The web developer road map

This roadmap is equally separated into three sections: the first is about key abilities that any web developer should know, and the rest are about front and back-end development, two significant areas of web development.

Depending on your preferences, you can learn Front-end, Back-end, or both. However, if you aim to work as a FullStack Web developer, both front-end and back-end would be necessary. 

How to start your journey of becoming a Web-Developer?

Start your journey by selecting either the Front-end or Back-end path based on your interests. However, there are certain aspects that every programmer should be aware of before starting their web development journey. 

Learning is recommended for either path

Some fundamental technologies and methods are required for both the front-end and back-end development paths.


Git is one of the most widely used version control systems. It’s simply impossible to survive without Git these days.


It includes removing login to another host, which is another common networking notion that every web developer should understand.


The HTTP protocol is the web’s backbone, and a web developer must undertand HTTP and HTTPS features.

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Basic Terminal Usage Linux Command Line Basics

The Linux command line benefits any coder, not just website developers. It is strongly advised that you spend some time understanding it.

Data Structures and Algorithms

Data structures and algorithms are the building blocks of any program. An in-depth knowledge of Algorithms and Data Structures is important to grant your your next job opportunity or simply help you perform well in your current one. 

Character Encodings

Worldwide application development enables presenting information in diverse languages around the world; hence, web development aspirants must know character encodings, which work to instruct your browser on how to display your information.


Git and Github are the industry standard for version control and code storage, therefore making them an essential skill to learn for every web developer.

The Roadmap for Front-end Developers

If you wish to be a front-end developer, follow the Front-end Developer RoadMap below. Additional resources, such as books and courses, are available below the RoadMap to help you learn web development intricacies. 

Web Development Fundamentals

It goes without saying that in order to become a Web Developer, you must understand the internet fundamentals, web services, protocols such as HTTP, and web development in general for overall control over the digital environment. 

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HTML and CSS are indeed the foundations of every website. HTML offers structure, but CSS adds style to make them look better and more visually attractive.


HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, work as the three supporting pillars of web development, while being similar to the pillars of object-oriented programming, called Abstraction, Encapsulation, Polymorphism, and Inheritance.


TypeScript, like C and C++, can be perceived as similar to JavaScript++; however, it is not as well known as C++. The benefit of TypeScript is that it provides type-safety to JavaScript code, allowing you to catch inconsistent JavaScript type-related problems during development.


People no longer construct websites with pure HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Nowadays, frameworks such as Angular, React JS, or Vue.js handle most of the work. They also provide a framework for storing codes, making it simple to create a web application in a short time. As Angular is supported by Google, learning it is a good choice for any modern Web Developer.

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React JS

React is a famous library used to construct online applications. It allows you to design reusable components, which you can utilize to construct dynamic web pages. React being supported by Facebook makes it highly popular amid programming professionals.


In recent years, Vue or Vue JS gained traction, with more individuals advocating for adopting Vue.js. Beginners at Vue will most likely need some time before transitioning toward Vue-based applications.

The Roadmap Back-end Developers

Back-end development aspirants can use this back-end developer roadmap as a guide to identify critical technologies and understand the process to progress further into the field. 


There are various frameworks assisting back-end development of your online applications, such as Java and Spring or Python And Django, but in recent times Node.js has emerged as the favored option. The most significant part about Node is it allows you to create an entire web application with only one computer language, JavaScript.


Java is a preferred language for designing back-end applications globally. In order to create a cutting-edge, high-performance back-end, you can use Core Java or Java + Spring Boot.


Python is yet another logical language rich in frameworks and libraries. If you want to build the back-end in Python, Django is a full-stack development framework for Python programmers.


Ruby is another sophisticated language ideal for web development. It features an efficient framework known as Rails that makes constructing web applications smooth and quick.


Regardless of what folks think about PHP, it is the simplest way to develop server-side code, with about half of the internet being powered by PHP and MySQL stacks.


Here we conclude our discussion on how to become a Web Developer. Our web developer roadmap is a great place to start your web development journey as it outlines essential aspects of web development covering essential aspects. Thorough research is the key to meeting your goals, so go through concepts in detail before pursuing a relevant degree or applying for a related job.

If you’re new to programming, don’t let the roadmap and various skills intimidate you. Concepts will simplify as soon as you show interest in immersing a bit deeper in the concepts. 

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Which is easier, the back-end or the front-end?

There is a widespread belief that front-end developers have it easier than their back-end counterparts. This may be true at the novice level, but in truth, mastering either of these two aspects of web building takes a lot of effort and patience.

Why do we require a back-end?

The back-end of a website is the part you don't see, that is, the server-side of an application. It is in charge of storing and managing data and ensuring that the base structure of any software works properly. The back-end communicates with the front-end by sending and receiving data that will be presented as a web page.

What exactly is API data?

API stands for Application Programming Interface, which is a software mediator that enables communication between different applications. An API is used on applications like Facebook, instant messaging, and weather app on the phone.

What is the full form of PHP?

PHP stands for Hypertext Preprocessor.


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