Top 5 Marketing Trends in 2024

Amid the diminishing attention span of consumer audiences and a blend of evolving technology in the most basic everyday products, marketers are excited to ride the changing wave of marketing trends. The pandemic has everything to do with this fluctuating nature of the market. Yet, it also takes credit for catalyzing the process of bringing future technological advancements closer to us. Before recent practices, market entities predicted oncoming opportunities and trends based on market behaviour. However, considering the rise and fall of trends within a short period, it is challenging to predict what’s next in line in the marketing game. 

While comprehending the market’s pace might be complex and challenging, transparent customer behaviour makes it easier to follow. Customers are the reason behind a market’s persistence and volatility, and their consumption pattern always has a strong bearing on market trends. Thus, monitoring and studying customer behaviour is crucial in marketing – brand owners take note! 

Today, we’ve compiled the top five marketing trends in 2022, which may help you base your marketing decisions for better opportunities and enhanced customer-brand interaction.

Content marketing for awareness 

Rapid content consumption makes it an ideal tool to boost engagement. As of 2019, around 91% of organizations worldwide used content marketing techniques to generate user engagement and raise brand awareness. Content marketing strategies can use the large audience base actively participating on social networking sites by churning out content relevant to the target audience.

Graphic designing platform Canva created a breakthrough content marketing strategy through its online design learning platform, accumulating a surprisingly extensive user interaction each day to make it a household name now. Blog posts, short videos, podcasts, and tutorials come across as great promotional tactics to encourage brand awareness and are susceptible to experiencing more growth shortly.

AI-based personalization for relevance

Optimal customer experience through AI is the norm now. Leveraging customer data to deliver an elevated user experience is essential as personalization offers a smooth customer journey. Whether it’s Starbucks serving personalized recommendations or Spotify curating a playlist based on your most loved genres – AI is omnipresent. NLP using Chatbots on websites is another addition every other brand is eyeing to incorporate in their brand practices reminding us how AI is leading the marketing trends and will continue to do so in the future.  

The unstoppable growth of video content

Video marketing is the leading marketing trend in 2022 and aims to project relentless growth in upcoming years. From increasing engagement to creating awareness, brands are thoroughly using video platforms to endorse businesses. With over 500 million daily active users, Instagram is the hottest space for content creators and marketers to find their audience right now. 

Pandemic heightened the daily video consumption graph of the audience resulting in the rise of video marketing. Over 86% of businesses rely on video marketing strategies to reach customers in 2022, as it is more efficient than consuming the same information in written form.

Voice and image search 

Voice and image search simplifies the process of seeking information, and marketers must keep an eye to make use of this tool. Reaching over 500 million downloads on the PlayStore, Google lens caters to user demands rapidly with its smart visual search. It provides excellent marketing opportunities to be found by your audience rather than reaching them, and it is only possible by smart optimization of your brand channels.  

Influencer marketing for the win

Influencer marketing is the fastest growing marketing strategy capturing the majority of social networking sites through their growing fame and following. Social media channels such as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Tiktok, are a few of the most active social spaces. The growing popularity of these platforms has resulted in an enormous rise of marketing channels making a shift to collaborate with influencers and use this popularity. User interaction and active engagement make influencer marketing a credible source to promote businesses. The global influencer market is preparing to see a hefty growth of USD 24.1 billion by 2025 through influencer marketing platforms.

Few more marketing trends for businesses

1. Social commerce

Social media offers highly interactive business opportunities to connect with users and understand their demands in real-time; thriving small businesses prove to be a successful example.

2. Local SEO optimization

Incorporating the right SEO optimization techniques can help search engines find your business faster. Locally optimized businesses are ready to steal higher ranks in local SERP.

3. Uncurbed reach through Facebook

Facebook still reigns the social platform league through its extensive reach of 2.89 billion monthly active users. Features such as video sharing, stories, groups, and the marketplace offer unique ways to generate awareness.

Emerging Augmented reality AR serves a unique user experience to drive brand interaction and sales successfully. IKEA place is an excellent example of the try-before-buy service of AR, which created hype in the e-commerce market through its true-to-scale 3D modelled products.

4. Creative user Interaction

Social media offers creative features to interact with audiences for better reach and interaction. These include Facebook’s Story feature, Instagram’s Q&A, and Twitter’s Spaces feature. Brand pages do not always have to stay overly formal. Human interactions help customers to feel more connected with the brand, as a result strengthening customer loyalty.

Importance of Implementing Marketing Trends

Few strategies have the power to strengthen your brand significantly, but how to know which ones? Keeping up with the marketing trends is the best way to ensure your brand stays relevant in a dynamic market. Marketing trends keep changing, and maybe the best shot for your brand at present will become dormant after a while. That’s okay. The key to thriving in this competitive space is studying the market and listening to what customers say constantly. This will help you identify growth opportunities before your competitors and work on the untapped segments. When brands keep up with the latest marketing trends, they can:

  • Understand user behaviour by market research to base promotional strategies.
  • Manage funds efficiently for future strategic enactment on the best marketing practices.
  • Execute the right strategy at the right time for a suitable audience.
  • Draw out the inconsistencies from their business model.
  • Stay relevant with the technological advancements. 

Fueling Your Career as a Marketer with a Master’s Program

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The bottom line is, marketers and brand owners must be open to change. By incorporating and adapting to the ever-changing environment, marketers can attract the right audience. This is the foolproof way to ensure your brand’s success and growth. Anyone who’s not leveraging the latest marketing trends is bound to miss out on a sea of opportunities. You don’t want to be that person! So, keep your eyes open and embrace the change – tweak the trends to your benefit. 

We hope this helps!

What is the best way to market in 2022?

In addition to the marketing trends mentioned above, staying digitally vigilant while maintaining an offline presence is the best way to target the right customer base in all forms. Preparing brands with AR and AI-friendly ideas is another addition marketers must make.

What marketing is the most cost-effective?

Digital marketing, by far, is the most cost-effective marketing strategy for brand awareness. Other forms of marketing, such as traditional, can cost too much using print, audio, and video mediums. Digital marketing offers low-cost plans while delivering continuous insight into the performance of endorsed brand campaigns and how well customers perceive them.

What should marketers focus on in the near future?

Today’s marketing domain is pretty dynamic. While digital marketing is a new truth, marketers cannot completely do away with conventional marketing methods like billboards, flyers, etc. Hence, It calls for a smart and cohesive marketing strategy involving both digital and traditional marketing tools.

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