Average Senior Software Developer Salary in India 2023 [Freshers & Experienced]

As technology advances at an unprecedented rate, software engineers are at the forefront of innovation. Their expertise in designing, developing and maintaining software applications is essential across multiple industries, including healthcare, e-commerce, entertainment, and more. 

With the advent of Artificial Intelligence, Cloud Computing and IoT, the demand for highly skilled software engineers has reached new heights. In fact, according to a recent survey, by the end of the year 2029, there will be a significant increase in the demand for developers, amounting to as much as 22%.

On that note, mentioned below is a detailed article highlighting the roles and responsibilities of software developer, their average salary in India, and their future scope. 

Understanding the Role of a Senior Software Developer

Before we delve into the details of the average senior software engineer salary in India, let’s first understand who is a software developer and what their responsibilities are.

A senior software developer is an experienced professional with advanced skills and expertise in designing, building, and maintaining software applications. They oversee the entire software development cycle, including reviewing and debugging codes, collaborating with internal teams, and ensuring the software application is up-to-date with the latest technologies. In some instances, a software developer might also be required to provide technical guidance as and when required to deliver successful software projects. 

The job role of a software developer encompasses a lot of different tasks that need to be handled with precision and efficiency. From creating high-level designs and planning the overall structure of the software application to writing codes using programming languages and participating in process improvement initiatives, everything falls within the realm of the software development career. 

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Responsibilities of A Software Developer

The roles and responsibilities of a software developer might differ based on the organisation you work for. Nonetheless, some of the basic tasks that every individual in this career path is expected to fulfil include,

  • Collaborating with other team members to design algorithms and flowcharts.
  • Writing codes using programming languages, frameworks, and tools.
  • Developing and properly executing test cases to identify and resolve bugs.
  • Identifying and actively resolving technical issues and errors that might arise in the codebase to ensure smooth functionality.
  • Implementing the required security practices to protect sensitive data and ensuring the software resists cyber-attacks.
  • Gathering valuable feedback from end users and making the necessary changes for improvement. 
  • Keeping up-to-date with the latest technologies and ensuring that new features and enhancements are properly incorporated into the applications. 

Overall, the role of a software developer is crucial in creating and maintaining software solutions that not only help to drive business growth but also meet user needs. 

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Average Salary of Senior Software Developer In India

The average software engineer salary in India is currently estimated at INR 1,180,066. However, note that the average software engineer salary per month might differ based on the location, the organisation you are working in, as well as your experience, among other factors. 

For example, the full stack engineer salary in India is estimated to be INR 8.2 lakhs per annum. On the other hand, associate software engineer salary in India falls within the range of INR  2.2 lakhs to INR 9.6 lakhs per annum. 

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Factors Affecting Senior Software Developer Salary in India 

The average software engineer salary can be influenced by various factors in India. Such include,


Experience level is one of the most important factors that decide how much your salary will be. Candidates with more experience often receive a higher package than freshers or software developers at entry levels. This is primarily because the more experience you have, the better you handle different technologies. Therefore, the average senior software developer salary is undoubtedly going to be much higher than an entry level software engineer salary.


Salaries can also vary based on the city or region where the developer is located. For example, if you reside in metropolitan cities such as Bangalore, Mumbai, or Delhi, you will automatically receive much higher compensation than those working in smaller cities like Coimbatore. One of the main reasons for this is that the costs of living and the demand for tech talent tend to be much higher in such areas. 

In fact, did you know that Bangalore is regarded to be the highest-paying location for software developers, offering as much as a 16% salary hike compared to other states? 

States Average Salary
Bangalore INR 11.3 lakh per annum
Pune INR 5.0 lakh per annum
Hyderabad INR 8.5 lakh per annum
Noida INR 5.2 lakh per annum
New Delhi INR 9 lakh per annum

Job Role

Another crucial factor that directly influences the average senior software developer’s salary is their job title. For example, if you are applying for a role that demands a specific skill set, maybe in the field of gaming or machine learning, you will automatically be eligible for higher compensation than a generalist. 

Job Titles Average Salary
Senior Software Engineer  INR 15,00,000 per annum
Software Developer INR 8,00,000 per annum
Software Programmer INR 5,16,000 per annum
Java Developer Rs. 6,42, 652 per annum


Last but not least, specialised skills and expertise in technologies such as Cloud Computing, Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, and more can lead to higher salaries. Therefore, if you wish to make it big in the field of software development, it is always advisable to pursue a specific domain of your choice and hone your skills accordingly to earn greater compensation. 

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Future Scope of Senior Software Developer in India

Given the ongoing digital transformation across industries and the increasing demand for skilled tech professionals, the future scope for software developers in India looks highly promising. Did you know that the software developer role was placed in the list of ‘100 Best Jobs‘ by the US News and Worlds Report? 

In addition, the past year of 2021-2022 witnessed a 300% increase in the hiring of engineering job roles, especially in India. As much as 17% of engineers were hired in Kolkata, Mumbai, Delhi, and Bangalore, the Silicon Valley of India accounted for 15% of engineers hired successfully. Several reports estimate that India, by the end of the year 2024, will have the largest population of software developers, surpassing the US. 

Thus, keeping all these figures in mind, it can be safe to conclude that with this increasing reliance on technology, the demand for skilled software developers is expected to remain strong, making it a promising career path in India’s dynamic IT landscape.

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To Sum Up

While the upcoming years for senior developers, especially in India, are blooming, it is also important for individuals to continue expanding their skill sets. This includes staying up-to-date with the latest industry trends and adapting to new technologies. It will not only help to position yourself better as a specialist in your field but also give you that competitive advantage, which is much needed to survive in this highly dynamic marketplace. 

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How does the average senior software developer salary in India compare to previous years?

The average senior software developer salary in India has been experiencing steady growth over the past several years, reflecting the increasing demand for experienced tech professionals and the rapid expansion of the IT industry. The current estimated average software developer salary in India is INR 1,180,066. However, it is important to note that the figure might vary depending on the location, experience, and company you are working for.

Are there regional variations in senior software developer salaries across India?

The salary of a senior software developer in India can vary depending on the city or region due to various factors. These include the cost of living, demand for tech talent, local economic conditions, etc. For example, currently, candidates working in Bangalore earn up to INR 11,38,176 per annum. Simultaneously, those working in New Delhi have an average salary of Rs. INR 9,00,000 per annum.

Are there any salary differences between senior software developers in multinational companies (MNCs) and domestic companies in India?

Capgemini, TCS, Infosys, and Cisco are some of the leading multinational companies known for hiring software engineers yearly. When compared to domestic companies in India, the MNCs often tend to have larger budgets and can offer competitive salaries to attract top talent.

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