R Developer Salary in India: For Freshers & Experienced [2023]

R is considered amongst the most preferred analytics tool in the world, with around 2,000,000 people who use this language in different projects. The corporate adoption of R has been quick and seamless. It is one of the favorite choices of both data analysts and data scientists.

The possibilities of R developers or programmers are endless. People with this expertise are guaranteed high paying jobs in India as well as abroad. Some of the biggest companies have adopted R data analysis over the years. Here are a few names:

  • Twitter is using R for statistical analysis
  • Google is using this open-source analytical tool to compute the returns that come from its various advertising campaigns
  • The National Weather Service in the US is using it to forecast flooding
  • Ford, one of the world’s biggest automobile companies, is using R to analyze the feedback and reports that it is receiving related to its products and service

So as you can clearly see, R developers have the opportunity to work in some of the most popular companies in the world. Most companies in India are taking R as a cost-effective alternative to analytical tools that are offered by the likes of IBM and SAS. Wipro, Genpact, and Accenture are investing sums to help their employees develop expertise in R and related technologies. Also, most companies want their data scientists and data analysts to know how R works, and it can be used in different data analysis projects. 

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There are more jobs in analytics with R than there are qualified and trained professionals to fill those positions. We will talk more about this a little later in this blog. For now, let us focus on R programmer/developer salary and job trends in the international market, especially in the US and UK.

R Developer Job Trends 

There is tremendous scope for data analysts and data scientists who are skilled in R. Whether you talk about established enterprises or startups, there are opportunities aplenty. From banking, finances, and retail businesses to IT, healthcare, and others – most industries are looking for candidates that are skilled in R.

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The global average pay for R developers as found in the 2019 Stack Overflow Developer Survey is around $64,000 per annum, which is $1000 more than what Python developers make on an average in a year. Let us now see what R developers or programmers can expect to earn in the US and the UK, two of the biggest business markets in the world.

The average salary for professionals skilled in R is around $78,342 per annum in the US through the range falls between $67,618 and $89,596 per annum. This variation in salary depends on several factors, including education, experience, certifications, location, and others. The salary also varies for a different job role that requires R expertise.

So a programmer and programmer analyst have similar salaries of around $73,800 per annum. A data analyst earns around $74,461 per annum. The highest salaries for professionals, who are skilled in R, are paid to data scientists ($122,801 per annum) and senior programmer ($126,226 per annum), respectively. 

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Now coming to the UK, the median salary of R developers/programmers here is in the range of 42,500 to 75,000 pounds per annum. The highest salary is paid to candidates in London. North West of England is not too far behind with 70,000 pounds per annum. England completes the top three with a median salary of 65,000 pounds per annum.

When it comes to job titles, a data analyst with 253 filled/vacant positions makes around 21% of the total number of professionals with R skill. Data scientist with 222 filled/vacant positions and 18.5% of total R professionals and Developer with 172 open/filed positions and around 14.4% of the total R professionals make the top three of the most popular R job titles in the UK.


Let us now see how things are in India.

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R Developer Salary in India


As we already alluded to earlier in the blog, there are plenty of opportunities available professionals who are skilled in R. People with this skill occupy different positions in different companies. Some of the positions that we discussed include data analyst, data scientist, and others. And we also found out that data analyst is the most popular role out of all the others. So our discussion on R developer salary in India will focus on data analyst role with R skills. Let’s begin.

The average base salary of a data analyst with R skills per India is around Rs 5,03,000 per annum that includes close to Rs 52,000 in bonuses and Rs 50,000 on profit sharing basis. The maximum salary that you can earn in this profile is around 9,70,000 per annum. But with more experience, additional skills, and a top company, you can even go beyond this figure. The minimum you can expect to earn as a data analyst skilled in R is around 2,90,000 per annum. 

R Developer Salary in India: Based on Experience


A skilled R professional making his entry in the job market or coming with less than one year of experience earns an average of around Rs 3,92,000 per annum, including bonuses, overtime, and tips. A data analyst with R skills having 1-4 years of experience in the field can expect to make around Rs 5,00,000 per annum.

R professionals with 5-9 years of experience are paid around Rs 6,80,000 per annum in salary. You can even earn more as you gain more experience. As we already told you, R is a skill in demand, so you will always be paid higher than other professionals with related skills. If you are in the middle of your career, you will earn about 35% more salary than other R skilled professionals with lesser experience. 

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R Developer Salary: Based on the Location


Let us now see how your location affects your salary. If you are working in New Delhi, you will earn about 64% more than what other with R skills earn in other locations, for a given experience. Similarly, if you are employed in Gurgaon, you can expect to earn more than 45% more than your counterparts in other locations in the country. Bangalore also pays its R professionals with a 3% higher salary than other cities. Metros that pay you less than the national average include Hyderabad (11% lower), Pune (3% lower), Chennai (2% lower), and Mumbai (1% lower). 

R Developer Salary: Based on Skills


Candidates with additional skills are always preferred by companies. These candidates are even paid more salaries than those that come with standard education. Let us first take a look at those skills that help you receive a better salary than others. If you are proficient in data modeling, you will be paid around 16% more salary. Your knowledge of the Tableau software will help you increase your salary by another 2%. Now there are also skills that usually don’t make too much of a difference. You may even be paid a lower salary than the national average if you have these skills. 

Your data analysis skill won’t contribute towards helping you earn a better salary than the national average. You will earn around Rs 4,35,000 per annum with this skill, which is around 14% less than the average. Similarly, your statistical analysis skill will pay you in the range of Rs 4,87,000 per annum, which is around 3% lower than the average. Other skills that don’t help you get a better salary include data mining, big data analytics, SQL, database management and reporting, Microsoft Office, and Microsoft Excel. So now you know what skills you should focus on adding to your repertoire.


R Developer Salary: Based on the Employer


The company you are working with always has a huge impact on your salary. A big company is more likely to pay you a higher salary than a company that is still trying to find its footing in the business world. A data analyst with R skills working at Flipkart earns an average salary of around 8 lakhs per annum. This figure can increase for people with more experience. This is the highest salary that any company pays to its R professionals in India.

Accenture also pays a higher salary than the national average at 5,19,000 per annum. Companies that pay lower salaries than the average include LatentView Analytics (5,00,000 per annum) and Tata Consultancy Services Limited (4,30,000 per annum). Other top companies that pay good salaries include KPMG, Amazon, E&Y, Honeywell, Dell International, Wells Fargo, and more. Now let us look at a few common job trends in India for R professionals. 

Flipkart Accenture LatentView Analytics Tata Consultancy Services Limited
8,00,000 per annum 5,19,000 per annum 5,00,000 per annum 4,30,000 per annum


Common Job Trends in India

According to a survey, there were more than 95,000 vacant positions in data science and analytics and not enough skilled talent to fill those. This figure has gone up by a staggering 45% of what it was in 2018.

And when you see that 70% of these job openings are for professionals with less than 5 years of experience and 21% for those with less than one year of experience, you wonder where our young talent is actually focussing on. There are so many jobs available in this domain, and yet there are not enough qualified who are ready to take those. 

Cities that have most job openings in analytics include Bangalore (24%), Delhi NCR (22%), Mumbai (15%), and Chennai (7%). Python, Java, and R are the top skills required for analytics jobs in India. There are more openings in every sector that you can think of. Whether it’s retail, telecom, e-commerce, pharma, automobile, or any other, every sector has increased its share of jobs from the previous years. 

Also, the average salary of nearly 38% of analytics professionals in India is around 6,00,000 per annum, which is lower than in the previous years. Also, there are analytics professionals who earn more than Rs 1,500,000 per annum. These account for more than 20% of total analytics professionals. And the number of professionals earning such a high salary has also gone up from previous years. 


R Developer Skills

If you want to become a successful R professional, you need to have a keen interest in several modern concepts and technologies, including data mining, machine learning, and statistical analysis, amongst others. In addition, to be an expert in R programming, you will also need to be proficient in other languages, including SAS, Python, and others.

You should also know how business statistical output works. Moreover, knowledge of data visualization tools to present data insights to audiences with both technical and non-technical backgrounds is also very important. You should also be good at communicating and collaborating. 

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Finding the right job for your IT skill is never easy; however, when you master a popular skill, your job prospects suddenly improve substantially. This is true with R professionals as well. All the data and trends that we have shared with you point towards only one thing – there are more opportunities available than you can imagine.

You just need to make sure that you have the right skills. If you aren’t skilled in R, you can take an online course to learn this popular skill. You won’t even have to leave your current job to learn this skill. Find an appropriate course today to begin your journey.

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What is R programming?

R is a programming language, which is a great tool for data analysis, visualization, statistical modeling and machine learning. It is a free software environment for statistical computing and graphics. R is an open-source language and most of its functions are written in R itself (so there is no need for compilation). It was first introduced in 1993 by Robert Gentleman and Ross Ihaka. R is a powerful programming language and is used for almost all type of statistical analysis. It is considered as the data analysis software and is used worldwide by statisticians, researchers, etc. R is a very good language for data visualization.

What are the applications of R programming language?

R programming language is used in various fields, such as finance, medicine, programming, statistics, graphics, science and engineering, and so on. Some examples are: You can analyze links between different diseases with this language. You can study the link between various diseases and environmental factors. You can also get the relationship between financial data, such as the change of stock price and the change of market index. You can do lots for data analysis, data visualization and data mining. In the field of statistical analysis, you can also find out the relationship of detailed statistics and the whole picture.

Which is better - R or Python?

R and Python are two of the most popular programming languages for data science. While the languages have a number of similarities, there are also some differences that make one better than the other depending on individual needs. For example, R has a richer set of built-in functions for data analysis, whereas Python is easier to learn and popular for general coding purposes. R is especially useful for statistical analysis, whereas Python is favored for machine learning. The two languages also have a different number of packages available for large datasets. Overall, the choice of language is a matter of preference, though there are some advantages to one or the other.

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