React Developer Salary in the United States 2024

React development includes the process of building easy-to-maintain and scalable software systems that provide a greater level of interactivity, SEO-friendliness, and code stability. Developers leverage cutting-edge tools and pre-built libraries and technologies in react development to build highly efficient websites or web-based applications.

Before the advent of ReactJS, developers used a dated form of raw Javascript to build interfaces that were pretty difficult to use with many bugs. Today, however, most of the popular websites that you know are developed using ReactJs. It is currently one of the fastest-growing technologies that enjoy widespread demand. As per reports, nearly 31.3% of all developers globally leverage React in deploying front-end software. The React Native developer salary is highly lucrative, considering the growing demand for developers skilled in ReactJs. 

In this article, we will explore the roles and responsibilities of React developers and find out what factors affect the React Js developer salary. So, let’s get started!

React: An Overview

React is an open-source, free-to-use front-end library for JavaScript. It is used in the creation of highly interactive and accessible user interfaces for web-based applications. React helps developers translate instructions into discernible codes that machines use to process and respond to our inputs. It allows them to do so without any hassle and with minimal bugs interference. It uses component logic to pass data through the application, which is written in Javascript.

ReactJs was launched officially in the year 2013. Facebook programmers developed it to minimize the complication of the jQuery script, make maintenance easy, and help bolster web and app traffic through its SEO-friendly toolkit.

You are used to seeing React-based applications almost everywhere around you. From the customized icons and menus on online websites, or smart voice assistance in smartphones such as seen in Siri or Alexa, or the various gesture control features on your smart devices like tap to wake the screen, and so on — React developers can provide you with all these interactive features and more. To give you perspective, here are some of the most popular websites that are built using ReactJS: Cloudflare, Airbnb, Dropbox, eBay, BBC, Facebook, Flipboard, Imgur, Netflix, OkCupid, PayPal.

What does a React developer do?

React development is an individualized sector in the web content development industry. React developers belong to a subgroup of front-end developers. Their primary job is to create a user-friendly and accessible interface for websites and web-based applications: 

  • They are responsible for creating a seamless experience through which web users can interact with the various functionalities of a web platform.
  • React developers possess in-depth knowledge of front-end development and UI/UX design, which helps them build interactive web applications. They are also well-versed in HTML, JavaScript, CSS, and other programming languages.
  • Before codes are uploaded on web-based applications, React developers are also expected to verify them. They work in collaboration with software specialists who run the codes in order to approve them for web-based applications. 
  • Other than software specialists, React developers also work with content designers, programmers, web and graphic designers to deliver holistic software based on clients’ instructions. 

React Js Developer Salary: How much does a React Developer earn?

  • The average salary of a ReactJs developer working in the US is approximately $35.33 per hour. 
  • The average yearly React Js developer salary is around $92,000

However, this figure varies with industry experience, educational level or skill set, geographic location, and industry. So let’s briefly look at the factors affecting the React Js developer salary.

Factors Affecting ReactJs Developer Salary

1. Level of Experience

The level of experience in programming is a significant determinant of the salary received by a ReactJs developer. It is a testament to the skills and expertise they bring to the job, and thus, senior React developers tend to command high-end compensation packages. Their average base salary amounts to $117,027 per year. 

2. Educational Level or Skills Set

React developers with advanced skills command higher salaries. This includes in-depth knowledge of state management (Redux), system architecture, design principles, and UX. Expertise in testing frameworks like Karma, Enzyme, Jest, Jasmine further boosts their earning potential. If you can demonstrate competence in advanced styling CSS Modules, web security and scalability, and third-party React developer tools like Evergreen, StoryBook, Jest, you stand to earn a higher income. 

Developers who also showcase expertise in React Native development are able to command higher salaries. The average React Native developer salary is $94,000 per year. Developers with Android Software Development Kit (SDK) competence earn an average base salary of $94,970.

Note: React Native is an open-source program just like ReactJs, except that it is focused on the development of applications that can be used in mobile phones. Although the skills required are similar to that of the React js development, since it deals with the development of interfaces for native platforms such as Android, iOS, Android TV, macOS, it requires a slightly different competency. 

3. Job Titles

React Js developers hold different job titles at different levels and companies. For instance, we have software engineers, front-end developers, full-stack developers, senior React JS developers, and more. Here are a few job roles of React developers and their average salary estimates:

1. Software Engineer

The primary responsibilities of Software Engineers include analyzing user demands, generating and testing codes, designing and writing software programs, and evaluating the existing software and systems, and optimizing them for better functioning of software and hardware. The salary offered to Software Engineers in the US ranges between $66,000 to $131,000 per year, with the average being $93,045.

2. Front End Developer

Front End developers are programmers specialized in website designing. They determine the design and outlook of web pages, design pages with a perfect balance of function and aesthetics. They also make sure the web designs are compatible with smartphones as well. The package of Front-end developers ranges between $54,000 and $125,000 annually. The average salary offered to a front-end developer in the US is $82,540 per year.

3. Software Developer

Software developers are responsible for designing, analyzing, and installing software systems for a company. The software systems are built from scratch by the software developers according to the requirements of the company. They also test systems before initializing their usage. They also develop internal programs that generate efficient systems to be sold in the market. The average salary of software developers ranges between $54,000 to $108,000 per year.

4. Web Developer

The primary responsibilities of a web developer are web building and web designing. They must make sure the websites are aesthetically and technically appealing. The technical aspects like speed and the amount of traffic the site can handle are optimized and set by the web developers. The average package of web developers in the Us ranges between $46,000 and $95,000 annually.

5. Full Stack Software Developer

Full-Stack Software developers design user interactions for the websites, develop databases and servers to improve website efficiency and develop codes for mobile platforms. They work in tandem with graphic and web designers to optimize and streamline website features. The average salary of a Full Stack software developer is between $55,000 to $123,000 per year.


Location is also a key determinant of the salaries that React developers receive. For instance, their remuneration is comparatively high in states like New York, Missouri, New Jersey, Georgia, etc. However, in states like Texas, Arizona, or Minnesota, the average income is comparatively lower. 

Here are state to state salary statistics to provide you with a better idea of the salary packages ReactJs developers receive: 

  • New York: $142,350 
  • Illinois: $130,000 
  • Georgia: $130,000 
  • California: $130,000
  • Massachusetts: $128,700
  • New Jersey: $126,750
  • Texas: $119,200
  • Arizona: $113,500

In any case, hiring a React developer locally can be a relatively expensive affair. For this reason, companies often hire developers from countries like India, Ukraine where the average salary is lower than that of the United States.

Future Scope of React Development

React has emerged as the go-to front-end development technology for developers since its release eight years ago. React has a steeper learning curve than other front-end development frameworks like Vue and Angular, but it is worthwhile to build expertise in React. It exposes you to crucial front-end principles and high-level HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, which is likely to open career progression doors for you in the information and technology domain. 

It records more downloads than Vue and Angular and is continuing to progress at a rapid pace. As a result, there is a significant rise in job openings for reach developers across industries. 

It may seem that the future of React is bright. There are a ton of pre-built libraries and third-party solutions available at the disposal of developers. Furthermore, being a product of Facebook, it enjoys widespread support and maintenance, and thus, is well-positioned to stand the test of time.

So, if you are planning to build competence in ReactJs, you are on the right track. In fact, we recommend you acquire a Master of Science in Computer Science from upGrad to increase your chances of success in the field. The 19-month course is offered by IIIT-B and LJMU and is taught by world-class experts and faculty for a transformative learning experience. In addition, students are provided access to 4 years of unlimited content access and a plethora of collaborative opportunities where they can indulge in peer learning either upGrad’s 40,000+ paid learners base. 

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Is React a good career?

Yes, React is a fast-growing development framework that enjoys widespread demand worldwide. Its ability to produce scalable and simple applications makes it a powerful programming tool, and thus, React developers are paid top bucks across industries.

Is React easy to learn?

React has a moderate learning curve. It requires knowledge of both HTML and CSS. However, if you already possess a background in these and are well-versed with JavaScript, React development will be significantly easy to master.

Does Netflix use React?

Yes, Netflix uses React on Gibbon.

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