Social Media Manager Salary in India in 2023 [Average to Highest]

In recent times, there has been an increase in the use of social media platforms. Online channels are used to connect with friends and family across the globe. But did you know social media also offers a lucrative career opportunity with attractive pay packages?

In the present digital age, almost every industry, business, and even political parties explore social media’s strength and reach to endorse their brands and cover a broader audience base. This has resulted in a massive influx of opportunities for people to turn their social media skills into meaningful careers. However, to excel in the industry, you must be creative and possess innovative ideas to help brands stand out and drive engagement. 

Today’s article will encompass everything about social media marketing, from top social media management jobs to their eligibility criteria and salaries. 

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Who is a Social Media Manager?

A social media manager is a skilled professional responsible for handling various social media handles of a company, including Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook. As the manager, he is the voice of the company across social media channels.

Given the competitive market, companies today are looking for experienced and qualified social media managers who can help advertisers promote a company’s products and services on social media channels. Almost every company, big or small, requires a competent social media manager to keep an eye on their promotional activities and train other team members.

Here are the jobs and responsibilities of a social media manager include:

  • To develop high quality visual and written content for social media campaigns.
  • To drive social media engagement for a company by maintaining an impactful online presence.
  • To keep an eye on the company or brand’s presence across various social media channels.
  • To respond to follower’s comments on various platforms.
  • To develop and implement result-oriented social media advertising campaigns for a company.
  • To increase the brand awareness of the organisation by engaging the right influencers.
  • To oversee the customer service of the company across social media channels.
  • To keep an eye on social media campaigns’ performance and customise them based on analytical data and insights to get better results.
  • To manage the online presence of brands and driving traffic to a company’s products and services. 
  • To train company employees about the best practices for content creation.

Candidates who have a knack for creating interactive promotional strategies and can manage social media campaigns across social media platforms should consider taking up social media management as a career. 

A social media manager’s job is filled with challenges as the industry is no stranger to changes. With evolving algorithms and changing marketing strategies, professionals must regularly stay updated with the latest trends to succeed in the industry.

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Social Media Manager Salary in India

Social media specialists must have adequate experience to earn a competitive salary. The average social media salary in India as per PayScale is ₹308,082 per year. However, it depends entirely on a professional’s educational background and skills and the location where they are employed. Further, with an increase in experience levels, social media manager salary in India increases.

As a fresher, you can expect to earn up to ₹162k per annum. A professional with mid-level experience (5 to 9 years) can expect a salary of ₹472,423 per annum, and a senior-level or an experienced social media manager with at least a decade’s experience can earn up to ₹1,160,000 per annum.

Eligibility Criteria for Social Media Manager 

Candidates interested in taking up social media management as a career must fulfil minimum eligibility criteria, including:

1. Education 

There is no specific educational qualification required to become a social media manager. However, before hiring, some industries ask for a bachelor’s or master’s degree.  A candidate with a degree in marketing media and communication, business management, digital marketing, and public relations is eligible to land a high-paying job as a social media manager. 

As almost every sector is connected with the marketing industry, social media marketing has a vast scope. With networking, you can leverage strong connections within the industry. Here are the top sectors that offer employment opportunities to social media managers: 

  • MNCs
  • Advertising agencies 
  • Social media marketing agencies 
  • Digital Marketing Agencies 
  • Media houses 
  • Telecommunication 
  • Startups 
  • IT firms 
  • Education

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2. Experience 

Companies prioritise experience. You need to demonstrate on-the-job experience in the form of projects or certifications to attract decent salary packages. Freshers may begin as assistants to social media managers before moving to managerial positions. There are also various companies offering internships and part-time job opportunities to candidates.

For instance, upGrad offers three digital marketing courses that comprise case studies and projects and live interactive sessions to help students upskill themselves and land high-paying jobs. You can pursue any one of the following as per your interests:

  1. PG Certification in Digital Marketing and Communication from MICA (6.5 – 11 months)
  2. Executive Program in Digital Branding & Advertising from MICA (6 months)

It is commendable to join internship programs to acquire work experience if you are just starting out or hoping to transition into the field. 

3. Skills

In addition to a marketing degree and experience, a candidate must have additional skills to be eligible for a social media manager position. Some of the recommended skills include:

  1. Customer service skills 
  2. Time management skills 
  3. Problem-solving skills
  4. Communication skills
  5. Analytical abilities
  6. Project management skills
  7. Creativity
  8. Interpersonal skills

Career Path for a Social Media Manager

A social media manager can work in varying positions based on the type of skills they possess. From digital marketing to data analysis and research, here are the top five job positions open to a social media manager in India:

1. Community Management

Average Base Salary: 540K/year

For someone attracted to social media connectivity, a career in community management can offer you lucrative opportunities. As a community manager, a professional needs to develop a relationship with a brand’s audience using various channels like newsletters, forums, and events.

The community isn’t restricted only to connecting with customers on social media; you also connect with your audience through user forums and query-based platforms. A community manager works with tech support, software developers, and brand advocates in taking a brand to new heights. 

2. Content Marketing

Average Base Salary: 478K/year

For a candidate who enjoys creating content, a job as a content marketer is ideal. In contrast to the character constraints associated with social content creation and jobs, content marketing offers every aspiring marketer a chance to showcase their creativity. Just like social media, content marketing is growing at a fast pace. In fact, studies have shown there was a 112% increase in content marketing jobs between 2018 and 2019 alone.

A content marketing professional begins his career by writing content, including emails, blog posts, newsletters, and website copy. Beyond writing skills, a content marketer must have appropriate knowledge of Search Engine Optimisation and familiarity with platforms like WordPress to establish a strong presence in the industry.

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3. Creative Design

Average Base Salary: 430K/year

A candidate with expertise in visual content can have a successful career in the creative department. This section of social media marketing is to connect the knowledge a candidate possesses with artistic passion. With expertise in creative design, you can also pursue a graphic designer or art director position.

The job of a creative designer includes a lot more than just creating graphics and photos. They need to contribute to a brand’s public image, language tonality, and creative development. In addition to creating graphics and other visuals elements, a designer must ensure all creative outputs work in tandem with the brand’s key message. They also must collaborate with motion graphics and video teams to develop outstanding multimedia projects for a company.

A creative designer must have strong creative skills and business skills such as strategic thinking and exceptional interpersonal abilities. A candidate with a deep understanding of the latest trends and practical problem-solving skills with an active interest in the visual field can hope for a rewarding future as a creative designer.

4. Social Media Consulting

Average Base Salary: 652K/year

Social media consulting involves soliciting advice to businesses regarding the recent trends in social media to devise strategic marketing plans. A consultant’s job is to manage client relationships and advise clients to build and implement social strategies effectively. A social media consultant works to help clients develop a dominant online presence which directly impacts their goal of increasing website traffic and raising brand awareness.

Social media consultants generally work as freelancers. Business firms looking for consultants prioritise candidates based on their experience in devising productive marketing strategies. Social media consultants who can identify problems and come up with appropriate solutions can look for strategic roles at an agency for an opportunity to work with a wide range of clients.

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5. Data Analysis or Market Research

Average Base Salary: 341K/year

To develop effective social media strategies, a marketing professional must conduct in-depth market research to zero in on a business’s target audience. By acquiring research and analytical skills, social media managers can branch into more data-centred career paths. Their job is to identify industry trends and predict market growth to provide actionable solutions to customers.

It is the job of a data analyst or market research representative to leverage cutting-edge tools and technologies to deduce profitable business insights. It also involves efficiently interacting with marketing communities and customers to gain insight into market demands. 

Their responsibilities have a massive impact on user experience. The resultant analysis of social media campaigns and feedback gleaned from interacting with consumers helps them assist marketing teams in devising fail-proof strategies. A successful social media analyst has a strong command over quantitative and qualitative data and can effectively communicate their ideas to stakeholders. 

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With the increasing usage of social media platforms, brands now realise the benefits of investing in a social media campaign. Now that companies are extensively relying on social media marketing to enhance brand visibility and drive increased audience engagement, career opportunities for social media managers are only expected to grow. There are plenty of paths a social media manager can transition into. They can either work as part of a company or manage their affairs as freelancers to serve multiple clients simultaneously.

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Why should brands consider opting for social media managers?

People are spending a significant amount of their waking time online and are using different social media platforms to make important decisions that impact every aspect of their lives. According to statistics, approximately 57 percent of customers follow brands to learn about products and services. Post following brands online, a person's online journey continues. 89 per cent of visitors visit the website and make a purchase or influence others to make a purchase.
The opposite also holds true. Approximately 45 per cent of customers unfollow brands for low quality content which translates into fewer visits to the website leading to fewer sales. In this age, social media is the first point of contact with your audience and hence, you must do it right.

What are the main responsibilities of a social media manager?

The social media manager is the person on whom lies the responsibility of helping companies achieve their goals through a combination of different social media channels. The manager handles all the different responsibilities that include planning, executing, monitoring analytics and suggesting changes to ensure that it is in line with the company’s goals.
The manager is required to stay updated about the changing algorithms and trends and ensure that the social media accounts they handle are modified to reflect the changing times.

What is the social media salary in India?

Although salary is not a constraint for competitive candidates, a social media manager with approximately 3-4 years of experience can command a salary of approximately Rs.3,43, 874 subject to terms and conditions.
A social media manager with 10-19 years of experience can command a salary of approximately Rs. 9,99,999 subject to terms and conditions.

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