Sample SOP for Internship: Format, Samples & Tips

The pristine quality of your application is an imperative factor when applying for an internship in any reputed organisation. You could be one of the best interns competing with others with similar capabilities for the same spot. A well-written SoP could be your chance to make your application stand out. 

Let’s understand what an SoP is, why it is essential and how you can write one following our tips and tricks!

What is a Statement of Purpose for an Internship or an SoP?

A Statement of Purpose refers to a glance at your skills, career, and personal and professional endeavours to comprehend your efficiency as a competent candidate through a self-written essay. Many people mistakenly confuse an SoP for a resume, but both documents are poles apart. An SoP narratively summarises all your accomplishments, talents, and abilities, which you must write precisely to persuade recruiters. 

Why is a Statement of Purpose for Internship important?

For your acceptance into a prestigious company, a concise, well-written Statement of Purpose for internship is essential. It goes without saying that several components of the candidate’s application are reviewed before making a judgment. SOP is a subjective component of the application, in contrast to the academic record, other test scorecards, academic backlog, and transcripts certificate, which are objective. The sole piece of the application gives you a chance to demonstrate what makes you unique and stand out. As a result, it’s a crucial document that will significantly complete your admission.

Format of an SoP

It is vital to maintain a good structure or format of an SoP. An SOP is composed of succinct paragraphs. Although using bullets excessively is not prohibited, it is discouraged. The document may be between 800 and 1,000 words. 

Here is the perfect way to write your SoP that will make your chances of getting selected by a company much higher – 

  • Introduction

An introduction should be related to you or the position you seek. This must emphasise a distinctive quality that will set you apart from your competition. It must discuss the reasons you chose the field and aim to pave a career in the same. 

  • Research Experience

Applicants should include a thorough overview of their prior research in their SOP for the internship. In their essay, they must explain how the internship relates to their educational and professional goals. The basic need of this paragraph is to cover the following – 

  1. Prior experience related to your fieldwork, classroom, or any other internship and training. 
  2. Anything that inspires you or motivates you to pursue your chosen field. 
  3. How will this internship help you in your future career plans?
  • Interests 

Is there a subject that seeks your interest, and if so, why? What relationship does the internship have to your interests?

  • Career Goals 

An applicant should elucidate why this internship is a crucial step toward reaching their professional goals in the last paragraphs of an SOP for the internship. The applicant should explain how significant this internship is to their present schooling and training.

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Sample of SOP for Internship

Here is a sample SoP for internship that you may go through to seek inspiration. While the sample should provide adequate information, you must ensure that SoPs are personal, crisp, relevant and fresh, which implies you must curate one on your own. 

‘Hailing from the nation’s capital, I am XX, a student at Delhi University, majoring in mechanical engineering with a focus on automobile engineering. I’ll receive my mechanical engineering bachelor’s degree this July. I am happy to say that I am among the top students in my class, with a strong drive to continue learning new things in my field of interest. I had the chance to acquire sufficient information and experience throughout my first profession via my coursework, workshops, and practice sessions. My experience with XX workshops led me to apply for an internship role at your organisation, which is deemed to be one of the dream destinations for many candidates like me. 

The mechanical stream’s fundamental area of automobile engineering is one that I think to be both intriguing and useful. Vehicle Body Engineering and Automobile Engineering are subjects I enjoy studying a lot. I have also actively engaged over the last four years to increase my knowledge of the subjects and have much liked the process. In order to contribute to the understanding of many designs and engineering phenomena encountered in automobile engineering, I wish to study Motor Sports design and technology at university. It will result in the correct evaluation and use of engineering characteristics. My particular interests are in body design mechanics and clay modelling, as well as material properties, design criteria, and production.

During the summer, I interned at XXX, a Pune-based mechanical and automotive engineering design and consultancy firm. I was in charge of several assignments employing computer-aided design throughout my time at XXX. I particularly appreciated learning about the theory, experience, and technical applications. For me, doing stress analyses was a rewarding task. It impressed me and gave me a good understanding of all the work required to create just one item with accuracy and perfection.

I participated in a state-level presentation competition in the middle of my degree and did well. I spoke on biodiesel fuels and discovered that alternative fuel is the future. I was stuck in several phases of writing a paper since I had no idea where to start. But I had the brilliant idea to ask one of my professors for assistance, and it worked out extremely nicely. Finally, I received praise from the professors for my accomplishment. I gained knowledge from the experience that giving up is never a wise option and that there is always a solution to any problem, which encouraged me to apply to your valued organisation. 

My professional goal is to work as a Motor Sports Project Engineer, and I believe an opportunity to intern at your esteemed organisation will allow me to undertake engine research and design utilising a variety of designing tools with accuracy and efficiency. Thank you so much for your time and consideration!’

Tips to get a perfect SoP

Here are some tips that will help you write a perfect SOP for internship, ensuring that it stays engaging and compelling from start to end. 

  1. Do a lot of research about the internship you are applying to. The more you comprehend their needs, the greater your chances of acceptance.
  2. Adapt your essay to the particular internship. Avoid utilising one SoP for several applications since it will lack the concentration needed to impress the admission committee.
  3. Use anecdotes in the SoP for internship. A gripping tale is always more impactful than a dry list of your accomplishments.
  4. Be succinct while drafting your internship SoP. A statement is seldom longer than a page. Therefore, you must make sure that every word has importance.
  5. Be truthful. Write something other than what you believe people want to read. Make sure you articulate your aspirations. 
  6. For writing tips, look at an internship statement of purpose sample. Nevertheless, avoid copying the first SoP for the summer internship in the engineering template you come across because plagiarism is typically discouraged and simple to spot.
  7. Make an excellent first impression. You need to grab the attention of the admissions committee members from the first line of your statement because they will likely be reading a lot of them. They must be intrigued enough to want to learn more about you and your viewpoints.
  8. Carefully review your statement of purpose. Grammar and spelling problems must be completely eradicated since they will convey your lack of attention to the recruiters. 


If your goal is to get an internship at a top university, you must spend quality time creating the best Statement of Purpose. You need your SoP to stand out in the crowded field. While a majority of employers won’t go through thousands of documents, they will undoubtedly review the SoP to ensure it complies with their criteria. Make sure to add details demonstrating your enthusiasm for the industry and the business. This contains information about extracurricular activities, relevant schooling, and prior professional experience. With all this in mind, you can create the best SoP, which will give your application an edge. 

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What is a Statement of Purpose for internship?

A Statement of Purpose is a long essay-like document submitted with your internship application, which provides a glance at your personal and professional motivations to apply for the relevant role. It assesses your purpose, honed skill set and the acquired level of experience to offer you internship opportunities.

How long is an internship SoP?

An internship SoP should not be very lengthy and mundane. Ensure your SoP is around 2-3 paragraphs long or 800-1000 words, with a precise and crisp writing style. Seeking assistance from sample SoPs will help you to frame a perfect one for your internship role.

Is an SoP necessary to apply for an internship?

Yes! Writing an SoP with your internship application is as essential as extending your resume or CV. With the help of an SoP, you can convince your recruiter to assess your hard-earned skills and hire you for the relevant role.

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