42 Exciting Python Project Ideas & Topics for Beginners [2024]

Python is an interpreted, high-level, object-oriented programming language and is prominently ranked as one of the top 5 most famous programming languages. Various practical use cases for Python projects are AI & Machine Learning, Data Analytics, Web Development, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Game Development, Automation, and Blockchain. Working on Python projects as such allows you to expand your horizon and strengthen your programming skills for advanced-level projects. 

Let’s look at some exciting Python project ideas and topics for beginners to improve their skills and enhance their portfolios. 

Top Python Project Ideas & Topics

1. Currency Converter using Python library

It is one of the extensively used Python projects because it converts one country’s currency to another. It uses the Tkinter library of Python.

2. Traffic Signs Identifying in Python

This Python project automatically identifies the image, and then the vehicle functions as per the image captured. It uses the Keras framework, which is a Python library.

3. Counting the frequency of elements in a list

It is one of the easiest Python projects for beginners. You need to accept an input list from the user and determine the number of every unique element. This project prioritizes using a method that doesn’t go through the whole list in each iteration.

4. Quiz

This Python project involves creating a question bank with MCQ (multiple choice questions). A scoring mechanism is implemented for the individuals playing the quiz.

5. Expenditure tracker Python Program

It uses PySimpleGUI, which helps you to design an expense-tracking app interface. The concepts of Matplotlib and Pandas are also used.

6. Contact Book

It is one of those Python projects for beginners that execute from the command line. It involves creating a contact book app that enables users to save and access contact information.

7. Create a ToDo List

In this project, you can include various features like adding a new task to your ToDo list, actions to do after completing a specific task, and more.

8. Horoscope prediction

It involves importing the DateTime module that lets you obtain the existing date and time from your PC. You also need to import the pytz module to transform your local time into UTC (Universal Coordinated Time) for predicting the horoscope of any individual.

9. Mad Libs Generator

This Python project imparts how to handle user-input data. It focuses on variables, strings, and concatenation. After you’ve entered the inputs, the application organizes them into a story template format.

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10. Number Prediction

This project allows the computer to randomly select a number between 1 to 10, 1 to 100, or another range. The users then get a hint to predict the number.

11. Dice Rolling Simulator

When the program executes, it creates a random number between 1 and 6 for each die. The users can repeatedly use the dice.

12. Text-based Adventure Game

It allows users to move across various rooms in a single setting. It presents each room’s description according to the user input.

13. Hangman

It uses core Python concepts like integer, variables, char, strings, input, output, and Boolean. The users need to enter letter guesses. Every user will own a fixed number of guesses.

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14. Email Slicer

The users need to create a Python program to access the domain and username of the email in the Email Slicer project. You can also deliver a message to the host.

15. Desktop Notifier App

The desktop notifier apps deliver you some information after a pre-determined duration. You can use requests, notify2, etc., libraries for this project.

16. Binary search algorithm

It is one of those Python project ideas that explains several core concepts of Python. It allows the user to input a random number, and then the Python program checks if that number is available in the list.

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17. YouTube video downloader

It comes in handy when you want to download YouTube videos. However, YouTube doesn’t support that option. You can create an app to download YouTube videos in various video formats.

18. Python Story Generator

It helps you to generate a random story every time the user executes the program. Its Python program asks users for inputs like action, place’s name, etc.

19. Python Website Blocker

It allows you to create a Python program that blocks unwanted websites from being displayed. It helps you to master many fundamentals of Python.

20. Live Weather Notifications

It extracts data from the provided URL to display live weather notifications. It converts the data into HTML code, finds the necessary details, and filters them.

21. Spin a Yarn

First, the corresponding Python program asks the user to provide several inputs. The entered inputs are stored in a pre-built story template with the help of concatenation. Finally, the entire story is printed out.

22. Leap it!

This Python project requests the user to input a year, and then it checks whether the entry is a leap year or not. It requires you to define a function that identifies the pattern of leap years.

23. Rock, Paper, Scissors

This Python project proves to be useful if you don’t have any playmates. Usually, its stint is 5 minutes long, and it is designed to uplift your mood.

24. Number check in the Fibonacci sequence

This project asks you to input a number and then determines whether that number fits the Fibonacci sequence.

25. Countdown Clock and Timer

Its Python code collects the input related to the countdown’s length within seconds. Once the inputs are received, the countdown starts and will display on your screen.

26. Calculator

It allows you to quickly build a graphically appealing UI calculator. It uses the Tkinter library and makes you more familiar with the features of this library. You can make buttons to do various operations and show output on a screen. 

27. Random Password Generator

It allows you to build a Python program to input a few words from a user. Subsequently, it generates a random password with the help of those words. Moreover, the user can recollect the password using their entered words.

28. Reddit Bot

Reddit is an easily accessible platform, and many people wish to be online for as long as possible. In this project, you can configure a bot that supervises subreddits and informs them whenever they find anything helpful.

29. Random Wikipedia Article

Initially, it may feel complex, but it is an easy Python program. It searches across Wikipedia and retrieves a random article. Subsequently, it asks the user whether they want to read a particular article or not. If the answer is affirmative, the article is displayed. Else, the following random report is shown.

30. Alarm Clock

It is one of the easy-to-implement Python project ideas that involve an easy CLI (command line interface) Python application. You can set a specific time on the alarm clock. Subsequently, it will choose a random YouTube link from a particular text link and finally plays the YouTube video.

31. Steganography

It allows you to build a program that protects messages hidden within pictures. It can quickly encode and decode images.

32. Tic-Tac-Toe

It typically involves two players playing Tic-Tac-Toe games at a time. The game players can easily create a 3×3 sized square grid. The Pygame library helps build this project.

33. Post-it Notes

This project involves creating a simulated version of the physical post-it notes. Its key objective is to permit users to take their post-it notes anywhere they go.

34. Directory Tree Generator

It allows you to envisage the relationship between directories and files. Hence, it makes understanding the location of directories and files simpler.

35. Site Connectivity Checker

Its primary job is to visit a URL and show the status of the particular URL. It displays status like whether the URL is live or not. You can use relevant frameworks for incorporating commands, allowing users to add and delete specific URLs from the displayed list of URLs they wish to check.

36. Speed Typing Test

The foremost step in building this project is creating a UI via a Python library called Tkinter. It then creates a typing test that indicates the user speed, words entered per minute, and typing accuracy. 

37. Image Resize App

If you are interested in machine learning, this project idea can be quite valuable. It then carries out certain tasks like resizing and renaming images.

38. Content Aggregator

You can develop a content aggregator for this project, and it will automatically search famous websites. It searches for relevant content, compiles it, and allows users to decide which content they need.

39. Plagiarism Checker

Content is the kin, but the content writing market doesn’t have lots of free tools to check plagiarism in content. In this project, you can use an NLP library and the Google search API to build a Python program that searches the leading few pages of Google. Subsequently, it detects plagiarism.

40. Music Player

This project involves developing a music player app that boasts a neat interface. It allows users to surf through tracks, alter the volume, and check the song’s name and other relevant information. To work on this project, you need to be well-versed in Python programming fundamentals.

41. Price Comparison in Python

It allows you to develop a Python program that searches a few remarkable websites for the product’s price. It then displays the best available deal. This project comes in handy for comparing the prices of various day-to-day products.

42. Web Crawler

It involves creating a web crawler that browses the internet and saves the content of a specific webpage. You need to implement a multi-thread fundamental. You can use Scrapy or Python’s request module to create the crawler bot.

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Being extremely versatile and easily accessible, Python is used for various practical applications. You can work on any Python project ideas to explore more features. Initiate your journey by working on Python projects for beginners and slowly work on more advanced ones to strengthen your skill and portfolio. 

Q1. Are Python developers in demand?

A. Python developers are demanding because Python language is quite popular, extensively used, and has become a solution in various domains. It is used in various applications ranging from web applications to machine learning. Python developers can easily and quickly test code due to its interactive characteristics. So, it saves the time that would be otherwise wasted on developing and testing long pieces of code.

Q2. What is Python IDEs? Which are the most commonly used Python IDEs?

A. Python IDE is a coding tool that automates compiling, editing, testing, etc. It streamlines the Python developer’s task to run, compile and debug the code. It contains several tools useful for developing and testing software. Some commonly used Python IDEs are PyCharm, Spyder, Atom, PyDev, Wing, Thonny, and Rodeo.

Q3. How long does it take to learn Python?

A. Generally, it takes approximately two to six months to learn the basics of Python. While you can learn enough to compose your first sample program in Python in a few minutes, it can take a few months or years to gain mastery of Python's huge array of libraries.

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