Top 5 Qualities to Possess as an Executive Producer at UpGrad

If you’re reading this blog, you must already know that UpGrad is a video-based online education platform. Having said that, at the outset, you must also be aware that producing video content requires a team of skilled professionals who understand the medium and have in-depth knowledge of the nuances of video production. One of the most important pillars of this team is the EP a.k.a an Executive Producer.
An Executive Producer dons multiple hats; that of a director when shooting content, of a scriptwriter when giving life to an idea, of an editor when choosing the best shots from hours and hours of footage. Most importantly, a coordinator to ensure smooth delivery of content within deadlines.
With that background, let me help you understand some of the top qualities an Executive Producer at UpGrad must possess. Read on…

Creativity, creativity, creativity

As an EP, you’re expected to think on your toes and come up with ideas that may not always have to be out-of-the-box, but they must definitely be fresh, innovative and most importantly, they must attract our target audience, that is ‘working professionals’.

Think of yourself as a Creative Superhero amongst a bunch of intellectuals (I’m referring to our team of IITians, who burn the midnight oil to generate content for our programs).
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The Planner

An EP is at the centre of planning around deadlines, provided by the content team, to release course sessions. That’s why planning, and planning well, is the key to getting an Executive Producer’s role right – from the time the footage gets shot, to post-production, the EP plays a vital role in ensuring the sessions are delivered on time.
UpGrad has various programs and different teams work on each of these, therefore there are times when the EP is inundated with multiple shoots and edit requests. It is at this time when the EP’s ability to plan is put to the real test and he/she emerges a winner if they plan well without compromising on the quality of work.

Quick thinker, hustler

It is imperative for an Executive Producer to be able to think, arrange and action during contingencies. Having a backup plan helps, but if there isn’t one, work has to continue and that’s why the EP must think on his/her feet to come up with a solution.
There could be a situation where the shoot location does not match up to expectations and there is no choice but to shoot there; it is the EP’s quick thinking and hustling that comes in handy to make even a drab location look good on screen, with the videographer’s help of course.

Eye (& Ear) for detail

Video as a platform is quite transparent and there is very little one can do to resurrect if something goes wrong on the shoot. Here’s where the EP has to be alert and keep looking out for small details on the shoot as well as in the post-production.

A crumpled shirt or a hair flying out, a reflection in the frame or a slight disturbance in the audio can cause a lot of commotion when the post-production team sits down to work on the footage. So yes, keeping your eyes and ears open to eliminate the tiniest bit of errors is imperative.
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Deadline oriented

Isn’t deadline everything? To be able to work under pressure and meet deadlines is of the utmost importance. At UpGrad, our constant endeavour is to give our learners the best experience by regularly uploading modules and sessions so that they are focused and do not lose interest. This can only happen when an Executive Producer knows his/her deadlines and works every step towards achieving it!
Above all this, we must also remember that patience is a virtue and the key ingredient to working in a healthy environment.

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