Social Media Post Ideas for Business [Complete Guide]

Social media has revolutionized the world of communication. It is no longer restricted by the boundary of knowing and not knowing people. It helps people create new acquaintances, strengthen old ties, and maintain relationships. 

Research studies and surveys indicate that the usage of social media is increasing exponentially by the day. According to the latest reports, 71% of Americans have been using Facebook since 2013. It is reported that 93% of Facebook users rely on Facebook to connect with their families. YouTube, on the other hand, has 2,291 billion monthly active users. It is estimated that the total social media users will reach 3.96 billion in 2022. 

These statistics prove the importance of social media in our lives. 

The true strength of social media, however, is its ultimate ability to influence people. Besides staying connected with friends and family, social media can also be used for business promotion. Enhancing business success involves increasing brand awareness, brand engagement, customer engagement, and earning trust. And that is best achieved by establishing an authoritative social media presence. 

In this article, we will talk about how you can use social media posts to improve your business. Here are ten interesting social media content ideas for companies to boost brand visibility and establish a robust online presence. 

1. Post interesting content regularly.

Content is the backbone of social media. So, come up with unique and attractive content to stand out from your competitors. Whenever you come across an impressive article related to your industry, be sure to make notes and present your take on the subject.

Your content should be of high quality and posted regularly. It is essential to have your content frequently changed to maintain uniqueness. It’s important to mix your content genres and post light-hearted, humorous posts and heavy, professional posts. This way, you will sustain the attention of the viewers and not sound boring. The reason behind the success of most companies today is their impeccable social media presence, of which content is the driver of traffic.

2. Make use of infographics.

Infographics are a combination of information and graphics. These are the graphic portrayal of data, information, or ideas intended for a crisp and vivid presentation. They increase the viewability of content by engaging graphics, thereby making it visually enticing. Infographics are an asset in social media to deliver content in a short time. Use them effectively to go viral in seconds. Instead of explaining your brand in big boring paragraphs, you can use infographics to grab the viewers’ attention. It is known to increase brand viewing and recognition.

3. Put the spotlight on your team members.

You can share a quotation or journey of one of your team members. This accounts for unique content while also providing a sense of ownership to the viewers by giving them access to your inner business circle. They also act as your brand ambassadors and help you gain the much-required asset in business – trust. 

4. Create an event and meet your followers personally.

Any business needs to have a human touch to make it more relatable and accessible. Create an event and invite your followers. This facilitates you to have a one-on-one conversation with your followers. This also reaches your brand quite comfortably to your followers. You can seal the deal by distributing your product as freebies to the guests. Ever heard about the power of word of mouth? These simple marketing tricks will show you the true potential of word of mouth.  

5. Be a curator

The backbone of effective social media business marketing is curating relevant content and using the right social media platform to present. However, curating content is a challenging task that needs to be done professionally. Some agencies have the resources and expertise to deliver high-quality social media marketing strategies/campaigns.

6. Use statistics effectively

It is not always possible to come up with unique and engaging content. So, you can make use of statistics and figures to create an interest among the viewers. People prefer looking at data presented as graphs or statistics rather than lengthy paragraphs. Statistics make for a bite-sized reading that can make an impact on the readers. However, use stats effectively – it should never be a mere approach to present numbers. Choose a trending topic related to your business and dig out relevant statistics. Relevant statistics and figures can help establish brand credibility and trust among your audience.

7. Listen to your audience.

While it is great for companies to be active on social media, you should also constantly ask your audience to give their valuable opinions. This is the most powerful tool for improving your business as it gives you an honest opinion and feedback about your products. 

Getting your audience to speak is challenging. So start with a fun online poll to engage your audience. It could be as simple as asking them about their favorite color or the qualities that they like about your product. It could just be anything that engages them. Even if the viewer’s opinion is not about your product, your brand subtly gets the spotlight. This makes the audience talk about your brand.

8. Post real testimonials on your products

The phrase “do not blow your own trumpet” does not work for social media. You need to be aggressive when it comes to marketing. When you get an appreciation from your customer, repost it on your social media accounts to increase brand and product visibility. Positive feedback from the common public is the best word-of-mouth marketing your product can get. The impact is greater than any other mode of marketing as it is authentic and honest. 

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9. Unleash the power of photography

A picture speaks a thousand words, and this very well applies to social media. Most of the social media platforms are meant for sharing photos and videos. For those in business, it is a double-edged weapon. Always use high-quality, sharp images of your product with a well-written and attractive caption. This picture and caption combo can make you trend in seconds and provide a much-needed boost for your brand. A low-quality picture will create a bad brand image. 

10. Blend your words with emojis

Content needs to be presented expressively. If your content is too wordy, viewers may lose their focus and interest mid-way. So, make sure to use emojis to make your content come alive and connect with your audience in their language. Emojis are very popular today and are an indispensable part of texts. They make readers associate with your words instantly. Fewer words and more emojis have become a trend now. This is an effective marketing technique in social media. 

11. Offer gifts or freebies.

We all love gifts irrespective of our age. Offering a giveaway as a token of your appreciation will take your brand engagement over the roof. Giving away freebies will also attract new customers, further improving your brand awareness. However, remember not to go overboard with this. If you offer too much for free, they’ll wait until the next time you offer a giveaway or discount to purchase your product. This will undermine the value of your product. So, use discounts, offers, and freebies wisely to attract new customers and retain existing ones. 

The above-mentioned social media post ideas are some of the most powerful ways to use social media posts for business promotion. 

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What are some of the essential things that a business should post on social media?

There is a lot of important and interesting stuff that you can post on your social media business page. Here is a list of a few of them:
1. Blog posts with interesting facts about your company and products.
2. Posts explaining your company's culture inspire viewers to purchase your product.
3. Current trending news about the industry.
4. Curated content.
5. Question and answer sessions.
6. Videos on your company and product.
7. Reviews and testimonials from customers.
8. Expert tips and tricks.

How to devise interesting ideas to keep the content fresh and unique?

Creating unique and exciting content regularly could be excruciating. Here are a few tips that might help with new content ideas:
1. Generating series that can be posted on a weekly, monthly, or daily basis.
2. Host an AMA (ask me anything ) session. This creates a great curiosity among your followers.
3. Run a contest or poll.
4. Share interesting posts relevant to your industry, pin them, repost and retweet them.
5. Create short and crisp thumbnails or videos.
6. Reframe your existing content.
7. Have a tie-up with another brand and go for joint promotion.

What are the things to avoid when posting on social media?

Knowing what not to post is equally important as knowing what to post. The following is a list of things to avoid posting on social media:
1. Blasphemous and expletive content.
2. Any kind of abuse.
3. Obscene or vulgar content.
4. Illegal content (pirated).
5. Content that might offend any section of people.
6. Negative feedback on employer, boss, or company.
7. Grammatically incorrect content.
8. Any content related to drugs.

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