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Data Science is now considered to be the future of technology. With its rapid emergence and innovation, the career prospects of this course are increasing. Python, being one of its building blocks, is the primary skill recruiters are seeking in their potential recruits, so why not obtain a  free Python certification?

But the question arises, what is Python? 

In simpler words, Python is one of the most prominent programming languages used to construct web applications. Python’s convenience is what makes it a user-friendly language.

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Let’s learn about the usage and importance of Python and how it facilitates modern data science. You can also learn about different Python free certification courses that can further help you pave a path in data science!

What Is Python? 

Python is a high-level computer programming language often used to build web applications and test software. It is known as the future of coding, which also serves to conduct data analysis. However, it is not specialized for any specific problem. The versatility of Python is what sets it apart from other programming languages. Following its convenience and ease, Python ranks third (38.87%) as the most demanded language by recruiters.

Why Is Learning Python Important? 

Python is a highly versatile programming language that can be used for both beginner-friendly tasks and complex tasks. It is one of the most accessible programming languages that sets it apart from other languages. Even if somebody is looking to switch careers into the tech world via coding, Python provides opportunities to start as a beginner. 

Here we have listed why learning Python is integral and how this coding language will set you on the correct educational path to obtain an edge over others. Reading these will further convince you to apply for Python certification free of cost.


Learning a new language might initially seem daunting, one of the biggest hurdles aspiring coders face. However, Python consists of English syntax that is concise and easily decipherable. As it is an interpreted programming language, candidates can easily learn it and make adjustments to it if needed. 

Supportive Community 

Python has a robust and supportive community where users discuss everything, from workflow to application development online. After you complete your Python online course certification free of cost, you get to be a part of the online community where you can freely ask questions about any issue. As per the 1.5 million GitHub community repositories, Python has made the coding community the second largest among other repositories. 


Python is known to be highly versatile, with its use applicable to both simple and complex tasks across different industries. Even though it is commonly used in data science and software engineering environments, it has a multifaceted use with many libraries available. These codes are easily accessible.

Python Developers Are In High Demand 

Major companies like Dropbox and Netflix seek Python developers with lucrative salaries. Even Google has made its personalized guide for Python for its high demand. The average salary of Python developers is $75,708 a year. It is considered the world’s fourth most lucrative programming language, after Ruby and JavaScript. According to Stackoverflow, Python developers have lucrative opportunities to earn a high salary with less experience. 

Usage Of Python

Python is the most versatile and commonly used programming language that facilitates software automation, developing websites, data analysis, and data visualization. It is easy to learn and can be quickly adopted by non-programmers as well for its simplicity in syntax. The use case of Python is versatile, as researchers and scientists use it to organize their operations. However, some technical uses of this particular programming language make it one of a kind. 

Before you choose a Python free certification course, here we have listed down integral use cases of Python in different fields. 

1. Machine Learning and Data Analytics

Python is considered a staple in Data Science. With the help of Python, data scientists and data analysts can finally use this language to create complex data visualization reports, build concise Machine Learning algorithms, Data Analytics with manipulation, and complete other data-related tasks. Python can construct a wide spectrum of data visualization through bar and line graphs, with histograms, pie charts, and 3D plots. Python also consists of a wide range of libraries that help coders to write vivid programs for Data Analysis and Machine Learning with utmost efficiency. 

2. Scripting or Automation 

If you are performing a repetitive task, Python can accomplish your work efficiently with the help of automation. In simple words, writing codes used to build these automation procedures is called scripting in the coding world. This automation can be checked for errors across multiple files and converted to execute simple maths by removing duplicate data. 

3. Web Development 

Python is often used to develop the backend of any website application. Python plays a vital role in web development, including sending data from different servers and processing data. Python also plays an integral role in communication with different databases alongside URL routing, thus ensuring complete security. Some web development jobs that use Python are backend engineers, full-stack engineers, and DevOps engineers. 

4. Daily Tasks 

Because of its versatility, Python is not only used to conduct web development and software testing. It opens a great window for people not in data-heavy professions like small business owners and marketers to track the market. Here are some tasks that Python aces at doing. They are – 

  • Tracking stock markets and crypto markets. 
  • Updating shopping list. 
  • Renaming bulk files. 
  • Converting word files into spreadsheets. 
  • Filling out online forms. 

5. Test and prototype software

Python aids in tasks for building control, bug tracking, and testing in software development. Python tools like Green and Requestium are used for software testing to automate new products and tests. 

Why Learn Python Course Free With Certificate?

One of the primary reasons to learn a Python free course with a certificate is the job opportunities that come with it in the field of Data Science. As discussed earlier, the jobs of Python software developers are highly in demand. Hence, if you are starting your career with Python, this would be a grand opportunity for you to flourish. 

Python also makes you a stronger candidate in Data Analytics. Python facilitates teaching you a wide array of skills essential to initiate a career in data science. 

How to Avail Python Certification Free of Cost on upGrad 

A Python course free certificate from a reputed platform like upGrad can significantly impact your career. Here’s how you can obtain it.

  • Visit the upGrad Free Courses page.
  • Select your choice of Python course from the long list of courses.
  • Click on Register.
  • Enter the required details to finish registration.
  • You are ready to start your Python journey with upGrad!

The Python free certification course enables you to learn the fundamentals of Python at your own pace, making it an exceptional fuel for your skill as well as career development!


Python is a general-purpose self-sufficient language that has a huge spectrum of purposes. Due to its versatility, it has gradually gained popularity and is in high demand in the market. Unlike JavaScript and HTML, Python can be used outside the purposes of web development for its readability and flexibility. However, obtaining the right certification is vital to utilize Python’s offered benefits. The best way to kickstart your journey is by applying for a Python free course with certification. 

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Python’s significance in data science is remarkable. The best way to jumpstart a career in data science is by obtaining a free Python course with certificate and suitable credentials. 

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How long does it take to learn Python?

Since Python is a versatile language, it might take anywhere from several weeks to a few months. This, however, depends on your skillset of how fast you can learn.

What are the different use cases of Python?

Python is used not only for web development and software testing but also for other purposes. Python is used for daily applications to manage one's finances or under a programmer’s skills to create a dynamic web application.

What are the job opportunities for learning Python?

Learning Python poses various job opportunities. Since it's a beginner-friendly general-purpose language, it can be used across diverse fields and industries. Some job opportunities include Developer, Data Analyst, Data Scientist, Ethical Hacker, or Software Engineer.

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