7 Steps For Successful Career Transition in 2022

In today’s world, career transition can be a challenging aspect for anyone. The hiring managers expect an immediate understanding of the applied role from the applicant. When it comes to making a 180-degree career shift, it means a change in your career. Career transition means targeting a new industry and going up against the competition.

Without any industry experience and relevant position, the application may not rank higher than those who are already working in that field. A career change may involve both money and time, so you should remain well informed before making any decision. However, you can go through this career transition guide to get success:

1. Be Confident About Career Transition

Before making any decision about a career change, you should decide whether you are ready for this transition or not? A career shift is not an easy task as it will change your entire professional career. You will also have to quit your current job. Be confident about your step and take an opinion from some experts and then decide about this step.

2. Plan your Steps in Advance

You might think that you are planning for something that you know and have complete information on it. However, when you join the job, the story may differ, as there may be several challenges and instability. So, before making any decision, please make a list of all possibilities and be honest with yourself while deciding it.

It’s ok if you do not have any career goals, but you should plan your steps. Well, you may not think and arrange anything until you don’t initiate anything. You should know what type of work or job will work for you?

3. Remove Hurdles

Your family, friends, and many others may not like your career transition decision. But you have to prove your decision right; do not change your decision in the middle just because of someone else. There may be many other hurdles or obstacles while pursuing a new career. If you start pursuing this new career, you will find several blocks. Just tackle them smartly to attain your goal for this career transition.

4. Skill Assessment

When you plan for another career, you may have to earn a new degree or certificate in the relevant field. Moreover, skill assessment is also mandatory. Choose the right skill for your career transition and review your selection. Look at the skills required for the new job and compare them with your existing ones. Sometimes, you may find that you have all the necessary skills and experience. Moreover, if you lack any listed skills, add them to your resume by getting relevant certifications.

5. Volunteer

An internship or volunteer role for a similar position may brush up your skills. For every craft, some organisations may ask for your free contribution. So, you can find such internship opportunities and apply for the same. In this way, not only will you get the real-time experience of the current industry trend, but your network will also grow.

You can meet lots of people with whom you may not have met earlier. They may assist and train you with their experience. Take their guidance also to make your career transition successful. Volunteer participation for a similar profile or role may open the door to many other opportunities for your future.

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6. Build the Network

You may have your existing network, but you may need some new connections to plan the career transition. Social media is the best way to grow our relationships and know the current industry trend. Build, develop and cultivate your network. This will help you in many ways.

You can also get connected with several similar forums and groups on social media. They’re people from similar profiles and may be helpful. You can ask for advice there and know all ins and outs of the role. Network building and cultivation is an imperative aspect of a career for both fresher and experienced candidates.

7. Job Applications

The crucial and final step for your job transition is to take the last action, i.e., apply for the job role. When you gain confidence through the volunteer role and become familiar with the profile, you can add up your resume’s skill and update your social media profile. This will be sufficient to apply for the relevant job through any job portal.

Depending on the type of career transition, it may take a little longer to get the job that matches your profile. Be aware of the current trend and market requirements. Take help from your mentors, volunteers, professionals, and sponsors in your network to find the relevant opportunity.


This career transition guide can help you in deciding correctly. If you have taken your decision confidently, learning a new skill and getting trained for it may be the right option for you. Even If you are already employed, you can still get acquainted along with the job. You can quickly get the dream job if you have the right attitude and proper guidance. Just make your decision wisely and change your life.

With the advanced times, skills have become an inevitable requirement that makes people suitable for any work. These career skills, job skills, and employability skills significantly impact a person’s workability and help an organization grow.

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