SEO Salary in The USA in 2024 [Manager, Executive, Analyst & More]

What is SEO? Why is it important?

Digital Marketing, nowadays, is climbing high with its creative and innovative ideas, and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) has become one of the most popular and demanding offshoots of the Digital Marketing industry. 

Basically, SEO is a skilled technique to optimize your content or website so that it becomes relevant and popular while one tries to find their query in the search engine. This relevance occurs due to the use of pertinent keywords, meta-description, and headlines, among other aspects. As SEO is different from SEM (Search Engine Marketing), which provides paid ads on the first page of Google, this field needs creativity, analytic power, skills, and experience. SEO ensures that clients place their products on the first page of Google search results by targeting specific audiences after analyzing their most searched keywords.

Therefore, the benchmark for the demand for SEO specialists in the digital marketing industry is really high and gradually increasing day by day. Following the increasing demand, the salary hike, too, is increasing for SEO specialists. There are several posts in this regard according to certain roles and responsibilities, which also directly impact the salary one receives.

Various SEO job profiles and SEO salaries

With varying roles and responsibilities as SEO personnel, salary greatly varies. According to the market value and skills, the salary hike is prominent in the USA. The list below contains some top posts in the SEO field, their responsibility, and their average salary. 

1. SEO Manager Salary 

An SEO manager is supposed to coordinate SEO and SEM efforts. They supervise content, layouts, social media, and marketing teams while optimizing on-site and off-site projects. For this, the SEO manager needs to do extensive research, which blooms everywhere – on the company’s website, advertisements, social media platforms, and other relevant content. As the SEO manager needs to be an expert on the technical grounds, the salary of this post, no doubt, is the highest paid salary in the SEO field. 

  • Primary tasks of an SEO manager:

-Guiding the whole team and overseeing them.

-They must have great communication skills.

-They should be responsible for executing the SEO projects and developing the websites and social media sites.


  • The average salary of an SEO Manager: 


2. SEO Executive Salary

An SEO executive is a post dedicated to a senior and experienced employee. The candidate should have proper experience in the digital marketing and SEO field. They are also responsible for increasing the traffic to the company’s website.

  • Primary tasks of an SEO executive: 

-Guide the team for better enhancement.

-Great management and communication skills.

-Strategic skills to increase traffic.

  • The average salary of an SEO Executive:


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3. SEO Analyst Salary

The job of an SEO Analyst is based on the fundamental ground. The employees entrusted to this job are responsible for performing keyword searches and taking records of them. Fundamentally, they have to identify the trending keywords on the search engine. Once their research gets done, the analytical result is used by the digital marketing team to create the output content.

  • Primary tasks of an SEO Analyst:

-Keeping track of keywords and analyzing them.

-Creating SEO strategies.

  • The average salary of an SEO Analyst:


4. SEO Digital Strategist Salary

An SEO Digital strategist is responsible for designing, coordinating, and implementing SEO strategies. It strongly needs to review previous research and make necessary changes to ensure further campaign development.

  • Primary tasks of an SEO Analyst: 

-Making strategies for the campaign.

-Researching and reviewing campaigns.

  • The average salary of an SEO Analyst:


5. SEO Specialist salary

An SEO Specialist is supposed to help their company rank for keywords that help progress the company’s aim. An SEO specialist may be a freelancer or a full-time employee in the digital marketing industry.

  • Primary tasks of an SEO Specialist: 

-Supporting and assisting the company’s growth.

-Consulting capacity

  • The average salary of an SEO Specialist:


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Average SEO salary according to job profiles in different cities of the United States 

The salary of every SEO employee, according to their experience and responsibilities, differs with the location in the United States. Though the variables are more or less the same, it is worth knowing the industry’s roots and selecting the job profile according to your need and place. The table below shows the average SEO salary of different SEO job profiles in various cities in the United States.

Cities  SEO Manager SEO Executive  SEO Analyst  SEO Digital Strategist  SEO Specialist 
New York City $78,254 $114,812 $58,7182 $68,834 $59,875
Pennsylvania  $67,030 $98,345 $70,001 $74,300 $55,502
Texas  $67,484 $99,011 $68,801 $46,792 $55,878
Florida $64,967 $95,318 $60,000 $49,133 $53,794
Wyoming  $63,904 $93,759 $56,360 $53,611 $52,914
California  $73,211 $107,413 $78,301 $83,160 $60,621


SEO Salary Depending on Your Skills and Past Performance

Though the above table hints at the average salary of certain job profiles, skills, knowledge, and experience are some of the key features of this field that vary from person to person, and so does the salary. The people with higher knowledge and robust experience are likely to have a higher scale salary than the mentioned average salary. 

After the reports of Edoxi’s salary chart, which broadcasts job salaries in the field of digital marketing in the USA over the past few years, the novice SEO specialists can get a starting SEO salary of $35K, and the mid-level SEO employees are supposed to earn $47K. The experienced senior-level SEO specialists can earn up to $65K in 2022.

Why Should You Choose SEO

The most difficult decision in life, no doubt, is your career option. You need to think twice before you switch to something. If you are thinking of starting your career in the digital marketing industry, SEO is one of the best options for you. There are several alluring reasons why you should choose SEO as your career option. They are as follows:

  • The first reason to go for SEO is anyone with a bachelor’s or equivalent degree can opt for an SEO specialist job. You need not have any higher education to be able to do the job.
  • Nowadays, online work is the new normal, and you can carry your responsibility from anywhere. You also can engage as a part-time or full-time employee.
  • As the demand for the digital marketing industry is increasing day by day, the demand for SEO specialists is high and is supposedly bound to grow even more. As the number of companies is regularly increasing, it, no doubt, needs the strength of the workforce and hence lies the opportunity for SEO specialists in the market.

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What is the fundamental difference between on-site SEO and off-site SEO?

On-site SEO deals with creating and editing your website or content, whereas off-site SEO means any technical SEO work except the content.

How do you do keyword research for SEO?

You can follow the following techniques: 1) Identify your target audience. 2) Identify your primary keywords. 3) Try to find other relevant keywords. 4) Create your strategy to make your keywords focused on search engines.

How much does SEO cost?

It would differ in terms of how much time you want to spend your money. If we talk about the hourly aspect, it would cost from around $41 to $150. From a monthly perspective, it would cost from around $750 to $1500.

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