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In this Article, you will learn about python free online course with certification.

  • Programming with Python: Introduction for Beginners
  • Learn Basic Python Programming
  • Python Libraries

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Want to become a data scientist but don’t know Python? Don’t worry; we’ve got your back. With our free online Python course for beginners, you can learn Python online free and kickstart your data science journey. You don’t have to spend a dime to enroll in this program. The only investment you’d have to make is 30 minutes a day for a few weeks, and by the end, you’d know how to use Python for data science. 

To enroll in our Python course free, head to our upGrad free course page, select the “Python course, and register. This article will discuss the basics of python and its industrial application, our course contents, and what its advantages are. Let’s get started. 

Why Learn Python?

Python is among the most popular programming languages on the planet. According to a survey from RedMonk, a prominent analyst firm, Python ranked 2nd in their ranking of programming languages by popularity.

Python became the first language other than Java or and JavaScript to enter the top two spots. You can see how relevant Python is in the current market. It’s a general-purpose programming language, which means you can use it for many tasks. Apart from data science, Python has applications in web development, machine learning, etc. 

Python is one of the most popular programming languages. Python is used for web development, game development, language development, etc. It helps in conducting complex statistical complications and performing data visualisation. It is compatible with various platforms and has an extensive library.

Top Python libraries are Numpy, Pandas, Scipy, Keras, Tensorflow, SciKit learn, Matplotlib, Plotly, Seaborn, Scrapy, and Selenium. These libraries serve different purposes such as some of them are for data processing, data modelling, data visualisation, and data mining.

You can also consider doing our Python Bootcamp course from upGrad to upskill your career.

In data science, Python has many applications. It has multiple libraries that simplify various data operations. For example, Pandas is a Python library for data analysis and manipulation. It offers numerous functions to manipulate vast quantities of structured data.

This way, it makes data analysis much more straightforward. Another primary Python library in data science is matplotlib, which helps you with data visualization. Python is one of the core skills of data science professionals. Learning it will undoubtedly help you in entering this field. 

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Python Installation and Setup

Python installation is a simple procedure. Visit the Python website to get hold of the most recent version. Take care to add python to your system’s PATH during installation. You can look for a free python course with certificate online to gain practical experience. Many platforms provide thorough training to assist you in understanding the essentials. After installing python, create and run your code using an integrated development environment (IDE). 

Don’t forget to look at python’s numerous libraries and frameworks, which can make development much simpler. As you advance through your python free course with certificate or python certification free put your newfound knowledge into practice by working on projects and practicing consistently. With perseverance, you’ll soon become an expert Python programmer, prepared to take on a variety of programming tasks.

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Basic Python Syntax and Data Types

Any programming enthusiast must be familiar with the fundamental Python syntax and data structures. You will explore these fundamental ideas in your online python course free with certificate. Python is user-friendly for beginners because of its clear and accessible syntax. Line breaks are frequently used to end statements, and indentation is essential for code blocks. The python free certification course you have selected will walk you through variables, which are data storage units, and their naming conventions. Integers, floats, strings, and booleans are just a few of the different data types that python offers.

In the python course online free with certificate, you’ll discover how to format and concatenate strings. Lists, another data type, are mutable and used to hold collections of elements. Dictionary entries are stored as key-value pairs, but tuples, like lists, are immutable. Conditional statements like if, else, and elif aid in regulating the program’s flow. Repetitive jobs are made possible via loops like for and while.

The python free online course with certificate will place a strong emphasis on applying these ideas through exercises and projects as you progress through your learning process. By the end of the course, you’ll have a firm understanding of python’s syntax and data types and be prepared to go on to more advanced programming approaches.

Control Flow and Loops

In order to succeed as a programmer, you must master python’s control flow and loops. A thorough python certification course free will go through these topics in great detail. Your program can make decisions depending on conditions with the help of control flow structures like if, else, and elif.

Another important idea is the use of loops, which let your code carry out repeated actions. The python full course free with certificate will guide you through the two main forms of loops: for and while. You can iterate over sequences like lists or strings with the “for” loop. At the same time, a condition is true; a ‘while’ loop, on the other hand, keeps repeating.

By completing real-world examples and exercises in your chosen python free certification course, you’ll earn practical experience. Your comprehension of control flow and loops will become more robust as a result. By the end of the course, you’ll be able to design complex programs that efficiently make use of these structures. A solid understanding of control flow and loops is crucial when automating processes or creating intricate algorithms, and the correct course will provide you with these important skills.

Why Choose Python free course from upGrad?

There are many advantages to joining our Python free courses. Here are some of them:

Expert Instructors

At upGrad, our Python free course with certificate is given by a team of seasoned instructors, ensuring the best online learning experience for participants. Our instructors bring a wealth of industry knowledge and hands-on experience to the table, making the course not just educational but also practical and relevant to real-world scenarios.

The experts leading the upGrad Python free course with certificate have a proven track record in Python programming, data science, and related fields. Their backgrounds span diverse industries, including web development, machine learning, and data analysis.

This diversity ensures that learners gain insights into various applications of Python across different domains. The course content is designed by a collaborative effort of industry professionals and seasoned educators. This fusion of theoretical expertise and practical insights ensures that learners receive a well-rounded education in Python programming. The curriculum is continuously updated to reflect the latest industry trends, making it the best free online Python course with certificate for staying current in the dynamic field of technology. 

Our instructors excel not only in their subject matter expertise but also in their ability to convey complex concepts effectively. They leverage interactive teaching methods, making the learning process engaging and accessible.

This approach caters to participants of all levels, from beginners to seasoned professionals looking to enhance their skills. Participants of the upGrad free Python course with certificate can rest assured that they are learning from the best in the industry. The comprehensive nature of the course, coupled with the expertise of our instructors, makes it the go-to choice for those seeking a python free certification course that provides both quality education and a valuable certificate.

Hands-On Projects

In our Python free certification course at upGrad, we recognize the pivotal role hands-on experience plays in mastering Python programming. That’s why our course goes beyond theoretical instruction, offering a diverse range of practical, real-world projects that empower learners to apply their knowledge

Participants engage in online Python courses with certificates that feature hands-on projects designed to simulate industry challenges. These projects are carefully curated to align with the course curriculum, providing learners with a seamless transition from theory to practice. By actively working on these assignments, participants not only reinforce their understanding of Python concepts but also gain invaluable hands-on experience in solving authentic problems.

The emphasis on hands-on projects is crucial to our approach to an online Python course free with certificate. These projects serve as a bridge between theoretical learning and practical application, ensuring that learners are well-prepared for real-world scenarios. The skills honed through these projects contribute significantly to building a strong portfolio, showcasing the practical expertise gained during the course.

By completing these projects, participants not only earn their Python certification free but also graduate with a portfolio that reflects their ability to tackle complex challenges. This portfolio becomes a valuable asset for job seekers, demonstrating to potential employers their proficiency in Python programming through project-based accomplishments.

Interactive Learning Platform 

At upGrad, our Python programming online free course with certificate is not just about content delivery. It’s about creating an interactive learning environment through our user-friendly online platform. Designed to cater to learners of all levels, our platform promotes engagement and collaboration throughout the entire Python course. 

Our platform features discussion forums where participants can engage in meaningful conversations, share insights, and seek assistance from instructors and peers. This collaborative space enhances the sense of community, creating a supportive network for learners beginning their Python journey. Quizzes and interactive assignments are seamlessly integrated into the platform, allowing participants to assess their understanding in real-time. 

These assessments not only reinforce theoretical concepts learned during the Python free online course with certificate but also provide immediate feedback, helping in continuous improvement. The user-friendly interface ensures easy navigation, making the learning experience accessible to all. Learners can progress through the Python course online free with certificate at their own pace, accessing materials and resources effortlessly.

Cutting Edge Content

upGrad’s professionally created content ensures that you get the best online learning experience. The curriculum of the course is industry relevant and focuses on practical concepts. To be able to learn the concepts a curriculum which is strong is recommended. This is what upGrad recommends. And after finishing a course, there are practice questions that one can solve in order to gauge retention.

This free online python course for beginners is focused on the basics of python programming, It is a good opportunity for someone who is new to the field as it would take the learners on the journey step by step. It is also ideal for those learners who have been in the field for a long, so those candidates can brush up on their skills and revisit the concepts.

Community and Networking

Joining the upGrad Python community is not just about gaining a free Python certificate or completing a full course. It’s about becoming part of a strong network of learners, industry professionals, and alumni. Our platform thrives on developing connections that extend beyond the confines of the course, providing a comprehensive learning experience.

The strong community of learners offers a supportive environment where participants can engage in discussions, share insights, and seek advice. This collaborative atmosphere enhances the overall learning journey, making the Python course free with certificate an interactive and enriching experience.

Our platform facilitates interaction with industry professionals and alumni, providing unique insights into real-world applications and potential career paths. These connections go beyond the duration of the online Python course, serving as a valuable resource for ongoing learning and collaboration. Alumni networks often prove instrumental in opening doors to job opportunities, mentorship, and industry insights, making the upGrad Python full course free with certificate not just a learning platform but a gateway to a thriving professional community.

Skill Assessment and Feedback

In the upGrad Python free course with certificate, continuous skill assessment and personalized feedback mechanisms are integral components, setting it apart as the best free online python course with certificate. Throughout the program, participants engage in assessments strategically placed to evaluate their understanding of Python programming concepts.

These assessments, tailored to align with the course content, serve as checkpoints to measure individual progress. Regular quizzes and assignments in the online Python course free with certificate not only reinforce theoretical knowledge but also provide learners with immediate feedback. This constructive feedback is crucial in helping participants identify strengths and areas for improvement, contributing to a more targeted and personalized learning experience.

The importance of ongoing skill assessment cannot be overstated. It allows learners to track their progress systematically, ensuring that they understand each concept before moving forward. The feedback loop provided by these assessments becomes a valuable tool for self-reflection and improvement, enhancing the overall effectiveness of the Python free certification course. By integrating skill assessments and feedback into the Python full course free with certificate, upGrad ensures that learners receive a comprehensive educational experience.

Continuous Updates

upGrad’s commitment to offering the best free Python course with certificate is evident through our dedication to staying current with industry trends. Recognizing the dynamic nature of technology, we ensure that our Python programming online free course with certificate is continuously updated to reflect the latest advancements in the field.

The online free Python course content undergoes regular reviews and enhancements, aligning with the evolving landscape of Python programming. Our emphasis on providing a Python free online course with certificate that adapts to industry changes is crucial in preparing learners for the demands of real-world applications.

Learners can trust that the upGrad Python course is not static but dynamic, mirroring the rapid developments in Python programming. By staying ahead of the curve, our program equips participants with the most relevant skills and knowledge, ensuring they graduate well-prepared for the challenges of the industry.

Choosing a Python free course with certificate that prioritizes continuous updates is crucial for individuals seeking a program that evolves with the industry. This commitment reflects our dedication to offering a learning experience that remains at the forefront of technological advancements, making upGrad the ideal choice for those pursuing online Python courses with certificates that truly keep pace with the dynamic field of Python programming.

Free Certificate

After you complete our Python online course free, you’ll receive a certificate for completion. The certificate would enhance your CV substantially. 

Apart from these benefits, the biggest one is that you can join the course for free. It doesn’t require any monetary investment.

The free certificate is the validation of your knowledge. You could add the skill of knowing python to your CV and present the certificate in order to show authenticity. Also, the free certificate is shareable on LinkedIn. You could show your skill to potential recruiters. When you are appearing for any interview, or are looking to get promoted at your job these little things come to help where one can confidently show the document for the skillset that they have mentioned in the CV. It sets one apart from the rest of the candidates. 

Access to Additional Resources

In addition to our comprehensive Python programming online free course with certificate, upGrad provides participants with access to a wealth of supplementary resources, enriching the overall learning experience. Learners can benefit from webinars conducted by industry experts, offering insights into real-world applications and emerging trends in Python programming.

Our dedication to providing a comprehensive educational experience is demonstrated by our workshops, which offer practical knowledge beyond the main curriculum. These courses provide participants with invaluable opportunities to improve their problem-solving abilities and gain a deeper understanding of particular Python ideas.

Moreover, participants in the Python course online free with certificate gain access to additional reading materials curated to broaden their perspectives. By providing these supplementary resources, upGrad ensures that participants not only earn their free Python certificate but also gain a comprehensive understanding of the subject matter.

Industry Recognition

Earning a Python certification free from upGrad signifies industry recognition, validating your proficiency in Python programming. This Python free certification holds substantial weight in the job market, demonstrating your commitment to continuous learning and skill development. upGrad’s Python course free with certificate is meticulously designed to align with industry standards, ensuring that participants acquire practical, in-demand skills.

As you complete online Python courses with certificates, you not only enhance your knowledge but also showcase your dedication to staying competitive in the ever-evolving tech landscape. This industry-recognized certification serves as a testament to your expertise, making you a sought-after candidate for Python-related roles and solidifying your position as a competent professional in the field. Additionally, the free Python course with certificate from upGrad adds significant value to your resume, opening doors to diverse opportunities.

Let’s now discuss what the course is about and what it will teach you:

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What Will You Learn?

Learning Python is crucial for becoming a data scientist. It has many applications in this field, and without it, you can’t perform many vital operations related to data science. Because Python is a programming language, many students and professionals hesitate to study it.

They read about Python’s various applications in data science, artificial intelligence, and machine learning and think it’s a highly complicated subject. However, Python is an elementary programming language that you can learn quickly. 

Our free Python online course for beginners covers this prominent programming language’s basics and helps you understand its fundamental uses in data science. Below are the list of courses available in Python:

  • Programming with Python: Introduction for Beginners
  • Learn Basic Python Programming
  • Python Libraries

These sections allow you to learn Python in a stepwise manner. Let’s discuss each one of these sections in detail:

Programming with Python: Python Free Online Course for Beginners

In this course, you’ll get a stepwise python tutorial. It will familiarize you with Python’s fundamentals, what it is, and how you can learn this programming language.

Apart from the basics, this section will explain the various jargons present in data science to you. You’ll get to know the meaning behind many technical terms data scientists usually use, including EDA, NLP, Deep Learning, Predictive Analytics, etc. Understanding what Python is will give you the foundation you need to study its more advanced concepts later on. 

When you’d know the meaning behind data science jargon, you would understand how straightforward this subject is. It’s an excellent method to get rid of your hesitation in learning data science. By the end of this course, you would be able to use data science jargon casually like another data professional. 

In the introduction, you will get to learn about the primary consoles, what are primary actions, what are statuses, and what important pointers. These topics will be covered in the introduction. The primary console is nothing but a media that takes the input front the user and then interprets it. In this opportunity to learn python online for free, you get to understand python programming from the basics. There is no compromise on imparting education.

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Learn Basic Python Programming

This section of our course will teach you Python’s basics from a coding perspective, including strings, lists, and data structures. Data structures are one of the essential concepts you can study in data science.

The second topic would be concentrating on the basics of python that will be covering the introduction, history of python, how to do installation documentation, and what are arithmetic operations, and string operations. After the module would be over there would also be a focus on practice questions. These practice questions can be solved to understand how much understanding the learner has gotten. The learners upon answering will get the response to the questions on a real-time basis. Python online course free gives an opportunity to gain the skill of knowing python.

They help in organizing data so you can access it and perform operations on it quickly. Understanding data structures is vital to becoming a proficient data scientist. Many recruiters ask the candidates about data structures and their applications in technical interviews.

This module focuses on programming with Python in data science. So, it covers the basic concepts of many data structures, such as Tuples, sets, dictionaries etc. 

The curriculum would also be focusing on dictionaries, and how to map, filter, and reduce functions. It also will focus on the OOPs, class and objects, methods, inheritance, and overriding. They are very important topics, for example, the OOPs is a computer programming model. It includes methods, classes, objects, etc. OOPs is useful for creating and developing real-life applications.

Also visit upGrad’s Degree Counselling page for all undergraduate and postgraduate programs.

When you’re familiar with the basics, you can easily use them later in more advanced applications. For example, lists are among the most versatile data structures. They allow the storage of heterogeneous items (items of different data types) such as strings, integers, and even other lists.

Another prominent property that makes lists a preferred choice is they are mutable. This allows you to change their elements even after you create the list. This course will cover many other topics similar like this.

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Learn Python Libraries: NumPy, Matplotlib and Pandas

Python is popular among data scientists for many reasons. One of those reasons is its large number of libraries. There are more than 1,37,000 Python libraries. This number should give you an idea of how valuable these libraries are.

These libraries simplify specific processes and make it easier for developers to perform related functions. In this course for beginners, you’ll learn about multiple Python libraries data scientists use, such as NumPy, matplotlib, and Pandas. 

A Python library contains reusable code that helps you perform specific tasks with less effort. Unlike C or C++, its libraries don’t focus on a context. They are collections of modules. You can import a module from another program to use its functionality. Every Python library simplifies certain functions.

For example, with NumPy, you can perform mathematical operations in Python smoothly. It has many high-level mathematical functions and support for multi-dimensional matrices and arrays. Understanding these libraries will help you in performing operations on data.  

Pandas are used for better representation of the data, more work can be done with less coding in Pandas. It is a library of python for data analysis purposes. Pandas can be used for neuroscience, analytics, statistics, data science, advertising, etc.  

Matplotlib is a library for Python. It is used for data visualisation and graphical plotting. The APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) of the matplotlib can also be used to plot in GUI applications. 

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How to Start

To join our free online courses on python, follow the below mentioned steps:

  • Head to our upGrad Free Courses Page
  • Select the Python course
  • Click on Register
  • Complete the registration process

That’s it. You can learn python for free with upGrad’s Free Courses and get started with your data science journey. You’d only have to invest 30 minutes a day for a few weeks. This program requires no monetary investment. 

Sign up today and get started. 

If you have any questions or suggestions regarding this topic, please let us know in the comments below. We’d love to hear from you. 

If you are curious to learn about Python, data science, check out IIIT-B & upGrad’s Executive PG Programme in Data Science which is created for working professionals and offers 10+ case studies & projects, practical hands-on workshops, mentorship with industry experts, 1-on-1 with industry mentors, 400+ hours of learning and job assistance with top firms.

What are the essential features of this course?

This course provides a number of features for free. This free Python course from upGrad is taught by the industry experts themselves and you can directly ask your doubts to them. It is professionally designed with cutting edge content so that you do not get a lousy syllabus and do not fall behind others.

Apart from that, this course provides you with live weekly sessions to not burden you. After the course completion, you will also get a course completion certificate certified by upGrad.

Why is Python considered to be the best programming language for Data Science?

Apart from the simplicity of the syntax and ease to learn, this programming language comes with a lot of advanced libraries with rich features. This makes Python one of the best programming languages for data science.

Not just the libraries, Python also has maintained its position to be the most flexible language in terms of scalability, speed, and reliability when compared to its peers such as R and Scala. It also has one of the most active communities that constantly keep on working to keep it updated and help developers across the globe.

How does the Python for data science course help me prepare for data science interviews?

This course will help you to build a strong foundation of the fundamental concepts and will resolve all your doubts about the subject. If you are good with basics, then 50% of the interview preparation is already done.

After completing the course, you must complete all the assignments included in the course followed by more practice from online resources. This much practise will boost your confidence and make you ready to ace any interview.

What are the main topics in Python?

Some of the important topics in Python are - Numbers, List, Tuple, Dictionary, Library,Methods,OOPs, Class, Objects

What Python is used for?

Python is used for data analysis, web development, DevOps, Machine learning, Network Programming, etc. Python programming is not on;y easy to learn but also is one of the most secured programming languages. It has many features such as easy to write, portable, object- oriented, and standard libraries. Etc.

What is the salary of a python developer in India?

The salary of a python developer ranges from 2.0 LPA to 8.4 LPA and the average salary is 4.3 LPA. The salary increases with experience and skills. In order to procure more salary, one should invest their time into gauging more exeirnece and polish their skills.

How do I start coding?

Coding is a very important skill set to hone as it is very much in demand. In order to begin with coding, the following steps could be followed Data basics Data Architecture Text editor skills HTML basics CSS basics Learn basics Get the foundations sorted Start coding Practice

Is python hard to learn?

When we take up something new, it appears hard to us. But as we get settled and get our foundations clear, we start to enjoy the process. Python is nothing different, it can appear hard to someone who is just starting out but it is not impossible. Actually, python is one of the best programming languages for beginners. Its syntax is somewhat similar to English, which increases its readability and understandability. And the more practice is done the better it becomes to get the hand of python.

Is Python in demand?

Python is very much in demand not only because of its better readability and understandability. But because of its wide application, it is widely used in multiple areas such as web development, game development, analysis, etc. Moreover, its syntax is similar to the English language, it is portable, highly secure, has multiple libraries, etc. All of these factors contribute to the popularity of python.

Is python enough to get a job?

To say that python is enough to get a job would be an unfair statement. There are other skill sets in order to land a job but python is not behind. In order to secure a job, one should be having other skillsets as well. But having the knowledge of python would be of immense importance as it would be useful to apply the knowledge to solve multiple problems.

Can I learn Python online for free?

Yes, you can learn Python online for free through various platforms, though UpGrad offers comprehensive courses that provide in-depth knowledge and industry-recognized certification.

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