enter the Big Data industry can make a smooth transition from their present field.

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  1. Big Data Applications

This is yet another informational interview with Piyush Kumar, the Head of Data Platform Engineering at MakeMyTrip. In this two-part interview series, Piyush talks about how MakeMyTrip leverages Big Data to keep pace with the present trends in the industry and enhance the quality of its products.

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The first part of the interview focuses on how MakeMyTrip uses Big Data to solve complex business problems in areas like customer segmentation, personalization, etc. In the second part, Piyush talks about the various career paths available in the Big Data industry and also offers helpful insights on Big Data career planning.

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So, there’s have top four Big Data videos on YouTube that you must add to your watchlist! Now, all you have to do is take some time out of your busy schedule and click on the names we’ve provided to start your Big Data journey.

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What are some of the Big Data analysis techniques?

There are many Big Data analysis techniques such as A/B testing, data mining, machine learning, etc. In the A/B testing technique, a control group is set up against other test groups. This technique’s testing fundamentals and outcomes can only be achieved if the group size is large enough to draw marginal differences. Data mining is a very widely adopted technique in Big Data analytics. Moreover, it extracts images, facts, and figures from large data sets by incorporating machine learning and statistics. Machine learning in the sector of artificial intelligence has extended benefits in data analysis. Machine learning techniques work wonders with computer algorithms that, in return, help in accumulating assumptions related to the data. Machine learning can make predictions that are usually impossible to detect manually.

What skills are needed to land a job in the Big Data sector?

Before you plan to set yourself up in the Big Data sector, you should have basic knowledge about the fundamentals of data. As a newcomer, you will be competing against thousands of intellects in the field, therefore, grasping a fair understanding of data. The second is statistics. Data is invaluable without statistics and is the heart of data science. Analytical skills are next. Having this skill is extremely important to landing a high-paying job. Without analytical skills, dealing with complex data will be very difficult.

Are programming, data visualization, and problem-solving skills must-have for Big Data engineers?

If you dream of becoming a Big Data expert, you must possess data visualization, programming, and problem-solving skills. Data only makes a valuable impact if transformed to produce effective results. To do so, data visualization skills are mandatory. Programming skills are always a must-have to market your skills in the booming industry with opportunities. Data structures, concepts of OOP, and algorithms are certainly needed to work as a Big Data engineer in any field. Big Data can give rise to problems, and to deal with that, a professional should endure problem-solving skills and come up with solutions whenever necessary.

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