SDE Developer Salary in India: For Freshers & Experienced [2024]

A Software Development Engineer (SDE) is responsible for creating cross-platform applications and software systems, applying the principles of computer science, computer engineering, information technology and analysis to help organizations and individuals make informed decisions. They make all modifications in various software, according to client requirements, and are involved in optimizing an application for better performance delivery.

In this article, we’re going to discuss the salary of a Software Development Engineer in India and the skillset you need to be the best SDE developer. 

But first, let’s understand what an SDE does.

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Who is a Software Development Engineer? What do they do?

Power-packed with the strengths of algorithms and data structures, people who aim to optimize and simplify the working of any technology are Software Development Engineers.

Today, we are blessed with so many applications that make our lives easy and have become indispensable. For example, whenever a question pops up in mind, and we need a quick answer to it, we resort to Google Search.

But, have you ever taken out the time to think about how Google is able to yield relevant search results in the shortest possible time? Or how Google Maps is able to take us to our destination via the shortest route, by avoiding traffic jams? Similarly, money lending apps have taken over the market, especially because of the COVID-19 crisis, but how are these companies determining the borrowers’ capacity to repay the loan? What metrics do they use? What kind of technology have they deployed?

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Well, it is all thanks to the innovative and tireless minds responsible for building strong technical infrastructure – inventing newer and faster algorithms that allow users anywhere in the world to have access to information instantly. These are the minds of a Software Development Engineers, who take on the responsibility of enhancing the application by adding algorithms and data structures.

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Take algorithmic trading, for example. It involves a high knowledge of designing algorithms to predict the right price and time to purchase or sell stocks. And such an advanced technology-based trading system is essential for finance brokers as it gives them a roadmap of what to expect. 

Instead of relying solely on instincts, they utilize the formulas of highly skilled SDE engineers to steer their clients in the right direction. Learn more about What Does A Software Developer Do?

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Market Opportunities for SDE in India

A skilled software developer in India is never going to face any problems regarding employment, considering the vast opportunities the Indian market offers! If you’re good at solving problems and algorithms, there is a job waiting for you with the best brands in the world! From companies like Udaan, Flipkart, Acko etc. to tech giants like Amazon, PayPal, Google all welcome SDEs who bring with them an individual flair and a deep understanding of customer-centric solutions. 

SDEs help solve complex problems while fixing errors. A software development engineer doesn’t blindly code; they also design high-level tasks like how the application would work, how to reduce the time complexity, space complexity, etc.

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The aim of an organization is to create a seamless experience for high-volume traffic – the ultimate aim of which is customer acquisitions and brand loyalty. You are tasked with understanding the requirements of the customer, the intent with which they reach a page or site, and the ease with which they would want that information. 

Let us look at the e-commerce giant Amazon. The site loads instantly, and customers can get access to all the information they want to help with their buying decisions and provide a safe gateway for payments. Added to that is information on returns, interests, and other information that can nudge a customer to look at other products offered by the site.

The optimization has been made possible by skilled Software Development Engineers. It takes years to develop the trust of customers, and a simple delay or glitch can make lose that faith within minutes. Hence, SDEs are valued and sought for their ability to be creative, cautious, and troubleshoot.

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SDE Salary in India

Coming to the most awaited part of the article: the salary!

An average salary of a software development engineer is Rs. 1,191,752. With an experience of 5-9 years, they can expect the salary to rise exponentially to Rs. 1,737,799. Once the SDE gathers higher experience, they can expect to grab salary packages in the ranges of over Rs. 2,238,203.

sde salary in india


SDE Salary in India: Based on Experience

We have already shared above the difference in salary based on experience. You must remember, SDEs are responsible for customer interaction with an organization. As also mentioned above, a single glitch can lead to losses in terms of both money and faith. Hence, SDEs with experience to manage complex issues and provide solutions for risks anticipated are high in demand.  


As one can see the Salary of SDE developers depends on thier ability to excel in building software systems with better logic and optimization. Experience gives him the strength to guide a team of junior developers and create better technological infrastructure. 

Experience Level Average Annual Salary
1 Year ₹14.1 Lakhs
2 Years ₹11.9 Lakhs
3 Years ₹12 Lakhs
4 Years ₹13.8 Lakhs
5 Years ₹15 Lakhs
6 Years ₹16.5 Lakhs


SDE Salary in India: Based on Location

Across different sectors, the difference in pay is based on location. Cities and countries where the push of IT is greater will offer higher salaries to the developers. The biggest brands have a robust presence in such locations, and they are looking for the best from the industry.


The above image clearly shows that the city of Hyderabad offers the highest salary. And why not, Google and Amazon, the biggest brands in the world have chosen this city to open an office and pan-Asia warehouse, respectively.

The Silicon Valley of India Bangalore always welcomes developers to open heartily. Just to put things into perspective, have a look at the Salary a Software Development Engineer can dray in the US – $108,741 with around $4000 as a bonus. Salary increases over to $136.797 with 10 years of experience

City Average Annual Salary
Bangalore ₹15.3 Lakhs
New Delhi ₹15.7 Lakhs
Mumbai ₹11.3 Lakhs
Hyderabad ₹15.1 Lakhs
Pune ₹11.1 Lakhs
Chennai ₹15 Lakhs
Gurgaon ₹15.5 Lakhs
Ahmedabad ₹18.6 Lakhs


SDE Salary in India: Based on Employer

Another strong influence on salary is based on the company which hires you. The bigger the brand, the more is the value they need to place on customer-centric aesthetics and requirements. You are hired to help the company manage the brand image, values and voice to build the engagement with the customer. 


Several top product-based companies like Amazon, Microsoft, PayPal, Flipkart, Oyo Rooms etc.,  pay a very high salary to their software development engineers. The above image clearly shows that the biggest brands offer highly competitive pay scales. While applying for the job, don’t just look at the company name, look at the job profile and responsibilities to know which company is most likely to offer you job satisfaction. 

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SDE Salary in India: Based on Company Type

Company Type Average Annual Salary
Public ₹8.6 Lakhs
Forbes Global 2000 ₹10 Lakhs
Fortune India 500 ₹7 Lakhs
Conglomerate ₹8.4 Lakhs
Startups ₹12.8 Lakhs
Government ₹6.5 Lakhs
MNCs ₹10.1 Lakhs


SDE Salary in India: Based on Job Roles

Apart from SDEs, there are several other developers who are competing for similar jobs. Each one brings their own skill sets, but some of them may overlap with yours. Here is a quick comparison of the salaries that different professionals in the field draw.


Role Average Salary ( INR )
Senior Software Engineer ₹13.5 Lakhs
Software Developer – SDE(I) ₹9 Lakhs
Senior Software Programmer ₹15 Lakhs
Software Programmer ₹6.9 Lakhs
Web Developer ₹4 Lakhs
Associate Software Engineer ₹5.2 Lakhs
Lead Software Engineer ₹18 Lakhs
Java Developer ₹6.5 Lakhs


Factors That Affect a Software Engineer’s Salary in India

There are a number of factors that affect a SDE salary in India in India. They are: –

  • Experience

Experience plays a significant role in determining a software engineer’s salary in India. Generally, the more experience an engineer has, the higher their salary tends to be. As engineers gain more years in the field, they acquire valuable skills and expertise that make them more valuable to employers, leading to higher compensation packages.

  • Education

SDE qualification level also influences a software engineer’s salary. Engineers with advanced degrees such as master’s or doctorate degrees often command higher salaries compared to those with only bachelor’s degrees. Additionally, specialized certifications or training in relevant technologies can further enhance earning potential.

  • Skills and Expertise

The specific skills and expertise possessed by a software engineer can significantly impact their salary. Engineers proficient in in-demand programming languages, frameworks, and technologies such as Java, Python, or cloud computing platforms like AWS or Azure are often in high demand and can negotiate higher salaries.

  • Company Size and Location

The size of the company and its location within India are important factors affecting software engineer salaries. Generally, engineers working for larger companies or multinational corporations tend to earn higher salaries compared to those employed by smaller firms or startups. Moreover, salaries may vary based on the cost of living in different cities or regions across India, with metropolitan cities typically offering higher salaries compared to smaller towns.

  • Industry and Sector

The industry or sector in which a software engineer works can also impact their salary. For example, engineers employed in the IT sector or software development companies may receive higher salaries compared to those working in other industries such as finance or healthcare. Additionally, specialized industries such as fintech or artificial intelligence may offer higher salaries due to the demand for specialized skills.

  • Demand and Market Trends

Market demand for specific skills and technologies can influence salary trends for software engineers. Emerging technologies such as blockchain, machine learning, or data science often command higher salaries due to their increasing relevance and demand in the industry. Engineers who stay abreast of market trends and continuously update their skills accordingly may enjoy higher earning potential.

  • Negotiation Skills

Lastly, a software engineer’s ability to negotiate their salary can impact their earnings. Engineers who are adept at negotiating competitive compensation packages, including salary, bonuses, and benefits, may secure higher salaries compared to those who are less assertive in negotiations.

Roles and Responsibilities of Software Developer

What is SDE? SDE full form or SDE means is software developer engineer. They are the backbone of computer programs and applications, contributing significantly to their creation and upkeep. The SDE job description are diverse, encompassing various stages of development to ensure efficient and reliable software solutions.

  • Understanding User Needs and Planning

Software developer engineer start by engaging with stakeholders to gather requirements and define project goals. This initial phase involves careful analysis of user needs and technical feasibility, setting the stage for project planning, including timelines and milestones.

  • Designing Functional Solutions

Following requirement gathering, developers delve into designing the software architecture and its functionalities. They create detailed technical specifications, including data models and user interfaces, ensuring alignment with user requirements and industry standards.

  • Writing Clean and Efficient Code

Armed with a design blueprint, SDE role or SDE profile moves on to the coding phase, where they write code using various programming languages like Java or Python. They adhere to coding standards and version control practices to maintain code integrity and facilitate collaboration with other team members.

  • Testing and Debugging for Reliability

Testing is a critical aspect of software development, and developers are responsible for ensuring the software functions flawlessly. They conduct unit and integration tests to validate components and identify and rectify errors to enhance reliability and performance.

  • Creating Comprehensive Documentation

Documentation is vital for understanding and maintaining software. SDE role meaning create user manuals, technical specifications, and code comments to serve as guides for end-users and fellow developers, ensuring clarity and ease of maintenance.

  • Collaboration and Communication

This is another SDE role requirements that you must be aware of. Software development thrives on collaboration, and developers work closely with team members, including project managers and designers. Effective communication ensures everyone is aligned and contributes to project success by sharing updates and resolving issues together.

  • Continuous Learning and Growth

In the dynamic world of technology, developers must continuously upgrade their skills and knowledge. They invest in lifelong learning through workshops, conferences, and online courses, enabling them to adapt to new technologies and drive innovation in software development.

What are the Popular Skills Required to Become a Software Engineer/ Developer?

How to become SDE 1? Becoming a software developer engineer or developer requires a combination of technical prowess, problem-solving abilities, and a knack for continuous learning. Let’s explore the popular SDE skills required or skills for SDE that pave the way to success in this dynamic field.

  • Proficiency in Programming Languages

Mastering programming languages is the cornerstone of a SDE software skill or skills required for SDE set. Languages like Java, Python, C++, and JavaScript are among the most widely used in the industry. Understanding the syntax, semantics, and best practices of these languages is crucial for developing robust and efficient software solutions.

  • Data Structures and Algorithms

A strong grasp of data structures and algorithms forms the backbone of software engineering. Proficiency in implementing and optimizing data structures such as arrays, linked lists, trees, and graphs, coupled with knowledge of algorithmic paradigms like sorting, searching, and dynamic programming, enables engineers to devise efficient solutions to complex problems.

  • Problem-Solving Abilities

SDE requirements or SDE skills are inherently problem-solving-centric. Engineers must possess analytical skills to dissect problems, devise strategies, and implement effective solutions. Cultivating a logical and systematic approach to problem-solving is paramount for navigating the myriad challenges encountered in software development projects.

  • Understanding of Software Development Lifecycle

Familiarity with the software development lifecycle (SDLC) is indispensable for aspiring software engineers. From requirement analysis and design to coding, testing, and deployment, a comprehensive understanding of SDLC methodologies like Agile and Waterfall equips engineers to navigate project timelines, manage resources efficiently, and deliver high-quality software products.

  • Version Control Systems

Proficiency in version control systems such as Git is essential for collaborative software development. Version control enables engineers to track changes, collaborate with team members, and maintain code integrity throughout the development process. Familiarity with concepts like branching, merging, and pull requests is crucial for effective collaboration in software projects.

  • Knowledge of Web Development Technologies

In today’s digital age, web development skills are highly sought after. Understanding web development technologies like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript empowers engineers to create responsive and visually appealing web applications. Additionally, familiarity with frameworks like React, Angular, and Vue.js enhances the ability to develop dynamic and interactive web experiences.

  • Communication and Collaboration Skills

Effective communication and collaboration SDE skills are paramount for success in software engineering roles. Engineers must be adept at articulating ideas, sharing knowledge, and collaborating with cross-functional teams comprising designers, product managers, and stakeholders. Clear and concise communication fosters a collaborative environment conducive to innovation and productivity.These are some of the SDE roles and responsibilities you have to take after becoming SDE.

Skills Required to Become an SDE

  • Deep understanding and knowledge of Algorithms and Data Structures
  • Proficiency in one low-level language – C++ or Java
  • Object-Oriented programming
  • Good understanding of concepts in Computer Science
  • Good in Analytical and Problem Solving Skills

In-Demand Software Development Skills


Roles and Responsibilities

Software Development Engineers will be responsible for delivery, development, design & support that are required by multi-tiered, large-scale, distributed software applications and tools. It is quite obvious that you require to have a passion for technology.

Additionally, you will need the ability to deploy new and novel technologies in environments that are often low on humans as well as capital. From solving complex algorithm problems, software development engineers also develop complex algorithms to solve real-life crises and are involved in the system design of several applications and thus contributing to their technical architecture. 

These skills can be practiced on various competitive programming platforms like CodeChef, HackerRank, CodeForces etc. Ratings that you earn on practicing and participating on these sites do matter! Several prestigious competitions like ACM ICPC, YK Facebook Cup, and even long challenges and weekly challenges on several platforms are helpful for developing algorithm developing skills. 

Requirements for Being SDE:

  • Deep expertise in at least one programming language and tech stack
  • Substantial experience in building complex and scalable solutions
  • Be able to conceptualize and develop a prototype quickly
  • Hands on working with databases and other technologies
  • Experience with UNIX/ Linux based environment
  • Ability to work in fuzzy environments and complex environments
  • Great and in-depth knowledge of Algorithms and Data Structures
  • Experience in coding competitions could be a bonus
  • Good in Mathematics and Logic building

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For many technological companies, their technology is the real game-changer that brings them the status they enjoy in the market. What people miss out on is the huge amount of capital required in starting and running these organizations smoothly.

Since the website or app or another online platform is usually the first point of interaction with the company and its customers, developers with high skill levels can hope for high salaries. An individual is committed to his goals of learning and upgrading skills and who has a hunger for growth as a Software Development Engineer is bound to rise!

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Wrapping Up

If you’re interested to learn more about software development, full stack, check out upGrad & IIIT-B’s Executive PG Programme in Software Development – Specialisation in Full Stack Development which is designed for working professionals and offers 500+ hours of rigorous training, 9+ projects and assignments, IIIT-B Alumni status, practical hands-on capstone projects & job assistance with top firms.

What are the challenges of being a software developer engineer?

There are several challenges in software development. One of them would be bugs, technical debt, and broken code. This happens due to the under-scoping from the outset with an appropriate amount of time allowed for each stage which would result in developers cutting corners and hampering work to keep from falling behind schedule. Another challenge we face in software development is premature optimization due to the lack of a strong code review process. Other challenges include complex new technologies, overlooking little aspects, and not understanding the problem domain. Most of these issues can be solved by being attentive to your code.

What language is used in software development?

There are several coding and programming languages used in software development. Some of them include C++, Python, Java, and Scala. Every aspiring developer should know languages. They are the four essential languages which can be used in developing software applications. Java is a programming language for all purposes and can be used on various platforms. Python is a high-level programming language which is object-oriented and is useful in building web applications. C++ can be used for high and low-level functions. Scale is the latest programming language and is easier to learn.

How many types of software developers are there?

There are mainly three types of software developers: backend, full-stack, and frontend. If you are aspiring to be a software developer, you need to be clear on where you wish to work. However, nowadays you can utilize your skills in different areas. Frontend developers specialize in user interfaces and layouts whereas back developers specialize in performance, implementation, core functionality and more. Fullstack developers can do the work of frontend and backend developers. They work on the client and server sides to maintain a relationship between them and keep things smooth.

Which industries offer India's highest salaries for Software Development Engineers (SDE)?

Internet Industry - ₹32.3 Lakhs per year: Booming with opportunities, the Internet industry in India attracts skilled SDEs with competitive salaries. E-commerce platforms, online service providers, and tech giants seek top talent to fuel the rapid growth of online businesses, offering rewarding compensation packages. Software Product Industry - ₹25.3 Lakhs per year: Focused on software solutions and platforms, this sector engages SDEs in cutting-edge technologies and innovative projects. The demand for skilled engineers results in higher salaries for professionals developing and maintaining software products. Financial Services Industry - ₹24.8 Lakhs per year: Reliant on software and technology, the financial services industry, comprising banks, investment firms, and insurance companies, values SDEs in building secure and efficient financial systems. Their specialized skills earn them competitive remuneration. FinTech Industry - ₹17.3 Lakhs per year: A rapidly growing sector, FinTech combines finance and technology to deliver innovative financial services. SDEs play a pivotal role in shaping the future of financial technology and receive generous compensation for their expertise and contributions.

What are the main factors that influence SDE salaries?

Several factors influence SDE salaries such as location, experience, skillset, education level, company reputation, and demand for specific programming languages or technologies.

Are SDE salaries higher in certain regions or cities?

Yes, salaries for Software Development Engineers can be significantly higher in tech hubs and major cities with a high demand for tech talent.

How do I negotiate a competitive salary as a Software Development Engineer?

Research the average Software Development Engineers salaries in your region and industry to negotiate a competitive salary. Highlight your skills, experience, and any unique contributions you can bring to the company during the negotiation process. Be prepared to discuss your value and what sets you apart from other candidates.

What are the career advancement opportunities for SDEs?

Software Development Engineers have various career advancement opportunities, including moving up to senior-level positions, becoming team leads, or transitioning into technical management roles.

Do Software Development Engineer's salaries differ for remote positions?

SDE salaries for remote positions may differ from in-office roles. Some companies adjust salaries based on the cost of living in the employee's location, while others offer a standardized salary regardless of location.

How does experience affect Software Development Engineers' salaries in India?

Experience plays a significant role in determining SDE salaries in India. As professionals gain more experience, their earning potential increases, and they may be eligible for higher salaries.

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