Top 4 Python Online Courses & Certifications in 2023 [For Working Professionals]

Python has been at the centre of attention for quite some time now. Developers all over the world are talking and discussing the language, and for a good reason. A simple reason for the same would be the sheer versatility of the language. Be it Artificial intelligence, Machine learning, Deep learning, Neural Nets, web development, and even back-end development.

Python is the main language used in all of the applications, as mentioned earlier. For any people, Python has been the entry point for a long and successful career in tech.

Python is such a versatile language because of its English-like nature. Traditionally languages like C/C++ were considered to be a high-level programming language, but Python makes them look like low-level languages in comparison. That is not all. There are many advantages to learning Python today. 

It has been established that Python is a very useful language, but it was not until the 1980’s that it was first conceptualized. The “father” of Python, Guido Van Rossum, has modeled the language after the English language itself, and it shows.

His main aim was to remove the clutter and meaningless syntax, which made the programming languages of that time (mainly Java and C) hard for anyone outside tech to understand.

Python was developed with having an open-source. In combination with how easy it is to script in the language, Python’s open-source nature has made it into the behemoth of the language that we know it as today. And yes, despite popular opinion, it has been proven that Python indeed is named after the famous British comedy group of that time, Monty Python (and not the deadly venomous snake python). 

Now, if you wanted to learn Python to see what the whole fuss is about and made a google search, you will find a plethora of courses online, all of which promise to make you a python expert by the end of it.

To save you from having to go through a seemingly endless list of resources available online, we have compiled this list of best python online courses for your easy referral.

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Best Python Courses Online

1. LinkedIn Learning

There are many courses, especially for one’s professional development, available online at LinkedIn Learning. You will find one of the best python courses, which should get you up to speed reasonably quickly.

This course is centered around the whole working class of people, so if you like a fast-paced course, you will love this one. All of the code of this course is written using the anaconda distribution of python’s Jupyter Notebooks. Jupyter notebooks are a great way to present all the code you have written in a report like structure.

You have various cell blocks that are mutually independent but are operated within the same kernel. The use of the Jupyter Notebook in this course actually helps the learners grasp the concepts at a much faster rate. The instructor also ensures that she covers all the topics despite having to teach with speed. You will find the contents of this course to be very satisfying.

The distinguishing factor that makes this course reach out and appeal to many people is that it emphasizes a clear explanation despite being a fast-paced course. Learners’ understanding is always kept at the top of the priority list in this course.

Instead of jumping into the construct directly in this course, she takes the time to explain the ins and outs of the constructs. This course nicely wraps up by discussing Object Oriented Programming (or OOPS) very briefly. 

The video playback player which LinkedIn uses has CC or close captions available. You will also be provided with a transcript, of course, which you can then use to jump into the lecture of your choosing.

You will also find a one month free trial for the platform of LinkedIn learning, which should essentially make this course free (because one month should be more than ample time for anyone to be able to complete this course. In case you are not able to complete it during your first month, you will have to pay a monthly fee for the platform on LinkedIn).

2. Google for Education

If you do not mind reading your way through the course contents, then Google for education, which is available on, could prove to be right up your alley. There are lecture videos available on their website; however, they are about a decade old. The content which you find written on the website was, according to them, was last updated in the year 2015, which makes the content of the course still relevant.

The attached lecture videos might be old, but a basic understanding of the python programming language would even prove to be a valuable resource. The videos are hosted on youtube, meaning it is free for everyone, and so are the course modules, which are available on the website mentioned above.

The course content was created by Nick Parlante, who was working in the endEDU wing of google at that time. The course is well-paced, and the contents of it should provide you with all the information that you would need in order to get started with the Python programming language. 

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There are individual sections like the RegEx ones, which might prove to be a little difficult for the ones who are just starting out their programming careers. In this course, they also cover one of the essential (Utils) libraries of python.

This course begins from absolute basics like how would on ego about setting their python programming environment and finally wrapping up with some excellent and useful python libraries for you to try. There are various exercises given on the course page, which should help you implement the things you learn in this course. 

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3. Python for Data Science

This is one of the best courses available for the python programming language. This course is one in the series of free courses which are offered by upGrad. This course is for four weeks, and it takes you from absolute beginner level to pretty much a master in using libraries like Pandas, Matplotlib, NumPy, etc.

The course work has been divided into four modules, which are separated by the weeks. So, one module contains the learning of an entire week. The pace of the course is also not very high. The concepts which are taught throughout the course are taught well. The instructor, if the course is also very passionate about teaching. 

Not only do you get four weeks of python training for free, but you also get a glimpse into how the upGrad system works. You will find that UI and especially the UX are on point, making things like deadlines and the percentage completion abundantly clear. There are no “difficult” sections that are covered in this course.

Since this course is supposed to be aimed at beginners, that is why the content which is covered in this course is not of a very advanced level. So, for anyone who is just starting to learn python and get the hang of the language, this course should be the go-to for them. 

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If you wish to pursue Python, Data Science, there are plenty of fantastic choices today! You can learn and upskill from the comfort of your home.

Now the only question remains – are you ready to master Python?

What are the special features of the Python course provided by LinkedIn?

LinkedIn Learning provides various professional online courses on different technical as well as non-technical topics that help one in their professional development and this Python course is one of them.

This course does not beat around the bush. The editor used in this course for coding is anaconda distribution of python’s Jupyter Notebooks. One of the main reasons for this course surpassing other courses is that despite being a fast-paced course, it covers all the significant topics and provides a crisp and clear explanation.

What are the advantages of learning Python?

Python has been the top pick of many programmers and developers lately and there are many reasons for that. One of the main reasons is its versatility. Be it Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Data Science, or Web Development, Python has proved its significance over various domains.

Python is considered to be the programming language for development due to the wide range of libraries and modules it provides.

What is the most popular Python library for machine learning?

There are many popular Python libraries for machines but TensorFlow is considered to be the most popular out of them. Since it is an open-source library, it has a huge community of open-source developers that keeps it updated and bugs-free.

TensorFlow allows you to build your ML models on the cloud, on-prem, on your device, or even in the browser. You can also build and publish your models faster with its unique and efficient architecture along with all these features.

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