Resume for freshers: Resume Format, Samples, Templates

Once your education is completed and you are ready to enter the professional world, the first step would be to find a job. This is when you will learn that the market is competitive, and it will not be a cakewalk. From my experience, I would like to share that you have to plan every step carefully to reach your desired job role and kickstart your professional journey. One of the factors that most candidates underestimate is the resume for freshers. It is the first document you send to your potential employer and helps create your first impression. If you build a resume that gives a clear idea about your abilities and looks professional, your chances of getting hired automatically increase. 

Whether you have an MBA in International Finance from ACCA or other renowned global universities, your resume will decide if your employer will call you for an interview. In this article, I will discuss the significance of a resume and how you can build one for success.  

Benefits of a Well-Crafted Resume for Freshers  

I always emphasize writing professional, informative, and sorted resumes to multiply the chances of getting hired. You might wonder how a document can do so. I am sharing a few benefits of a simple resume for freshers that will back my claim.  

  • It Gives an Edge 

A well-structured resume stands out in the pile of papers that look similar. So, if hundreds of candidates apply for the job, your resume will grab the attention because you have put it in a sorted manner where everything written is relevant.  

  • Lasting Impression 

If your resume has successfully grabbed the attention of your potential employer, he will certainly remember you during the interview round. Thus, you can aim for a lasting impression through a document you thought was merely a formality.  

  • Showcase your Achievements 

You have an MBA from a prestigious college or have done a Post Graduate Programme in Machine Learning & AI from IIITB. But how will the hiring committee know about this? Your resume will help them become familiar with your achievements and the strengths that make you a better candidate for the job role under question. 

  • Reduces Effort 

Imagine you have a pile of hundred documents, each looking just like the other; wouldn’t you be frustrated to put in extra effort to go through all of them? That is precisely what happens with the professional who screens the applications. On the other hand, if you curate your resume in a sorted manner, it will reduce the effort of the concerned person, and he might just put you on the list for the next round pretty fast. 

  • Increased Self Assurance 

When you know you have written everything on your resume and presented it well, you gain a sense of confidence. There is a self-assurance that you have a certain set of achievements that will work in your favor, and that removes the nervousness around interviews.  

These are a few perks that a well-curated resume can offer, and these reasons increase your chances of getting hired.  

What are the Essential Components of a Fresher’s Resume?  

By now, you have learned about the significance of putting extra effort into writing your resume. But what would a resume template for freshers look like? What are the things that you should mandatorily mention on your resume? To help you figure out, here are the key components you should consider while writing a resume for freshers.  

Personal Information 

Every resume must start by giving personal information. It is similar to how you introduce yourself upon meeting someone for the first time, but it should be professional and to the point. Things you should write in this section are: 

  • Your Name 
  • Gender 
  • Permanent Address 
  • Contact Number 
  • Email Address 


An objective is a short sentence that quickly explains your purpose behind applying for that job. It is advisable to write it in a way that highlights your broader goals. A sample of objectives in your resume: 

Seeking a challenging position in [industry/field] where I can utilize my [skills/experience] to contribute to the success of the company. 


Moving on, the next component is your qualification or academic information. In this section, you will write all the information about your secondary, higher secondary, graduation, and post-graduation. Write it in a tabular format, mentioning the subjects and your score. You can also include your doctorate or any other degree or diploma course that you have done. The sample table will look something like the one below. Keep adding your further qualifications by adding rows.  

Qualification  Year of Passing  Score 
Secondary School     
Senior School     

Work Experience 

Another significant component in a resume is your work experience. It typically includes your summer internships, volunteer work, projects, or any real work experience you have. Ensure you mention the details about your employer and the roles or responsibilities you fulfilled during your professional journey. You can write this section as mentioned below.  

Work Experience: 

  • Company Name:
  • Years of Work:
  • Designation:
  • Reporting to:
  • Job Roles:
  • Special Accolades:  

Certifications & Skills 

Most of the employers are most inclined and attracted towards this section. They want to know about your specializations or skills to find out what extra you can offer them. So, curate this section carefully, mentioning any certifications you have completed and the skills in which you are proficient. 

Awards and Honours 

This section in your resume is for any honors or awards you have won in your career. It can be in academics, co-curricular activities, volunteer work, or anything you feel is an achievement.   


Your hobbies indicate your personality. So, if you think nobody reads this section, you are highly mistaken. Mention hobbies that comply with the role you are interviewing for. 


Lastly, you can attach any recommendations from your teachers, professors, guides, or previous employers. It brings a sense of trust and reliability in your abilities and strengthens your resume many folds. 

You should include These key components in your resume, and you can also follow the same sequence. You should ensure that everything you write is true to your knowledge and that you can prove the claims when asked. 

How do you craft the perfect fresher’s resume?  

If you are already on a job hunt, you can follow this step-by-step process to write a resume for freshers free and inch closer to your desired job role.  

Step 1: List all the information in one document, like your academic score, university names, and more. It will save you from the trouble of looking around when you sit to curate the document. 

Step 2: Start by writing your personal information and mentioning your career objective in simple and easily understandable language.  

Step 3: List your academic qualifications in a tabular format, mentioning your score and the subjects you studied. 

Step 4: Write about your add-on certifications or specializations. In the same section, you can mention the skills you think would attract the employer. In this section, you write about your Full Stack Development Course by IIITB or other certifications you have completed.  

Step 5: Mention all the necessary details about your work experience. Make sure you write about your specific job roles and the projects you have handled before.  

Step 6: Gather references from your teachers, professors, or previous employers and attach them with your resume to strengthen the application.  

These simple steps can help you write the resume for freshers with no experience. If you dedicate time to it, you definitely inch closer to your dream job.   

Resume Templates for Freshers 

Though you must put the same information in your resume as other candidates, how you do it will make a difference. So, here are some templates to give you an example of a resume for freshers. You can pick the resume format for freshers in Word, customize it, and use it to get your dream job.   

Here is the PDF Link for resume template for freshers and template for resume for freshers 

Common Mistakes to Avoid for Making a Resume   

While writing your resume, there are guidelines that you should follow. Tell your potential employer you are a good fit and let your resume back your claim. Here are some of the mistakes you should completely avoid to ensure your resume turns out to be a document that works in your favor. 

  • Focus on writing your career objective. You have to cover it in two lines, but those two lines have to create an impact. Do not miss out on the highlights to keep the content precise or vice versa. 
  • Do not bother to write about work experiences or volunteer work that wouldn’t create a significant impact. Focus on writing skills related to the job you are applying for. 
  • Your resume is a document, not a book! So, try to keep it precise yet provide all the necessary information. You can do so by sticking to the highlights and skipping details. 
  • Do not use the same resume for all your job applications. It is a disastrous mistake that almost every candidate makes. Understand that every job has different requirements, and your resume should be tailor-made for it. 
  • Another common mistake that people make is providing the wrong contact details. If you forgot to update your phone number on your resume, you might miss out on a call from your employer. 
  • Making grammatical errors is also a blunder that affects your impression and reduces your chances of getting hired. So, it is fruitful to get your resume proofread by someone. 

If you avoid all these mistakes, you can write an excellent resume, which can help create a fruitful impression on your potential employer. 

Top Tools to Help for Making Resumes for Freshers   

If you feel like you cannot write a resume that can make a difference, you can certainly seek assistance from the tools that work as a resume builder for freshers. Some of the tools I would recommend using are: 


It is an open-source resume builder that is available even for those who do not sign up. You get clean resume templates with attractive pointers that look professional. It also offers auto-suggestions at different points when you are building a resume. Moreover, you can get your resume tested at the end for clarity. 


It offers pre-designed resume formats that are ready for you to use. Most templates you find are creative and vibrant and have different options, like highlighting. You can use free resume downloads from Kickresume, and for professionals, there is a nominal fee involved. 


VisualCV lets you edit your resume directly in the live preview, allowing you to work without hiccups. All the templates they offer are customizable, which only a few other resume-building tools offer. You do get a limited number of free downloads. After that, it costs you $45 for 3 months. 

Resume Buddy 

As the name suggests, it works like a buddy who guides you throughout while you write your resume. It suggests templates and formatting options and gives plenty of suggestions to help you build an attractive and effective resume. 

There are countless platforms on the internet that you can use to build your resume. However, make sure to proofread it before you send it across to the employer. 


Your resume is a significant document that travels and gives your first impression to the employer even before you meet them. It talks about your objectives, the Advanced Certificate in Digital Marketing and Communication from MICA or other related certifications, and skills. In short, it will help create an impression directly affecting your employer’s decision. So, you cannot underestimate this document and should put effort into writing it. You can use various resume builders available online to write everything on the document with a beautiful template and sorted format. Send this resume to your employer, and you will experience a drastic increase in the number of interview calls you get.  

Which resume is best for freshers?

A resume that includes all the essential information that the employer must know but is precise and to the point is best for freshers. As freshers have limited work experience, the resume format focuses on skills and abilities that would work best for them.

Is a CV equal to a resume?

CV stands for curriculum vitae. It is a full-fledged diary that talks about your academics in stretch. You can have attachments of your publications, recommendations, and more with the CV. On the other hand, a resume is a one-page informative document about you. It talks about your skills, interests, and work experience, along with the curriculum details.

Is a signature needed on a resume?

A signature at the end of your resume says you validate all the information you have provided. It is business etiquette to include the signatures in any letter. However, if you send the resume through an email, you can skip adding your signature.

What is the difference between a CV and a resume?

CV is a small handbook of all your academic achievements in stretch. You write about subjects you studied, projects you handled, and the marks you got with years mentioned in front of them. On the other hand, a resume is your introduction; you briefly tell about yourself to help the employer decide if he would like to meet you.

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