24 Most Asked ServiceNow Interview Questions & Answers in 2023 [For Freshers & Experienced]

Preparing for technical interviews can be quite challenging. To help you with your preparation, we have assorted the following list of top ServiceNow interview questions. They will help you prepare for your interview and give you an idea of what you can expect there. These ServiceNow interview questions will ensure that you have revised the basics. You can also bookmark this page to come back to it later.

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Top ServiceNow Interview Questions

Q1: What Do You Mean By ServiceNow? (Alternatively, What Is ServiceNow ?)

Ans: ServiceNow is an ITSM tool (IT Service Management) based on the cloud. It gives a single record system for operations, business management, and IT services. All the aspects of an organization’s IT services live in the ServiceNow ecosystem. You get the total view of the system’s resources and services.

This way, you get better control over resource allocation and can design the process flow much efficiently. It allows you to make workflows, which can automate data extraction processes for enhanced efficiency.

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ServiceNow offers five prominent services, including Security, HR, and IT Service Delivery, Business Applications, and Customer Service. It is an integrated cloud solution that has all of these five services in one place. 

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Q2: What Do You Mean By An Application In ServiceNow?

Ans: An application in ServiceNow represents a packaged solution to manage business tasks and deliver services. In simple terms, it is a collection of modules that gives information about those modules. 

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Q3: What Is LDAP? What Is The Application Of LDAP?

Ans: LDAP stands for Light Weight Directory Access Protocol. We use it for user authentication and user data population. ServiceNow integrates with the LDAP directory to enhance the user login process and automate user creation and role assignment. 

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Q4: What Is CMDB?

Ans: CMDB is an abbreviation for Configuration Management Database and is a repository. We use it as a data warehouse for IT installations. CMDB holds data related to IT asset collections and the descriptive relationships between those assets. 

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Q5: What Are Data Lookup And Record Matching?

Ans: Data lookup and record matching is a feature that allows you to set a field value according to a selected condition instead of writing a script for the task. Here’s an example for understanding it better:

On an incident form, the priority lookup rules will sample data automatically. Now, you can set the incident according to the urgency values and the incident impact. As you can see, the data lookup rules let you specify the fields and conditions where you want the data lookup to happen. 

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Q6: What Is A Dictionary Override?

Ans: A dictionary override allows you to define an extended table or field differently from its parent table’s field. Here’s an example to explain it better:

For a Task [task] table field, you can use a dictionary override to change the default value on the Incident [incident] table without changing the default value on Change [change] or Task [task]. This is why dictionary overrides are quite beneficial. 

Additional Notes: It is among the crucial ServiceNow interview questions, so ensure that you prepare for it properly. 

Q7: What Do You Mean By CMDB Baseline?

Ans: CMDB baseline gives you capabilities that allow you to understand and control the changes made to your configuration items in the CMDB. It enables you to create snapshots of configuration items, which are called baselines. You can create multiple baselines as the system will track changes per baseline. Also, you can associate a configuration item with a task. 

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Q8: How Do You Enable (Or Disable) An Application In ServiceNow?

Ans: To enable (or disable) an application in ServiceNow, you’d have to go to the “Application Menus” module. Then, you would have to open the required application. If you want to enable the application, you can set the value for active as ‘true,’ and if you want to disable the application, you can select the value for active as ‘false’. 

Q9: What Does ACL Stand For? What Is It?

Ans: ACL stands for Access Control List. It allows you to control what data users get access to and how they can access the same. ACL rules require users to meet individual requirements to gain access to specific data. 

Q10: What Do You Mean By A View?

Ans: View specifies the field arrangement on a list or a form. You can select multiple views for a single form according to the user’s requirements or preferences. 

Q11: What Is Coalesce?

Ans: Coalesce is a field’s property you can use in transform map field mapping. By coalescing on a field, you can use that field as a unique key. If you find a match with the coalesce field, the current record will update with newly imported information. However, if you don’t see a match, then a new record will get inserted into the database. 

Q12: What Is Impersonating A User? Is It Beneficial, If So, How?

Ans: Impersonating a user allows the administrator to sign in to the system as a different user. This gives the administrator access to the modules and menus that the user had access to. Note that ServiceNow records the administrator’s activities when they are impersonating another user.

This feature is quite beneficial as it enables testing. By using this feature, you can test the solution without logging out from your session. Without the impersonate a user feature, you would have to log out from your session and log in with that user’s credentials for testing. 

Q13: What Do You Mean By A Data Policy?

Ans: Data policies allow you to enforce data consistency through mandatory and read-only states. They are quite similar to UI policies. The only difference between the two is that UI policies only apply to the data entered on forms through standard browsers. On the other hand, data policies can apply rules to all the entered data, such as data entered through web services, import sets, mobile UI, or email. 

Q14: What Do You Mean By UI Policies?

Ans: UI policies can change form pieces of information dynamically and provide control over custom process flows. They allow you to set mandatory fields that are visible and read-only on forms. UI policies are alternatives to client scripts and are used for changing fields dynamically on forms. 

Q15: What Are Client Scripts?

Ans: Client scripts sit on the browser (client side) and run there. There are multiple types of client scripts:

  • OnSubmit()
  • OnLoad()
  • OncellEdit()
  • OnChange()

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Q16: What Do You Mean By A Record Producer?

Ans: A record producer is a catalog item that lets users create task-based records from the Service Catalog. They are quite helpful and help with various processes. For example, without using a record producer, creating a problem record or a change record would be quite challenging. They give you an efficient alternative to make records. 

Q17: What Do You Mean By A Business Rule?

Ans: Business rules are server-side scripts. They execute every time you insert, delete, display, update, or query a record. When you make a business rule, you can determine what action and when it will execute. You can run them on the following states:

  • After
  • Before
  • Display

Q18: What Do You Mean By An Import Set?

Ans: Import sets are tools for importing data from different data sources and mapping them into ServiceNow through transform maps. They act as staging tables for imported records. 

Q19: What Is The Parent Table For Change, Incident, And Problem?

Ans: The Parent table of Problem, Change, and Incident is the Task table. It ensures that any configurations or fields defined on the parent table apply to the child tables automatically. 

Q20: How Do You Cancel Form Submission Through A Client Script?

Ans: To cancel form submission through a client script, you should use the following code:

function onSubmit() {return false;}

Q21: Is It Possible To Call A Business Rule Through Client Scripts?

Ans: Yes, you can call a business rule through client scripts. You would have to use glide ajax for this task. 

Q22: What Do You Mean By A Glide Record? 

Ans: Glide record is a Java class that lets you perform database operations without writing SQL queries. 

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Q23: What Do You Mean By A Transform Map?

Ans: A transform map converts the imported record into the ServiceNow import set table to the target table. It helps you determine the relationship between fields displayed in a target table and in an import set table. 

Q24: What Is Meant By An Inactivity Monitor?

Ans: An inactivity monitor will trigger an event for a task record if it has remained inactive for a certain amount of time. If the task continues to remain idle, the inactivity monitor would repeat regularly. 

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How to Prepare for ServiceNow Interview Questions

Now that we have seen the most commonly asked ServiceNow Interview questions, let’s understand how you can prepare for them – 

  • Be confident – Make sure that any response you give during the interview is crystal clear. Additionally, be very confident during ServiceNow ITSM interview questions and answers and display your expertise so that you may impress the recruiter with your upbeat demeanor.
  • Demonstrate your knowledge clearly – While asked about your expertise or when describing the skills listed on your résumé during the interview, be honest in your replies. If you are unfamiliar with a certain topic, be honest about it or state that you haven’t previously worked on it. However, you may state categorically that you would love to work on any specific subject that you are unfamiliar with or have never worked on. This is very important during ServiceNow ITSM interview questions and answers
  • Give detailed answers during ServiceNow ITSM interview questions – The interviewer may ask one-line questions. However, you must be careful to convey to them that you possess in-depth expertise on a certain topic on which he is looking for solutions. You should be evaluated by the interviewer because you are quite knowledgeable about many different subjects. But keep the time restriction in mind and refrain from using too much description and giving accurate details. 
  • Show enthusiasm – You must always be enthusiastic while answering the ServiceNow ITSM interview questions. The interviewer should get the impression that you are enthusiastic and full of energy about taking on any task. You must have a pleasant attitude throughout the ITSM interview questions ServiceNow.
  • Mention all your skills – Describe any other important information or skills you have learned outside of ServiceNow. This guarantees that you are the best candidate for the job since your versatility will set you apart from the competition.
  • Answer all your ITSM interview questions ServiceNow with examples of past experiences – When responding, try to provide some real-world examples. This demonstrates to the interviewer that you are knowledgeable about the subject at hand.

Why are ServiceNow Developers in Demand?

ServiceNow developers in India and throughout the world have a lot of opportunities since the technology is anticipated to continue to advance for many more years and because there are many different industries in which it may be used. Many businesses across practically all industries that offer ongoing service and support for diverse industries, including automobiles, IT, health, insurance, media, entertainment, etc., have used the ServiceNow platform. In the past, only a few IT businesses used an ITSM system that was out of date. With the availability of the ServiceNow platform, IT firms can now collaborate more successfully with all departments using a single application, enabling them to save a significant amount of time and money.

Reasons why you should consider ServiceNow as a career choice

  • Ability to choose your niche

A ServiceNow developer, architect, or technical professional are all possible careers. It enables professional progress and is not restricted to a particular subject. Start with the easiest task and work your way up to the most difficult.

  • Career growth 

ServiceNow has succeeded in creating a brand-new career path for IT professionals. It can assist you whether you’re a seasoned IT professional or a recent graduate. A tempting offer to join the ServiceNow platform and progress your career will be extended to you if you become a successful developer. 

  • Promising future ahead

The platform has had quick expansion and a high rate of acceptance; thus, the next years will be vibrant with innovation and rivalry. This guarantees the reliability of the application and the specialist’s proficiency with the ServiceNow platform. Professionals that successfully completed the certification process have a bright future ahead of them, and the growing popularity of the ServiceNow platform will only open up more chances for them.


We hope that you found this article on ServiceNow interview questions useful. Be sure to prepare every question thoroughly as it would enhance your grasp on the subject. You can also take inspiration from these questions to get an idea of what to expect in your ServiceNow interview. 

If you have any questions or suggestions regarding these ServiceNow interview questions, please let us know through the comment section below. We’d love to hear from you. Best of luck with your interview!

The ServiceNow interview questions have a wide range of variety, and the above ServiceNow questions touch every such concept. To get a better hold on the concept try the snippets on a code editor and feel the difference. 

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What is ServiceNow and what is it used for?

ServiceNow is a cloud-based platform that enables seamless workflow by automating mundane, repetitive tasks. While its roots lie in IT service management, ServiceNow is used to manage multiple processes in an organization, from customer service to HR and security. Since its conception in 2003, ServiceNow has built up a commendable reputation for showing rapid return on investment, and consistently providing good value for a growing organization. Some of the most useful applications are automated test frameworks, flow designers, guided application creators, script design, UI building, table building, service creation, and team development. ServiceNow has proven to be revolutionary because of the ease with which it can turn anyone into a developer, with its full-stack development tools.

What is the pay grade for ServiceNow developers?

With its impressively diverse range of applications, it comes as no surprise that ServiceNow is a well-paying skill. Salaries for ServiceNow developers start off at INR 4,00,000 per annum and reach as high as INR 13,00,000 per annum. The average salary comes to around INR 6,00,000 per annum. Of course, the salaries vary depending on the organization and the location of employment. Salaries also show a sizable increase with experience. ServiceNow is currently the fastest growing IT platform, with nearly triple the share of its competitors. This means that it offers extremely lucrative careers.

How can I become a ServiceNow developer?

To become a ServiceNow developer, you first need a Bachelor’s degree in computer science or information technology. You must gain proficiency in a few programming languages, primarily JavaScript because that is the language that is used to code in the ServiceNow tool. Gaining certification in ServiceNow by signing up for a specialized course can also be highly beneficial. The following additional skills also come in handy for ServiceNow developers to find jobs – AJAX, Agile, Cascading StyleSheets, HTML 5, Bootstrap, computer science, and human resources. “Scrum Master” and “ITIL certification” are some of the commonly required qualifications to become a ServiceNow developer.

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