Top 4 Python Challenges for Beginners [How to Solve Those?]

What is Python?

Python is a programming language that is used to develop desktop as well as web-based applications. It is a high-level, open-source programming language that can be used for all purposes, and is majorly used for data analysis, AI, and backend-web development. It is considered to be one of the most user-friendly and easiest languages to learn, but people who are learning it for the first time can face a few challenges. Before we understand what python challenges are, we need to know more about python first.

Let us first look at the benefits of learning python

1. Python is beginner-friendly

As we have already discussed that python is one of the easiest & popular languages for beginners to start learning. Beginners get overwhelmed while learning something which has a lot of technicalities, and when making a small mistake can lead to a large problem. Still, Python is a language that has fewer complexities and was initially designed for people who don’t have any programming background. 

2. Increased flexibility compared to other languages

Python, as compared to all the other languages, is very flexible as it is a dynamically-typed language. This makes the users independent of getting involved in satisfying several hard rules to perform some action and build new features. It is beneficial for beginners as many errors that are made by them are taken care of by the system so that they can run programs even with the errors. 

3. Python has a large community

Python is one of the easiest and most flexible languages. It is used by a large number of developers, students, and industry professionals. Beginners who are learning new things every day can always get into trouble and problems and get confused about how to resolve the issue. Having a large community of developers helps beginners to get help for the arising issues as somebody may have faced it before as a beginner. 

4. Integrated Development Environment

Python has its IDE, i.e., Integrated Development Environment called IDLE, which provides both an Integrated Development Environment and an Integrated interactive Shell for the users to write and run the python codes at a single place. Other benefits of having a separate IDE are syntax highlighting, auto-completion and automatic data type assignment, etc.

Now we look at python challenges.


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Python Challenges for Beginners 

Beginners can face many small issues and problems while using Python, which makes them feel Python is a hard programming language. The common python challenges that are frequently faced by beginners are: 

1. Setting up the work environment

As a beginner, setting up the work environments to fulfill all the requirements is very important. People always find trouble setting up all the necessary environments, which makes them demotivated at the initial stage.

Fix: Python has its own Integrated Development Environment that makes it easy for users to install a single application. It will enable you to perform every function in that single application. This makes the process of initializing the system a straightforward and smooth process. 


2. Deciding what to write

Computers are not humans, and they need to be told what to do at every stage. Most beginners struggle with deciding what to write and include in the code to make the code perform in the desired way. Every word that you write in the code will make it perform in a specific way, and this increases the chances of errors and increases the complexity of writing the code. 

Fix: Python as a language tries to reduce this challenge as much as possible as it has a feature to auto-complete the code as well as you are provided with a facility by which it sets the data types of variables on its own to reduce your work and also the probable mistakes that could have followed by any wrong decision. 

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3. Compiler Errors

Beginners are not very used to performing tasks and writing codes and can panic after they get compiler errors after the execution of their code. This makes them freak out as they have no idea on how to resolve these errors.

Fix: Python has an inbuilt Shell script and helps users find the problems in a less complicated way. 

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4. Debugging the code

Newbies are not so familiar with the syntax and can make mistakes in it, creating problems. Making syntax errors is a common mistake, and it can be reduced with time and experience. Debugging is a crucial part of the learning process as it makes the learner understand the problems that might occur due to these small mistakes, which, in turn, helps them write better codes in the future. 

Fix: As we have already mentioned, Python is a dynamic language, i.e., it has a feature of highlighting the errors in real-time, making it easier for the developers to see and verify their mistakes. It’s natural to encounter python challenges, but it’s easy to fix them once you rectify them. 

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Python is a very ‘easy to learn’ language and is one of the most powerful and robust programming languages. Python has been adopted by a large number of developers as well as organizations as their primary language. We hope that we coils provide help to resolve all the major python challenges faced by developers like you. 

We at upGrad are happy to help you and would also like to let you know about the opportunities that you can have by learning python. Python has been used extensively for Machine Learning and Data Science, two of the most popular and emerging technologies. Learning Python and also having knowledge of these skills will make you excel in your field and get better career opportunities.

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What are some of the difficulties you might face while learning Python?

Python is considered to be a pretty easy language for every individual who has cleared the basics of programming or learned any other programming language earlier. Still, certain challenges are always faced by any beginner who starts learning Python. These might look like pretty basic challenges, but it's necessary for beginners to find solutions for them.

Some of the common difficulties while learning Python are:

1. Reading from the terminal
2. Enumerating in Python
3. Executing any external command through Python
4. Working and handling exceptions
5. Working with different modules

If Python is the first programming language that you are beginning with, you will need some time to adjust to these difficulties. You should try practicing more often and go through different tutorials to make it easy to face these challenges.

Where can I practice Python as a beginner?

The internet has made it pretty easy for any coding enthusiast to begin with their learning journey. There are plenty of free resources available on the internet where you can practice your programming skills and knowledge to get better at it eventually. Some of the best places for practicing Python are:

1. – This platform consists of various free interactive practice questions, tutorials, interactive lessons, several project ideas, and much more to explore.
2. HackerRank – If you are into programming and coding, HackerRank is the best resource for you to learn interactively.
3. CodingGame – This is another platform that allows you to learn Python along with some fun activities.
4. Edabit – On this platform, you will find various Python challenges to test your knowledge and skills.

Is it possible to practice Python on mobile?

Yes, it is definitely possible with plenty of Python practicing apps available on both iOS and Android devices. However, you should consider practicing Python on a laptop or PC if you are thinking about building a career in this field. Professional programming requires Python installation and working on desktops and laptops. This is the usual approach that is followed and required by the organizations when you are out there in the market to make your career. You can definitely start learning and practicing Python on mobile until you find the right device to work on.

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