Top 10 Highest-Paid Jobs in US in Commerce Field

Job- the first few thoughts that come to mind after hearing this word are sustainability, necessity, and salary. A well-paid job flatters everybody, yet it is noteworthy to mention that a well-rounded education in the industry is essential to land that high paid job. Every student in their education life is faced with the inevitable choice of opting for the curriculum in which they can further their career in the future. The process can be daunting and thrilling. 

The curriculum in commerce is pragmatic and accomplishable, as it offers jobs around the board and broadens the career path dynamically. The commerce stream jobs can be considered jobs that help pay off debts and student loans and offer better yearly vacations. The United States of America, among other countries like the United Kingdom, Canada, and Australia, is considered the best for learning commerce around the globe. 

The following is a list of the ten highest-paid jobs in commerce for graduates and postgraduates. Let’s explore the most prominent commerce jobs in the market to expand your horizon with potential opportunities. 

Investment Banker

An individual in a financial institution responsible for raising corporate and governmental finances, including other entities, is referred to as an Investment banker. With a firm grasp of verbal and non-verbal skills, excellent number-crunching skills, and a capability to work long grueling hours, one having these skills can land students jobs in commerce.

One can seek a Bachelor’s degree in finance or accounting, a BBA in finance, a BA in economics, a BCom, an MBA in finance, or an MBA in digital finance and banking to work as an investment banker. 

The annual salary of an Investment Banker is $71,873

Company or Corporate Secretary

A business professional is responsible for ensuring the integrity and ongoing projects of the company, ensuring the company’s regulatory requirements across the board, and having core knowledge of the company is referred to as a Company Secretary.

Students capable of handling multiple responsibilities, multitasking, and possessing excellent organizational skills can opt for this job as it highlights their talents.

The CS course is available as an Executive and Professional program that enables you to pursue a career in the relevant field. 

The average salary of a Corporate Secretary is $225,289.

Chartered Public Accountants (CPA) 

Accounting professionals that hold a license are given the title of certified public accountant (CPA). Every state’s Board of Accountancy is responsible for issuing CPA licenses. The American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) offers resources for acquiring the license. The CPA designation supports the accounting industry’s efforts to uphold professional standards. 

A bachelor’s degree in business administration, finance, or accounting and finishing 150 hours of study are prerequisites for becoming a certified public accountant. 

Common positions held by CPAs include those in public accounting, corporate accounting, and senior positions like a controller or chief financial officer (CFO). 

The annual salary of a CPA is $89,452. 

Marketing Manager

The work of a marketing manager is to help brand the company, plan executive campaigns, and communicate the organization’s message to the target audience. A marketing manager’s work includes ensuring the branding and advertisements of the company or organization are done efficiently.

Management and organizational skills, communication skills, and in-depth knowledge of management skills are grounding bases to land this job. 

The average salary for this job is $78,826.

Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA)

This is considered the most reputed of all finance-related jobs. The responsibilities include making sound plans for the stocks and industries to make a profit for the company. Chartered Financial Analyst also provides investment recommendations to individuals, known as portfolios. 

Analytical and computer skills are vital to landing this profile, as most of the work is done using excel sheets and handling spreadsheets. Commerce stream students have a strong base in mathematics, which helps get this profile on a resume. 

This profile requires a bachelor’s degree, passing CFA program exams to get this role and a minimum of four years of experience in a relevant role. 

The annual salary of a Chartered Financial Analyst is $70,381.


The responsibility of an actuary is to analyze the uncertainty and economic cost risk of the company. For example, they review the data claims by the policyholders to determine the risk and whether it should be resolved. They recommend the amount to be charged, kept, and paid.

 The actuaries analyze all these data with their skills in computers, mathematics, and financial theory. 

Maths, BSc in Actuarial Science, MSc in Actuarial Science, and Financial Mathematics and Statistics are a few courses one can take up to pursue a profile as an Actuary. 

The salary per year is $109,251 per year.

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

The CEO is the highest-ranking executive in an organization, supervising all activities in a business organization. The role of a CEO is to implement new plans and policies in the company. 

The CEO is responsible for improving financial growth, supporting and broadening the digital market, and setting a strategy for the future. There are over 38,708 CEOs employed in the US. 

A few examples of a CEO are- Timothy Donald Cook, of Apple Inc. since 2011. Elon Reeve Musk FRS, CEO and chief engineer of SpaceX; CEO of Tesla, Inc.; and Twitter. 

The annual average salary of a CEO is $103,563.

Curious about the most lucrative career paths in commerce? Explore our detailed guide on the highest paid jobs in India in commerce, and aim for a prosperous future in the business world.

Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

The chief financial officer is a finance professional responsible for handling all aspects of cash flow and tax-related issues. The CFO takes all the company’s strategic initiatives. 

Students in the commerce curriculum with skills in mathematics, economics, and in-depth knowledge in finance have a bright prospect in this job role. 

The annual average salary of a CFO is $122,747.

Cost Accountant

Cost Accountant is one of the finest career opportunities for students to get jobs in commerce streams. Cost accountants are finance professionals that analyze the company’s products and costs. 

These individuals collect and maintain expense databases and determine the costs of rent, salary, and insurance. They are also responsible for reviewing the inaccuracies of the actual costs. Jobs for commerce students can be rigorous and hectic as it deals with numbers and spreadsheets, but one cannot deny that commerce jobs pay their employees accordingly.  

An MBA in accounting courses can quickly help one to pursue this role as a career path. Skills such as accounting, management, and understanding of the business can help one secure a place as a Cost Accountant. 

The average salary of an Accountant is $52,790. 

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The rapid growth of entrepreneurship globally implies its popularity among young aspirants hoping to showcase their ideas to the world through their creatively-led services. An Entrepreneur is an entity that constructs its own establishment while bearing the most financial burden and reaping its benefits entirely as well. 

Besides holding a firm grasp on their relevant field knowledge, entrepreneurship demands problem-solving, analytical, persuasion, and effective communication skills to deal with people. 

The average salary of an Entrepreneur is $95,879 per annum. 

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Perceiving the dynamic work profiles and demand for talented professionals, commerce students are expected to see bright and fulfilling prospects ahead of them. Students in the commerce curriculum develop well-rounded skills in analytical thinking, managerial skills, technical and computational skills, and arithmetic that help raise the bar for getting jobs in commerce streams. Thus, it can be said that the jobs for commerce students are up and coming. 

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What is the highest-paying job in Commerce?

The Company or Corporate Secretary position is known to be one of the most impressively paid jobs in the commerce field. The job demands continuous upskilling while keeping up with consistent financial reforms, which justifies the high amount offered for the role.

Is there any scope of Commerce without mathematics?

Yes, absolutely. Job profiles such as Entrepreneur, Hotel manager, Event manager, and Research analyst are a few of the many jobs for commerce students without mathematics.

Are the upGrad certificates valid?

The certificates from upGrad are authentic and valid as the University Grants Commission approves them. upGrad is one of the most prominently known education platforms, which brings courses from globally acclaimed universities.

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