10 Exciting Python GUI Projects & Topics For Beginners [2024]

Python GUI projects present an excellent opportunity to enhance Python programming skills, offering a diverse range of options, including Python tkinter projects with source code. Engaging in these projects not only aids in achieving academic objectives but also propels individuals towards their desired career paths. 


In most structured training programs, activity-based learning methods foster a comprehensive understanding of technical concepts, complementing theoretical knowledge. To further enrich your professional development, I’ve discussed on the python gui project project ideas for beginners for you to explore. If you’re keen on mastering Python, consider exploring our Data Science courses. 

Python, as one of the top programming languages, is highly favored by both researchers and industry leaders. Its extensive libraries and file extensions empower developers to create cutting-edge solutions for real-world challenges across various domains, including IT, business, education, and entertainment. 

Why GUI Programming with Python?

Users interact with electronic devices and digital applications through graphical elements, such as icons, buttons, and windows. Also, the GUI communicates a programmer’s vision to the end-users. 

Python aids efficient GUI programming and lends user-friendliness to the software design. It supports a wide range of cross-platform frameworks in addition to being compatible with popular operating systems like Windows, Linux, and Mac. Moreover, its GUI toolkits include TK, GTK, QT, and wxWidgets, which come with more features than other platform-specific kits. 

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If you are looking to write an application quickly, you can consider using Tkinter with Python. Besides the time efficiency, its straightforward syntax and flexibility distribution capability make it a go-to choice for GUIs. 

Python provides multiple options for developing GUI. tkinter is the most commonly used GUI method. It represents a standard Python interface added to the Tk GUI toolkit provided with Python. Python with tkinter is the simplest and fastest way to develop GUI applications. So, creating a python GUI using tkinter is easy.

How to create a tkinter app:

Follow these steps to create a tkinter app.

1) Import the tkinter module:

Create the main window

Add w widgets to the main window

Implement the event Trigger on the widgets.

The process of importing tkinter is identical to importing any other module in the Python code. The module name is ‘tkinter’ in Python 3.x and ‘Tkinter’ in Python 2.x.

2) Import tkinter:

There are two primary methods available to create the used which the user needs to remember while creating the python tkinter projects with GUI.

Tk(screenName=None,  baseName=None,  className=’Tk’,  useTk=1):

tkinter provides the above method to create a main window. You can modify the className to any other name to modify the window’s name. The fundamental code used to develop the application’s main window is:

m=tkinter.Tk() (here m is the name of the main window object)

mainloop(): This method is used when your application is prepared to run. It is an infinite loop used to execute the application, wait for an event to occur, and finally process the event as far as the window is not shut down.


tkinter also provides access to the widgets’ geometric configuration that can consolidate the widgets in the parent windows. Three geometry manager classes are mentioned below.

  • pack() method: It classifies the widgets in blocks before including them in the parent widget.
  • grid() method: It classifies the widgets in a grid structure before including them in the parent widget.
  • place() method: It classifies the widgets by including them in specific positions guided by the programmer.

What Can you learn with Python GUI projects?

In the year 2024, engaging and useful apps will be developed through a variety of Python project ideas that offer opportunities for the enhancement of your abilities in Python GUI at a beginner’s level.

The GUI of your application is like a public vision-board of your ideas. When you implement a project, you pick up a number of things about clean, aesthetic, and functional design that might otherwise skip your attention. We have listed some of these elements below:

  • Layout managers and widgets
  • Frames and Windows (comprising a suitable presentation of widgets)
  • Menus, input buttons, and entry fields
  • GUI for a MySQL database
  • Pop-ups and user prompts
  • Window decorations (such as images and text labels) 
  • GUI forms and Matplotlib (2D charts) 
  • Extension with external libraries
  • Unit-testing GUI
  • Python 3 installation using Tkinter
  • Event-driven programming

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Now, let us discuss some examples. Do not forget to install a code editor and the Tk package with updated modules before you begin with full force.

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Top Python libraries for GUI programming:

You can use any of these toolkits in python GUI programming.

1) Tkinter:

It is a standard Python package used for GUI programming. It is built on top of the Tk interface to develop python tkinter projects.

2) PyQt:

It is a Python toolkit binding of the Qt toolkit. Qt is a C++ framework used by Python to execute a cross-platform PyQt toolkit in the form of a plug-in.

3) wxPython:

wxPython is a cross-platform GUI toolkit and is a wrapper for the API wxWidgets.

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Python GUI Projects

1. Table Analysis Using Pandas

While highlighting Python GUI examples you can consider the Python-based pandastable library to store tabular data. The table widget allows you a structured visual without having to write extensive code. The interface is similar to a spreadsheet, which comes with configurable plottings. With the pandas DataFrame, beginners can handle large volumes of data and try their hands at interactive use of web applications.

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2. An Application for Practicing Trading

The trading view-trainer application offers an innovative learning environment for stock market enthusiasts to become proficient traders. It uses historical data from the cloud platform, TradingView. Also, the tv-trainer app takes care of both market order and limit order, which is active in most investment exchanges. Read more about cloud computing ultimate guide for beginners.

3. A Tool for Converting Dictionary Files

This project is called PyGlossary. It is compatible with the most modern OS and requires Python version 3.6 or higher. If you want to edit dictionary databases or convert their themes into different formats, this is the tool to get started.

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4. Text Annotation Tool

If you are looking for a lightweight text span interface, have a look at YEDDA. This project was previously called SUTDAnnotator, named after the institute where Jie Yang developed it. YEDDA comes with two interfaces – one for annotation and the other for result analysis (admin interface). The tool aims to automate the process of annotating text, symbols, and emojis by hand. It works well with your standard operating systems and covers a wide range of natural languages, from English to Chinese. 

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5. Real-time Analysis of Human Vitals

This project works in two main phases. Firstly, it monitors the human body parameters using electronic devices, such as web-cameras and sensors. Then, it analyses the vital signs to present the information on a screen.

Today, many wearable technologies and smartphones have built-in applications that do this. Further, connectivity tools can allow you to forward this information and receive telemedicine services. If you want to use Python GUI programming for a similar project, you can easily find studies, research papers on the internet, along with the source codes. 

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6. A Detection System for Traffic Signal Violation

The Global Report on World Safety by the WHO reveals that India accounts for about11 percent of the world’s accident-related deaths, claiming as many as 1.5 lives annually. Traffic violations form a significant component of this problem. And since the capacity of the designated officials is limited, novel technologies can help create a more integrated solution in this regard. 

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You can look at developing a full-fledged application to detect behavior anomalies on the road. GitHub has the full project along with the GUI for your practice. The system uses YOLOv3 (algorithm to detect objects from video footage) and the Tkinter toolkit. If you implement this project from scratch, you can also acquire an in-depth understanding of how computer vision can solve real-life challenges.

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7. A scale Chart for Musical Compositions

Python 3 and Tk can be used for building a creative application that visually represents different scales, notes, modes, and keys. Such tools are particularly common for string instruments like the guitar. Here, the users can navigate different scales (major, natural minor, harmonic minor, pentatonic, blues, etc.) and chords (5 chords, major, minor, diminished, augmented, and so on) on a 24-fret chart. You can check out the GuitarScaleChart project to get inspiration. 

8. A Design Solution for Consumer Electronics

This project is concerned with a general 3D GUI for television receivers. The interactive design builds on the 2D model and incorporates the existing elements into the three-dimensional world. Published by IEEE, the paper explores how the interactive utilities of TV applications can be enhanced, and ultimately, how consumer experiences can be enriched. 

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9. Private Smart Home Design Project

As IoT gains pace in today’s connected world, Python GUI projects on smart homes have become quite popular. Raspberry Pi documentation is freely available on the internet to help you in the process. With in-built WiFi and Bluetooth support, you can easily create a mini-computer for home automation and security support. 

10. Study on Electro-pneumatic Trainers Based on PIC and GUI Utility

Pneumatic control systems are an essential component of industrial applications. There are various academic papers and articles that describe the functioning of the two main parts, which are:

  • A Programmable Integrated Circuit (PIC) microcontroller
  • A Visual Basic (VB) platform

Such systems can serve as the building blocks of vision-based robots. If you go into the nitty-gritty, you will find that the transmitted signals are received, decoded (with the help of the PIC), and finally displayed using programs like MATLAB. You can use this information to either pursue a research project or a hands-on experiment. 

11. Weather Forecast App

Create a Python GUI program that showcases the current weather forecasts, utilizing APIs such as OpenWeatherMap for information retrieval and user-friendly presentation. This project offers beginners an opportunity to delve into data retrieval, API integration, and dynamic GUI modifications.

12. Personal Diary App

Develop an advanced diary application. This software should allow users to input and safeguard private information. It must prioritize privacy through the utilization of data encryption and password protection. Novices, in particular, will gain comprehensive knowledge about fundamental aspects of data security within GUI apps via their involvement with this project.

13. Virtual Classroom Scheduler

To meet the escalating demand for online education, develop a virtual classroom scheduler. Teachers and students can utilize this GUI program to manage their online lessons, assignments, and meetings effectively, thus enhancing user interaction and data management capabilities.

14. Budget Tracker

Utilizing Python’s GUI frameworks, create a budget tracking program. Upon inputting their income and spending, the software actively calculates users’ budget status. This project underscores the significance of data entry forms and fundamental financial computations, which are both critical elements in understanding personal finance at its core.

15. Recipe Book

Create a digital recipe book using a Python GUI. It empowers users to swiftly add, search for, and view recipes. Novices find this project an exceptional learning opportunity as it needs the utilization of databases.

16. Language Learning Flashcards

To facilitate language learning, create a cutting-edge flashcard app that allows users to generate and review text and image based study aids. The project strategically amalgamates GUI design with data administration to support novices in understanding the correlation between interface presentation and operational functionality.

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Uses of Python GUI

Here are a few popular uses of Python GUI:

i.) Mobile application development

Mobile applications present interfaces for users to list, comment, post, or interact in different ways. They are the finest examples of Python GUIs.

ii.) Games development:

Popular games like Flappy Bird and Mount & Blade are developed using Python GUI. Its stunning graphics and interactivity make sure games can significantly leverage GUIs to enhance user enjoyment.

iii.) Human-machine interfaces in industries

GUIs are extensively used in utility and entertainment. They are also used in industries through Human Machine Interfaces (HMIs). HMIs are the types of GUIs that help operators to understand industrial monitoring and control systems. They also allow the rectification of any glitches in operating conditions. The corresponding python GUI projects with source code help you develop industrial applications at affordable prices.

Top Python GUI frameworks:

One of the reasons why Python is quite popular for GUI programming is the availability of frameworks. Several options are available for developers. But here are some of the famous Python GUI frameworks to help you get started on your Python GUI project.

1) Tkinter:

Tkinter is a standard Python package used for GUI programming. It is built on the Tk interface to develop python tkinter projects. For those wondering, ‘what is tkinter in Python?’ – it’s a powerful tool for creating graphical user interfaces. It is the de-facto GUI toolkit for many Python developers. As the best GUI for Python, many beginner Python developers choose it as their foremost GUI programming framework. Its unique aspect is the modularity with widgets. Every widget happens as a customizable component. The widgets can be merged to develop a comprehensive GUI.

2) PySide2 / Qt5:

PySide2 and Qt5 are not completely the same framework. However, they were developed by the same corporation under Qt for the Python project.  Both these frameworks have almost99.9% similar APIs.

They are renowned for their APIs that streamline the work of Python developers. They come with tons of examples and documentation that help beginners and experts to develop their application in python tkinter projects.

3) PyGUI:

PyGUI (Python GUI) allows developers to develop user interfaces using native elements for Python applications. It operates with a lightweight API due to minimal extra code between the Python app and the platform it operates on. Hence, it is an excellent option if you want a fundamental solution for Python GUI programming.

4) PySimpleGUI:

Mike B developed PySimpleGUI in 2018 to simplify GUI programming for Python beginners. It blends the features of multiple famous Python GUI frameworks like Tkinter and Qt. It does this by offering standardized code that beginners can utilize to develop GUIs lego-style. It suggests that even beginners can effortlessly create elegant and intuitive interfaces without dealing with the framework’s complex features. So, it is one of the easiest python GUI projects with source code for beginners.

Examples of Other Projects

Here’s some more Python project ideas:

Fitness Tracker

Design a fitness monitoring application that empowers users to gauge their progress and record their trials. Utilize charts and graphs specifically for the presentation of fitness statistics. This undertaking seamlessly mixes GUI design with data visualization techniques, an intersection crucial in contemporary software development.

Task Manager

Design a task management program empowering users to seamlessly add, remove, and organize tasks. Enrich its functionality with features such as alerts and due dates. This endeavor enhances not only user interaction but also their abilities in scheduling tasks and organizing data.


Python has become a go-to language for beginners due to its simplicity and increasing demand among programmers. As someone deeply involved in the field, I’ve curated beginner-friendly Python GUI project ideas to offer a glimpse into this vast landscape. 

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What is GUI?

Graphical User Interface or GUI is an interface that makes the interaction of humans with machines possible through graphical icons and audio indicators. The graphical elements are directly manipulated to make the interaction possible. MP3 players, portable media players, gaming devices, smartphones and smaller households are some of the devices that use GUI. GUI uses a combination of multiple technologies of great significance and provides various advantages. Although there are many languages that can be used for developing GUI, C# or Java is preferred the most.

What are the advantages of building GUI projects?

GUI based projects help in developing an in-depth understanding of the programming language. These projects keep users engaged with their interactive design. Creating such amazing projects can boost your resume and help you get ahead of your peers. You get to be as creative as you want while creating a GUI project. You will also learn the principles of clean and aesthetic design which is usually skipped when you make other types of projects.

Is Python a suitable language for building GUI projects?

Python is quite a suitable and convenient language to make GUI projects. It has multiple libraries that provide a rich collection of GUI tools. You also get several cross-platform frameworks that make it quite convenient and efficient to make GUI applications for Mac, Linux, and Windows. Tkinter, PyQt, and wxWidgets are some of the popular toolkits which provide a wide range of tools such as widgets, methods for event handling and creating drawings. For a beginner, Python is a very good language to learn about GUI applications.

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