10 Exciting Python GUI Projects & Topics For Beginners [2022]

Python GUI projects offer a great way to become proficient in Python programming. They allow students to achieve academic goals while moving towards their desired careers.

Most organized training programs include activity-based methods to encourage an in-depth understanding of technical subjects. Moreover, conceptual and practical knowledge goes a long way in enriching professional growth. So, we have assembled some project examples for you to explore. If you want to get expertise on Python, learn more about our data science courses.

Python as a one of the top programming languages is favored by researchers and industry leaders alike. Its advanced libraries and file extensions enable developers to build state-of-the-art tools for real-world problems. These applications span fields like IT, business, education, and entertainment. 

Why GUI Programming with Python?

Users interact with electronic devices and digital applications through graphical elements, such as icons, buttons, and windows. Also, the GUI communicates a programmer’s vision to the end-users. 

Python aids efficient GUI programming and lends user-friendliness to the software design. It supports a wide range of cross-platform frameworks in addition to being compatible with popular operating systems like Windows, Linux, and Mac. Moreover, its GUI toolkits include TK, GTK, QT, and wxWidgets, which come with more features than other platform-specific kits. 

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If you are looking to write an application quickly, you can consider using Tkinter with Python. Besides the time efficiency, its straightforward syntax and flexibility distribution capability make it a go-to choice for GUIs. 

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What an you learn with Python GUI projects?

The GUI of your application is like a public vision-board of your ideas. When you implement a project, you pick up a number of things about clean, aesthetic, and functional design that might otherwise skip your attention. We have listed some of these elements below:

  • Layout managers and widgets
  • Frames and Windows (comprising a suitable presentation of widgets)
  • Menus, input buttons, and entry fields
  • GUI for a MySQL database
  • Pop-ups and user prompts
  • Window decorations (such as images and text labels) 
  • GUI forms and Matplotlib (2D charts) 
  • Extension with external libraries
  • Unit-testing GUI
  • Python 3 installation using Tkinter
  • Event-driven programming

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Now, let us discuss some examples. Do not forget to install a code editor and the Tk package with updated modules before you begin with full force.

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Python GUI Projects

1. Table Analysis Using Pandas

You can consider the Python-based pandastable library to store tabular data. The table widget allows you a structured visual without having to write extensive code. The interface is similar to a spreadsheet, which comes with configurable plottings. With the pandas DataFrame, beginners can handle large volumes of data and try their hands at interactive use of web applications.

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2. An Application for Practicing Trading

The trading view-trainer application offers an innovative learning environment for stock market enthusiasts to become proficient traders. It uses historical data from the cloud platform, TradingView. Also, the tv-trainer app takes care of both market order and limit order, which is active in most investment exchanges. Read more about cloud computing ultimate guide for beginners.

3. A Tool for Converting Dictionary Files

This project is called PyGlossary. It is compatible with the most modern OS and requires Python version 3.6 or higher. If you want to edit dictionary databases or convert their themes into different formats, this is the tool to get started.

4. Text Annotation Tool

If you are looking for a lightweight text span interface, have a look at YEDDA. This project was previously called SUTDAnnotator, named after the institute where Jie Yang developed it. YEDDA comes with two interfaces – one for annotation and the other for result analysis (admin interface). The tool aims to automate the process of annotating text, symbols, and emojis by hand. It works well with your standard operating systems and covers a wide range of natural languages, from English to Chinese. 

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5. Real-time Analysis of Human Vitals

This project works in two main phases. Firstly, it monitors the human body parameters using electronic devices, such as web-cameras and sensors. Then, it analyses the vital signs to present the information on a screen.

Today, many wearable technologies and smartphones have built-in applications that do this. Further, connectivity tools can allow you to forward this information and receive telemedicine services. If you want to use Python GUI programming for a similar project, you can easily find studies, research papers on the internet, along with the source codes. 

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6. A Detection System for Traffic Signal Violation

The Global Report on World Safety by the WHO reveals that India accounts for about11 percent of the world’s accident-related deaths, claiming as many as 1.5 lives annually. Traffic violations form a significant component of this problem. And since the capacity of the designated officials is limited, novel technologies can help create a more integrated solution in this regard. 

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You can look at developing a full-fledged application to detect behavior anomalies on the road. GitHub has the full project along with the GUI for your practice. The system uses YOLOv3 (algorithm to detect objects from video footage) and the Tkinter toolkit. If you implement this project from scratch, you can also acquire an in-depth understanding of how computer vision can solve real-life challenges.

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7. A scale Chart for Musical Compositions

Python 3 and Tk can be used for building a creative application that visually represents different scales, notes, modes, and keys. Such tools are particularly common for string instruments like the guitar. Here, the users can navigate different scales (major, natural minor, harmonic minor, pentatonic, blues, etc.) and chords (5 chords, major, minor, diminished, augmented, and so on) on a 24-fret chart. You can check out the GuitarScaleChart project to get inspiration. 

8. A Design Solution for Consumer Electronics

This project is concerned with a general 3D GUI for television receivers. The interactive design builds on the 2D model and incorporates the existing elements into the three-dimensional world. Published by IEEE, the paper explores how the interactive utilities of TV applications can be enhanced, and ultimately, how consumer experiences can be enriched. 

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9. Private Smart Home Design Project

As IoT gains pace in today’s connected world, Python GUI projects on smart homes have become quite popular. Raspberry Pi documentation is freely available on the internet to help you in the process. With in-built WiFi and Bluetooth support, you can easily create a mini-computer for home automation and security support. 

10. Study on Electro-pneumatic Trainers Based on PIC and GUI Utility

Pneumatic control systems are an essential component of industrial applications. There are various academic papers and articles that describe the functioning of the two main parts, which are:

  • A Programmable Integrated Circuit (PIC) microcontroller
  • A Visual Basic (VB) platform

Such systems can serve as the building blocks of vision-based robots. If you go into the nitty-gritty, you will find that the transmitted signals are received, decoded (with the help of the PIC), and finally displayed using programs like MATLAB. You can use this information to either pursue a research project or a hands-on experiment. 

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Python is an easy language for beginners to learn and master. Over the years, it has experienced a rising demand among programmers and coders. And naturally, the contributors and teaching communities have taken the cue to provide adequate guidance. We tried to give you a peek into this vast landscape with the above compilation on Python GUI projects.

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