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Artificial Intelligence 2022 is ready, are You? Throughout 2010, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been one of the top technological preferences. Artificial Intelligence salary in India can summarize the situation for you. Where is it headed as we sail into the new decade in another 10 months? It may so change the dynamics wherein science fiction would borrow from the ingenuity of AI instead of AI seen as the realisation of a sci-fi story.

In this article, we discuss areas under the radar of Artificial Intelligence 2022. You’ll learn how you can leverage it to the advantage of your domain now and in the future.

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Artificial Intelligence 2022 & you!

AI as a Business Refinery

Artificial Intelligence 2022 is going to inhabit business processes like never before. In the 2010s, many businesses were still overwhelmed by the idea of automating manual tasks. If they haven’t made room for RPA yet, we aren’t sure if they are ready for the real AI. RPA and AI will be partnering to mimic human activity through machine vision, speech recognition, and pattern detection. As AI and RPA take care of the tactical, we get to focus on the strategic.

AI Customized Interface

With the likes of Amazon, Alibaba, and Google, the ability to customise experiences and recommendations to the preference of a buyer, will take the front seat. With AI in goods and services experience, providers can imitate the knowledge that the service or the asset is likely to produce. This kind of experience will alleviate return and build a stronger customer relationship.

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Don’t be surprised if your apps are all ears when you express the desire to hog on some Chinese cuisine. A food app may dial an appropriate restaurant serving your cuisine, book a table, place your order from their menu, and have you leave your work right when the lunch is due. And if you need time to meditate, Deepak Chopra will be soon in your pockets.

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AI in Physical & Virtual Security

Artificial Intelligence 2022 will bolster physical security.  AI-enabled cameras and access control systems will administer license plate recognition of cars going in and out of parking facilities. AI will be useful for enforcing the law and conducting criminal investigations. AI-enabled license plate recognition will fortify private security.

In virtual security, AI is taking cyber nuisance head-on. If you dream for a career in digital security, a Master’s Degree from LJMU would be ideal. Remember that we are digital natives, and in the decades to come, we need AI leadership to aid our parallel existence on the Internet.

AI in Robotic Surgery

“The global market for surgical robots is forecast to grow to $24 billion by 2025,” according to a report by Global Market Insights. An article in the Business Standard introduces the DaVinci surgical robot is an AI-assisted intuitive and non-invasive surgery that heals faster than before. Lin Peiyu, a young surgeon from Guangzhou, informs that robotic surgery assisted by AI is growing in China. Major cities like Shanghai, Beijing, and Hongkong have already reaped considerable success.

Here, India seems to have advanced pretty well too with hospitals such as Fortis, Apollo, Columbia Asia, and Tata Memorial being the early adopters. Of course, there is speculation around the advancement of the most advanced DaVinci surgical system. Isn’t speculation always an opportunity for further tests and trials? An intensive degree or PG Diploma in AI & ML will prepare you in no time.

Artificial Intelligence 2022 & Human-on-a-Chip

Hesperos is one of the six companies working on the human-on-a-chip or interconnected multi-organ systems. With Artificial Intelligence in its DNA, Hesperos is using its pumpless platform with the serum-free cellular medium. The fully human system has the potential to disrupt toxicology testing and contribute much to drug discovery.

According to the chief scientist & founder, James Hickman, “the platform will be used as a rare disease avatar and as an alternative to animal models.” Hesperos’ custom design will allow customers to choose which organs to use in the model, especially useful in the rare disease efficacy models.

Could you imagine that Artificial Intelligence will be at the helm of human-on-a-chip? Hesperos has already bagged funding for Alzheimer trials.

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